Sunday 27 November 2011

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column.The Bridgend Suicides and Neuro Linguistic Programming of our young people.Frightening Stuff.

Brian Gerrish will be speaking in South Wales in the third or fourth week of January 2012 on the subject of the Bridgend Suicides and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Exact location, time and date will be posted later.

Saturday 26 November 2011


For many years now, the EU (with the connivance of national governments) has been furiously promoting the use of wind turbines to generate more ‘renewable power’.
However, the use of wind turbines is actually the most wasteful, ugly and inefficient energy policy that has ever been adopted.
EU-inspired wind turbines are blighting the scenery of some of our most beautiful landscapes. The ‘energy’ produced by wind turbines is extremely intermittent and unreliable as they are dependent on unpredictable natural weather.
Wind turbines need conventional power plants to back them – in fact they contribute very little to our energy grid but at a massive cost.
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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Immediate Welsh Press Release sent Wednesday 23rd November 2011 to over 700 contacts.

Britain First Media Office Immediate release

Former Welsh Inspector of Social Services
David Johnston deliberately fabricated and
entered false and fraudulent evidence
into secret court

The fabricated evidence submitted by David Johnston claimed
 a third party, Miss Penny Mellor, had seen a "suicide letter" written
 by Miss Linda Lewis claiming that she was going
 to "kill her daughter and herself."

This claim has been proven to be untrue in a letter and email from
Miss Penny Mellor published by Councillor Kevin Edwards
of the Britain First patriotic movement.

Neither the child's mother Miss Linda Lewis - or Penny Mellor
- had any knowledge that this fraud was being perpetrated by
Mr David Johnston or that there was a secret court case taking place.

Mr David Johnston's deliberate act of perjury
was to protect the illegal acts previously committed by
Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services
who had removed the sick and frail 12 year old daughter
of Miss Linda Lewis from her hospital bed
in Florida, America, at gunpoint.

They also produced false and fraudulent information
to the American authorities in Florida allowing the
illegal return of Miss Lewis daughter to the United Kingdom
on a false passport under a false name.

This action was also taken by David Johnston
to help cover up for the serious medical negligence that
Miss Lewis daughter was subjected to by doctors
in the United Kingdom as well as his vested interest in
protecting his own social services department.

A completely illegal injunction was taken out by Neath Port Talbot
County Borough Council to cover up for the many crimes.

Using laws such as "Public Interest Act" and others
Councillor Kevin Edwards of Britain First has broken this
illegal injunction under the threat of an immediate
penal sentence to himself.

No injunction can ever be taken out to cover up for criminal acts.

The full story and evidence can be viewed at the following link:


Contact: Cllr Kevin Edwards 07572 775 571

Saturday 19 November 2011

The European Union is run by lunatics.Now barmy EU says you CAN'T claim drinking water stops dehydration.and anyone who disagrees faces two years in prison.

Drinking water does not ease dehydration, the European Union has ruled – and anyone who disagrees faces two years in prison.

The decision – after three years of discussions – results from an attempt by two German academics to test EU advertising rules which set down when companies can claim their products reduce the risk of disease. 

The academics asked for a ruling on a convoluted statement which, in short, claimed that water could reduce dehydration.

Dehydration is defined as a shortage of water in the body – but the European Food Standards Authority decided the statement could not be allowed.

The ruling, announced after a conference of 21 EU-appointed scientists in Parma and which means that bottled water companies cannot claim their product stops people’s bodies drying out, was given final approval this week by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Under British law, advertisers who make health claims that breach EU law can be prosecuted and face two years in jail.

The decision was being hailed as the daftest Brussels edict since the EU sent down laws on how bendy bananas should be.

‘It is a perfect example of what Brussels does best. Spend three years, with 20 separate pieces of correspondence before summoning 21 professors to Parma, where they decide with great solemnity that drinking water cannot be sold as a  way to combat dehydration.’
He added: ‘Then they make this judgment law and make it clear that if  anybody dares sell water claiming that it is effective against dehydration they  could get into serious legal bother.

‘This makes the bendy banana law look positively sane.’

Saturday 12 November 2011

Former Welsh Inspector of Social Services David Johnston deliberately perverted the course of justice and falsified evidence." The Welsh Office and The Welsh Assembly are corrupt.The South Wales Evening Post is hiding the truth and is not fit for purpose.

First of all may I draw your attention to the following article dating back to Friday, October 24, 2008

It is for you to read in full but I take out the following statements.

