Saturday 27 February 2010

The "Odious New Labour Machine" cannot hold. It's now every man for themselves. "Abandon Ship" is the cry !

I do wish the the rag Daily Mail would find an alternative word to "odious" to use when describing the British National Party.

Granted, a year or so ago it was a good word to use to describe someone or something "odious" but I just feel it is past its sell by date now.

Besides, the BNP is not "odious" it is "Heroic." No other political party speaks out on your behalf !

Meanwhile, you can imagine my cheer when I saw the headlines over on one of the communist Unity Shite sites.

"Desperate Labour MPs crawl into BNP Gutter."

Nothing better than watching the reds fight among themselves. And they do.

They are a bit like moslems in that respect who are also quite happy to rip each other to bits when the mood takes them.

Well no point in linking to the shite site story, because as usual there is nothing "original" there, just another cut n paste of an article written by one their NUJ friends in the Main Stream (Traitor) Media.

What an explosive story it is and I can understand why the cretins on the red shite sites are upset with the Labour MPs mentioned in the article, because it shows just what cowardly and repugnant hypocrites the Labour MPs are when they talk about their worries over mass colonisation of Our Country.

Remember it was these same Labour MPs who were instrumental in Labour's calculated and deliberate plan to create a multicultural Britain through mass immigration regardless of the wishes of the true owners of Our Country.

Dozens of these letters from sitting Labour MPs have been passed to the Daily Mail - and the authors all have one thing in common.

They are fighting for their political lives because of the threat posed by the odious,(I prefer heroic) far-Right British National Party.

They include Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary and key ally of Gordon Brown, and Margaret Hodge, the Culture Minister who is fighting a seat in the East End of London.

Now, worried that they are about to lose their places at the public trough of money, the Labour Pigs of Parliament are attempting to distance themselves from the government (that some of them are ministers in) and using language that would get any BNP member who wrote such words locked up for life they are now speaking out against mass immigration.

Ed Balls - Schools Secretary Mr Balls wrote: 'I want to have a conversation with you about immigration. What we really need is proper discussion about the difficulties and benefits that immigration can bring to our country.''I want you to help me keep the pressure up on the Government in relation to reforming and updating our immigration and citizenship rules and laws.'' Do you support updating our immigration laws so that: migrants who want to settle here must speak English? A probationary period should be passed before they are able to claim state benefits?

Margaret Hodge - Culture Minister Yet in a two-page letter to constituents, Mrs Hodge paints herself as being tough on immigration, saying that it can be 'very unsettling' for 'predominantly white' and 'traditional East End families'.She adds: 'I respect your concerns about the pace of change. It is wrong for others to dismiss these out of hand and rest assured that you do have my support on this.'

Mary Creagh - Government Whip in an echo of Mr Brown's doomed slogan 'British jobs for British workers', Ms Creagh asks her constituents whether: 'Jobs should be advertised first to people in Wakefield before being opened up to overseas workers' - a statement that would almost certainly fall foul of race relations legislation.

Gisela Stuart - former health minister.She carried out a recent survey which invited responses to the proposition: 'Migrants should have to pay into a fund to support communities experiencing significant change as a result of immigration.'

Tom Watson MP declared: 'Most people told me that they were concerned about the level of immigration. More surveys were returned than on any other subject I have asked you about in the past.'There is a great deal of worry about the pressure on schools, doctors' surgeries and housing allocations.

"The foul , lying , odious and treacherous Left cannot hold."

It is now every Labour MP for his or herself as they forget their party loyalty and fight for their own personal survival.

"Rats trying to leave a sinking ship who have left it too late because they are going down with it."

A great Nationalist site run by a good friend and a great guy.

Thursday 25 February 2010

At last we know the truth: Labour despises anyone who loves Britain, its values and its history.New Labours appalling abuse of power !

Of all the issues of concern to the public, immigration is possibly the most explosive - and the one about which the most lies are continuing to be told.

During the period that Labour has been in office, mass immigration has simply changed the face of Britain.
The total number of immigrants since 1997 is pushing three million.

Ministers claim that immigration policy has been driven principally to help the economy.
They have always denied that they actually set out deliberately to change the ethnic composition of the country.

Well, now we know for a certainty that this is not true.
The Government embarked on a policy of mass immigration to change Britain into a multicultural society - and they kept this momentous aim secret from the people whose votes they sought.

Worse still, they did this knowing that it ran directly counter to the wishes of those voters, whose concerns about immigration they dismissed as racist; and they further concealed official warnings that large-scale immigration would bring about significant increases in crime.

The truth about this scandal was first blurted out last October by Andrew Neather, a former Labour Party speechwriter.

He wrote that until the new points-based system limiting foreign workers was introduced in 2008 - in response to increasing public uproar - government policy for the previous eight years had been aimed at promoting mass immigration.

