Thursday 27 September 2012

Good News.. Circulation Of All 81 Regional Newspapers In Decline.

Recent figures received from ABC show that No regional dailies put on print sales year on year in the second half of 2012 as the average rate of decline stood at 8.2 per cent.

Figures for the South Wales Evening Post who have played an instrumental part in keeping the cover up in the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " alive declined by 8.8% to a daily sales figure of  36,623.

Good news as more people are waking up to the fact that the corporate media lie to you on a daily basis and that investigative journalism is dead.

All newspapers in my opinion are nothing more than state controlled propaganda sheets and the sooner that they all go out of business the better.

The source of this article and all Regional Newspaper Circulation figures can be viewed Here  

Friday 21 September 2012

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Union Offers Protection For Child Kidnappers But Will Prosecute Innocent Parents Who Speak Out.

Union's action threat over web abuse

UNION leaders have warned they will take legal action against anyone targeting social workers and other council staff for abuse on social media websites.

Neath Port Talbot Council has now adopted its first social media policy designed in part to explain to staff the correct use of sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

At the same time it provides protection for staff who have been attacked through these sites.

And leading local government union Unison has said it will use the new procedures to take legal action against those responsible.

Union branch chairman Mark Fisher said the lack of a formal policy had been a cause for concern since 2010, when several staff were suspended and three lost their jobs for inappropriate internet use during work time. There were no guidelines in place.

"We have now put procedures in place to stop people using these sites while they are at work," said Mr Fisher.

"At the same time there have been issues where a number of our members were potentially being targeted on Facebook and Twitter, and they had no redress.

"Social workers involved with child protection cases have had to go in and, quite rightly, take children away. They, and other staff such as enforcement officers, were then being targeted just for doing their job.

"It was easy for family members to pick on them through social media sites. Now we have something in place that will protect and support them."

One section of the policy document is aimed at staff authorised to use social media on behalf of the council.

There is also advice for staff who can only use it during their personal time.

It also confirms the council will consider taking action against anyone making untrue or defamatory comments against staff.

Mr Fisher said: "If people do target our members then they will be prosecuted.

"The evidence will be there and we will use that evidence to build up a case to prosecute them. This is a big step forward, one we have pushed for. It's a supportive measure for all our staff."

Source here

Sunday 9 September 2012

Judgewatch Website. A Brilliant Idea.

The following article is taken from The British Resistance Website view here for full story.

Richard Newman has come up with an excellent idea for recording the names of those Judges who have acted against the interests of the British People by either handing down lenient sentences to criminals that do not truly reflect on the gravity of their crimes or even releasing them back into society to offend again.
The British Resistance will be taking this superb idea one step further and will set aside an area within the British Resistance site or possibly create a new sister site to complement The Liars, Buggers and Thieves site that records the names of the evil and corrupt politicians of the Lib/Lab/con alliance.

Anglo Australian Alliance suggested we use a name like JudgeWatch and there we will record the names of the Judges and their offenses by category, the crimes against the British People we believe them to be guilty of, including those Judges who have punished patriots for simply speaking the truth or making foolish twitters.

One would hope that the names of the Judges gathered now and in the future will provide a list to give a future Nationalist Police Force enough information for them to be arrested, formally charged, brought to trial and - well that will be for the Nationalist Judge to decide.  But you know the only sentence I ever want or would give.


When I first read the article on The British Resistance Website  I left the following comment.

"  AAA

You have definitely hit on something here.

A website that would have such a broad spectrum including Family Court Judges who work against the wishes of the parents, the children concerned and the Laws of this land would in my opinion go ballistic.

Those submitting information on the corrupt members of the judiciary would then be able to email the article directly to the judge involved.

Remember many of them have not forgotten Birkenhead and are terrified of it happening again.

" Judgewatch " is the ideal name for this project mate. Brilliant."


In my opinion the sooner this gets website is up and running the better.