COUNCIL chiefs are staying tight- lipped over shocking allegations into the way a child custody case was handled.
One of the authority's own councillors has also voiced concern about the case and said it was now up to the council to "rubbish" the claims.
Coedffranc North councillor Keith Davies said: "I am not happy with the way the case has been handled.
"There is a lot of truth and substance to some of the allegations that have circulated.
"It is now for the council to address those allegations and rubbish them."
Four days later the following article appeared on Tuesday, October 28,2008
Once again read the article for yourselves.I have taken out some more valid statements.
PRESSURE is mounting on council bosses to come clean over shocking allegations into the way a child custody case was handled.
Opposition leaders in Neath Port Talbot say councillors have been kept in the dark over the matter and have made a united call for the truth to come out.
One of them, Independent party leader Andrew Tutton, said: "Councillors should be informed as to what is going on.
"These are serious allegations and, for clarity and people's peace of mind, members of the public are entitled to answers."
Lib Dem Coedffranc North councillor Keith Davies said it was up to the authority to rubbish the claims.
"Before the council went to court, only one elected member had any knowledge of this injunction," said Mr Davies.
"We would wish to make it clear that no councillor nor any committee of council has discussed or passed a resolution in connection with these matters.
"As elected members, we do not wish to be associated with the injunction.
"They were not done in our name. We do not wish to be associated with this injunction.
Interesting stuff.
This forced Colin Preece to make the following statement from the same article.
Council social services boss Colin Preece pointed out the issues were historical and referred to a case 'fully scrutinised by the High Court' more than 10 years ago.
"The High Court continues to consider that identities should be protected," he said.
"By reason of the terms of the injunction, local authority officers are unable to disclose further details in this matter.
"Senior local authority officers are satisfied that the matter has been properly considered and decided by the High Court both historically and at the present time."

It is almost three years since this article was published Neath Port Talbot Council, The Welsh Office and The Welsh Assembly Government still refuse to acknowledge their part in covering up for this absolutely disgusting abuse of power.
Everything about this case is illegal and fraudulent. It has been proven on this blogspot time after time. ( See links at bottom of article )
The injunction that they like to hide behind is illegal.
No injunction can be taken out to cover up for criminal acts and there is no time scale for prosecution as far as fraud, perjury and kidnapping is concerned.
In fact I have broken this Injunction " under " Public Interest Law " and have proven that it was fraudulently obtained.

False,fraudulent and fabricated evidence was submitted into a family court by the then Welsh Inspector of Social Services Mr David Johnston.

David Johnston fraudulently claimed that " suicide note " was found by a Miss Penny Mellor when visiting Linda's home. An accusation strenuously denied by Penny Mellor on two occasions.

What was also illegal about this court case was that Linda Lewis was unaware of it taking place. It was done covertly with the simple aim of entering false and damning evidence as a means of covering up for the medical negligence that Linda's daughter had suffered at the hands of the medical establishment.

If Linda or Penny Mellor had been there they would obviously have refuted David Johnston's "suicide note" claim and would have demanded to see the non existant evidence.

As far as David Johnston was concerned this could not be allowed to happen. The truth of his deceit had to be concealed.

What sort of man is David Johnston ?    
Still Welsh Assembly Members, Neath Port Talbot Social Services, Hywel Francis MP and the Editor of The South Wales Evening Post Spencer Feeney still refuse to act and allow this deceit and illegality to continue to protect their own worthless and useless positions and careers.
They are not fit for purpose.
As long as such individuals are allowed to act without impunity and outside the laws of the land then " No Child " can ever be considered safe in our country.
David Johnston formerly the Social Services Inspector for the Welsh Office commits perjury by submitting false and fraudulent evidence into an unlawful court.

It is a sad state of affairs that until recently David Johnston was a Director of Skylakes Social Work based in Ipswich. Skylakes motto is " Skylakes is a Social Work business that’s paid for results."

Further proof that children are not looked on as individuals but as a trade-able commodity.

He has since moved on to another position of Seniority that involves dealing with vulnerable children.This man should be in jail.
Over 6000 Sovereignty Magazines sent out to supporters and members.

Dr Dewi Evans exposed as liar, perjurer,falsifier of evidence and instigator in the kidnapping of an innocent child.

The South Wales Evening Post helps keeps the cover up alive.

Welsh Assembly Government. Guilt admitted by the silence of First Minister Carwyn Jones.


As a result of "false and fraudulent" evidence being sent by Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services 28 Laws were broken in America.


Tearful pleas from a distraught and ill 12 year old girl to come home.

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing."

Sunday 6 November 2011

Hotting up nicely in America. The "Naming and Shaming " of the guilty has started.

At the bottom of this article are up to date statistics from this blogspot.

The very interesting  thing is that the hits from America are more than twice that of readers in the United Kingdom.

For a long time an excellent team of friends and supporters have been " beavering away" in the States publicising the injustice that Linda , her family and daughter have suffered at the hand of corrupt and sinister Doctors , Politicians , the Police , Judges and Social Services. Also added to the list is a Newspaper Editor. 

It is hoped that a documentary style investigation into the " Linda Lewis " case will be made by a well known TV network in America similar to the one made by ITV Wales a few years back.

Sadly ITV lost their nerve and integrity under pressure from the " Guilty Cover Up " merchants in Britain. Shame on them.

 Another reason why the above statistics show increased interest from America can be also be directly attributed to the
above video by Brian Gerrish of the UK Column newspaper.

Our American friends have been in contact with Alex Jones and we now know that his team are in receipt of all the evidence.

Brian is a personal friend of Alex Jones and we thank him for his help.

Michael Moore is also on our teams radar and the initial response is positive.

The "name and shame" game has already started.

Interesting times ahead.


30 Oct 2011 10:00 – 6 Nov 2011 09:00

United States

United Kingdom

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Second Wales Britain First Meeting in Swansea on 31st October 2011 a great success

A fantastic night with an excellent turnout. There is no point me writing a further report on the meeting as it has already been well covered on the following links.

My thanks to everyone who turned up especially Brian Gerrish of the UK Column.

We go from strength to strength.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

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