The 'driving political purpose' of this policy, wrote Neather, was 'to make the UK truly multicultural' - and one subsidiary motivation was 'to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date'.

Ministers, however, went to great lengths to keep their real intentions secret from the public - with, said Neather, a ' paranoia' that these would reach the media - since they knew their core white working-class voters would react very badly.

Accordingly, a report about immigration by a government advisory unit, which formed the core of a landmark speech in 2000 announcing the loosening of border controls, went through several drafts before it was finally published - and the Government's true intentions about changing Britain into a multicultural society were removed from the final version.

After revealing all this, Neather subsequently tried to backtrack, saying that his views had been twisted out of all recognition by the media. They hadn't been.

Nevertheless, Jack Straw, who was Home Secretary at the time the immigration policy was changed, said he had read press reports of Neather's remarks with incredulity since they were 'the reverse of the truth'.

Now we know, however, that they were indeed the truth.
We know this only because details of the advisory unit's report which were excised from the final published version - just as Neather said - have been emerging into the public domain through Freedom of Information requests.

The pressure group MigrationWatch obtained an early draft which revealed that the Government's intention was to encourage mass immigration for 'social objectives' - in other words, to produce a more ethnically diverse society - but that on no fewer than six occasions this phrase was excised from the final version, published some three months later.

Now we further discover, from what was removed from seemingly another early draft, that the aim was not just to implement this policy of mass immigration without the knowledge or consent of the British people.

It was done in the full knowledge that the people actually wanted immigration reduced.

And we also discover that those who expressed such concerns were dismissed with utter contempt as racists - and it was further suggested that ministers should manipulate public opinion in an attempt to change people's attitudes.

Well, they have certainly tried to do that by hanging the disgusting label of 'racism' round the neck of anyone who dares voice such concerns.

Thus the eminent and decent Labour MP Frank Field found himself smeared as a racist for daring to suggest that the rate of immigration should be reduced.

What bullying arrogance.
The real prejudice is surely to believe that opposition to mass migration can never be based on any reasonable objection.

The implications of this covert policy are quite staggering.
Ministers deliberately set out to change the cultural and ethnic identity of this country in secret.

They did this mainly because they hated what Britain was, a largely homogeneous society rooted in 1,000 years of history.
They therefore set out to replace it by a totally new kind of multicultural society - and one in which the vast majority of newcomers could be expected to vote Labour.

They set out to destroy the right of the British people to live in a society defined by a common history, religion, law, language and traditions.
They set out to destroy for ever what it means to be culturally British and to put another 'multicultural' identity in its place.

And they then had the gall to declare that to have love for or pride in that authentic British identity, and to want to protect and uphold it, was racist.

So the very deepest feelings of people for their country were damned as bigotry, for which crime they were to have their noses rubbed in mass immigration until they changed their attitudes.

They set out to destroy the right of the British people to live in a society defined by a common history, religion, law, language and traditions.

What an appalling abuse of power.
Yet even now they are denying that this is what they did.
The Immigration Minister Phil Woolas blustered that the advisory unit report had not been accepted by ministers at the time.

But the fact is that mass immigration actually happened.
The only thing ministers hadn't accepted was that the truth about their intentions should be revealed to the public.

Surreally, Mr Woolas further claims that the Government has brought immigration down.

But the reductions he is talking about have taken place on the separate issue of asylum.
The impact of the Government's new points scheme upon the record rate of immigration growth has been negligible.

The truth is that these early drafts of the advisory unit's report have blown open one of the greatest political scandals of the Labour years.
At no stage did Labour's election manifestos make any reference to a policy of mass immigration nor the party's aim of creating a multicultural society.

What we have been subjected to is a deliberate deception of the voters and a gross abuse of democracy.

There could scarcely be a more profound abuse of the democratic process than to set out to destroy a nation's demographic and cultural identity through a conscious deception of the people of that nation.
It is an act of collective national treachery.

Now we face imminently another General Election.
And now we know that in their hearts, Labour politicians hold the great mass of the public, many of them their own voters, in total contempt as racist bigots - all for wanting to live in a country whose identity they share.
Vote BNP.

Monday 22 February 2010

Can Britain stand another decade of Labour/Tory Madness ?

Traditional British society is collapsing under the burden of the globalist multicultural experiment foisted upon us by decades of Tory and Labour party rule.

All across Britain, the number of police stations, traditional pubs, post offices, libraries, sports and social clubs have dropped dramatically in number, paralleling exactly the rise in Third World immigration.

A report by the Government’s own Valuation Office Agency, released as part of their latest revaluation of business rates, shows that the number of police stations has fallen by 160; the number of hospitals and clinics is down by 580, while the number of schools has dropped by 2380 — despite an increased population base.

