Monday 1 March 2010

Is the ballot for Council House transfer likely to be fixed ?

The following is a copy of a comment that I left on the following link .

The comment that I made is as a result of speaking to local people who have expressed their concerns to me.Therefore I have decide to ask the question.

"Over the last few months some very serious points have been brought to my attention regarding the way that NPTCBC seems to work.

Firstly many people who are opposed to the transfer of Council Housing into the private sector are having difficulty in receiving their ballot papers.

There seems to be even more of a problem for those Council Tenants who have "No" posters in their windows.

A significant number of Council Tenants have expressed concern that they will be denied the right to vote "NO" by the last day 16th of March as they simply cannot get ballot papers sent to them !

This I find deeply disturbing.

What I find even more disturbing is that I was approached by some "Front Line Council House Workers " who stated that they HAVE ALREADY BEEN TOLD who is to remain with NPTCBC and who is to be transferred to the new organisation NPT Homes !

How can this be the case as the results of the ballot are not even in yet !

Has the result of the ballot already been decided by NPTCBC before the event ?

Is the vote fixed ?

If this is true then serious questions need to be asked.

Personally I wonder if NPTCBC will use their usual trick of placing an injunction on me to stop me speaking out against them as they did with the "Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign" ?

Why are they afraid of the truth ?

Nothing to hide then nothing to fear surely."

Councillor Kevin Edwards,

BNP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Aberavon


Anonymous said...

Watch out Kevin you going to get an injunction served on you for speaking the truth! Just like the 'Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign'.
Neath Port Talbot are running scared just like Peter the terrorist Hain, gagging you from the evening post web site, ha ha how great the tide has turned Councillor, BNP are frightened by no-one expose the lies and corruption my friend!

An audit for the Neath Port Talbot council will show how the bunch of dick turpin’s follower’s have been running their black market gains. I shall wait for the forthcoming elections and revel in your success.

This country needs people like yourself to stand for the honest working and work shy people this country has left, we are being brainwashed by the British Brainwashing Corporation

Racism law for white people has been removed from our British culture, how can this be?
Does this mean that multicultural people are not racists?

Disgusted by the people who are supposedly representing us... NEW LABOUR

Val said...

Yet more evidence of corruption from New!Labours LibLabConers gang.
How much evidence does it take, for our people to wake up to reality.
The LibLabConers are the paid whores of our Zionist enemies. They plan to replace all of us British people with their third world invaders. The choice is simple. Continue to just stand by and moan, as your children and grand children, suffer even more.
Or vote for "Real" change, vote for the "British" National Party.

JMHO Allegedly

Anonymous said...

Vote rigging and hijacking elections is now a common disease. The worthless quango called the Electoral Commission has no powers and therefore turn a blind eye to it. If you want to see vote rigging lets wait for the next election. Cardboard boxes I hear.
This will encourage a frenzy of vote rigging. Especially where there is endemic corruption.
How many election results have you seen where the maths don't add up.
I think this forthcoming election will have a lot of maths that will not add up.