The number of post office branches has fallen by 39 percent, from 19,000 in 1997 to 11,500 today.

Some 200 public libraries have been closed and the number of sports and social clubs has slumped by more than half, with 11,680 closing since 1997.

About 3460 traditional pubs have also closed over the last ten years.

According to the report, bookmakers, nightclubs and supermarket chains have increased to replace traditional High Street shops — a symptom of globalisation which is affecting all Western nations.

Traditional grocers and local shops have been hit by the rising number of large supermarkets, which have risen by 49 percent.

It is not only the physical destruction of the traditional way of life which has affected Britain.

Decades of reckless spending to finance all manner of daft projects not in the interests of the people of this country has seen the UK national debt reach £848.5 billion (or 59.9 percent of Gross Domestic Product as of 18 February, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The national debt is the total amount of money the British government owes to the private sector and other purchasers of UK gilts.

From figures published February 18th 2010, UK public sector net debt, excluding “financial sector intervention” (the bankster bailout) stood at £743 billion or 52.7 percent of the GDP.

The annual Government borrowing forecast for 2009/10 is for net borrowing of a further £178 billion or 12.6 percent of GDP — almost identical to that of Greece which has sparked off a major crisis on the financial markets.

Can Britain withstand another decade of this madness?

The answer is: unlikely.

Only a British National Party government would halt the reckless spending on immigration, illegal foreign wars, foreign aid, asylum and EU subsidies which together would come close to wiping out this national debt.

In addition, we should plan to regenerate the manufacturing industry in Britain.

This alone will recreate the employment and skills levels needed to rebuild Britain, which in turn will lead to the regeneration of viable community life — and the return to traditional British culture and heritage, all of which are being steadily rooted out after decades of Tory and Labour misrule.

Sunday 21 February 2010

Don't mention our record in power, Labour orders election activists

Labour is telling its workers not to campaign on the party's record in power, a leaked document showed yesterday.

The revelation came ahead of today's launch by Gordon Brown of Operation Fightback, at which he will tell activists to wage a political scrap for survival.

Mr Brown wants to use the launch rally to give Labour some momentum after months of dire economic news and setbacks.

But the leaked document is an astonishing admission that voters have little to show for 13 years of Labour rule.

Saturday 20 February 2010

Britains loss = India's gain. What this Government or the National Press won't tell you.

Corus (formerly British Steel) is a subsidiary of the Tata Group, India’s largest business empire.

What you won’t read in our national press, or hear discussed on mainstream TV, is that by closing down the Redcar steelworks it will receive around £600 million in ‘credits’ from the World Bank because of the carbon emissions this is alleged to save.

The financing of these ‘carbon credits’ (all part of the global warming scam) comes under the United Nation’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Now what is really outrageous (apart from not hearing one word of criticism from the Lib-Lab-Con or the UKIP clowns) is that 1,700 British jobs have been lost on Teesside so that in India the same £600 million in UN CDM credits could be received by Tata for building a steelworks of similar capacity to Redcar in Orissa in India.

Stinks doesn't it.

No wonder Hywel Francis never says anything !



Considering that Port Talbot already has the most polluted air in Wales and the 2nd most polluted air in the UK.

And that Port Talbot already breaks the UK limit on carcinogenic Benzo[a]Pyrenes emmissions.

As well as the Prenergy Power Station Pumping more pollution into already polluted air ( allowing this to go ahead is nothing short of insane ).

Then it could well be feasible that Tata might decide in the future to pocket another huge wad of cash by closing down Corus in Port Talbot under the CDM scheme.

I would "fight like hell " to stop this if elected.


Over 2 million British Industrial jobs lost thanks to the "Insanity of Globalisation."

Pictured above Corus Middlesborough. RIP !

The closure of the steel plant at Redcar, near Middlesborough, has resulted in another 1,700 British workers – most of them skilled – joining at least two million industrial workers whose jobs have been lost by Tory and Labour government’s embrace of globalisation.

They told us that the jobs and national income we would lose through selling our manufacturing industry to overseas bidders would be offset by increasing our service industries and specialising in high tech manufacturing.

The reality is that the service sector brings in less than ten per cent of overseas earnings – and employs virtually zero ex-steel workers, coal miners, or Birmingham metal bashers.

As for high tech manufacturing, they soon found that Germany and Japan had cornered most of the market.

In the case of a vital sector such as steel making the costs of keeping it running would be offset by keeping its workers in employment – who would also be paying their NHS insurance and income tax.

Council Housing Stock should remain the responsibility of the Local Council

Vote "No" for Council House Transfer !


Friday 19 February 2010

"Paedophile Ring cover up " in Aberdeen has links to South Wales.An almost identical "cover up" preventing Linda Lewis from receiving justice.


In the October 2009 print edition of the UK Column, we reported in our article “BBC Hides Truth of Girl’s Sexual Abuse Ordeal” the shocking ordeal of Downs Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who was horribly abused by an Aberdeen paedophile ring, over a period of ten years.

After investigating and planning a documentary, the BBC abruptly dropped the case, despite admitting that Hollie was a reliable and accurate witness.

It is important to stress that both the police and qualified medical experts have described Hollie as a competent and entirely honest witness.

From the age of just six, Hollie was repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie.

Later, Mackie began sharing his daughter with a gang of paedophile “swingers” that has been operating in Aberdeen for many years.

The identities of a further seven child victims are already known.

There is no question that the gang are well-connected, efficiently organised and totally ruthless.

Our frightening story is that they are protected by individuals of “high standing” within the Scottish establishment.

In 2000, after 14 years of terrified silence, Hollie eventually told her mother, Anne, about the abuses.

Formal statements were made to Grampian Police, providing all the horrifying details and the names of the abusers.

They included a senior Scottish Sheriff, a policeman, social workers, a nurse, a solicitor, an accountant, a fire officer, married couples and others.

Some of the rapes were carried out at the homes of these individuals, including that of the Sheriff’s sister.

Other children were sometimes involved, including children of the paedophiles themselves.

The latest chapters in this astonishing and horrifying story about Hollie, and the seven other abused children, have taken place over the past few weeks.

The key issues are a continued refusal by Grampian police to fully investigate the overwhelming evidence for the paedophile rapes, and a wall of silence by the Scottish establishment.

Whilst there has been some general Scottish media coverage, notably in The Firm and the Aberdeen Press and Journal, the media has been largely silent on what must be one of Scotland's worst top level paedophile scandals.

A key figure in the press silence is the Lord Advocate, in her former role as Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen, when in 2000 she is alleged to have effectively buried the case.

Was this to prevent her associate and most influential member of the paedophile ring, Sheriff X, from being investigated, along with the other named members of the fifteen-strong rape gang?

Elish Angiolini, the Scottish Lord Advocate, is in charge of all criminal prosecutions.

She is alleged to have reacted immediately to public calls for a full police investigation, by pressurising against publication.

Subsequently, and under considerable duress, The Firm published an apology.

Shortly afterwards the Press and Journal ran a story accurately describing the case, mentioning a sheriff and police officer without identifying them. Angiolini was not discussed in the article.

Mrs Angiolini`s role in the case recently aroused further suspicion, when it was claimed that she had used a private law firm, Levy and McRae, to issue warnings against all major Scottish editors, threatening them with legal action if any mention was made of her involvement in the case.

Suspicious and angry, many individuals directly working to obtain justice for Hollie, as well as a growing number of the general public, now consider that key establishment figures, many with direct responsibility for criminal investigations and justice, have made a concerted and continuous effort to conceal the facts from the people of Scotland.

Despite the pressure, investigators and campaigners for Hollie continue to stress that they hold documentary proof of the Lord Advocate’s actions, as well as proof that she has repeatedly failed to tell the whole truth about her connections with the Hollie abuse case for whatever reason.

The senior partner in the Law Firm, Peter Watson, who is also head of litigation, is understood to have refused to comment as to whether the firm’s fees have been billed to Mrs Angiolini personally, or if they are being paid by the Scottish taxpayer.

Mrs Angiolini’s office decided in December 2009 that they would not pursue the case due to “insufficient evidence.”

Corroborating evidence by private investigators and researchers indicates that other than Hollie, not one of the twenty-four named abusers and victims has even been questioned by Grampian Police.

This follows the pattern of 2000, when the crimes and perpetrators were first reported.

At that time, the police later admitted that only one of the gang, Hollie`s father, had even been interviewed.

The UK Column is aware that investigators have just received from the Crown Office, after years of rebuttals, the Post Mortem report of Robert David Greig, brother of Hollie`s mother Anne.

Robert died mysteriously in an alleged car fire in 1997.

Despite extreme inconsistencies in witness statements and circumstances, no inquest took place and the cause of death was officially due to smoke inhalation.

The Post Mortem stated that Robert has suffered considerable damage to his skull, two broken ribs and a broken sternum.

Informal professional medical opinion so far is of the view that Robert had been severely beaten, had alcohol forced down his throat and then thrown into the burning vehicle.

Although this was not known at the time, Hollie, in 2001, told her mother that just prior to his unexplained death, Robert had caught Hollie`s father sexually abusing her.

The campaign for justice for Hollie, and other vulnerable victims of paedophiles in England and South Wales, not only goes on, but has intensified as outraged members of the public have flooded Aberdeen with leaflets naming all current members of the gang, including the head of a special school.

All Aberdeen Councillors and MP's have also been alerted, but with little effect.

There appears to be a conspiracy of establishment silence where the abuse of Hollie is concerned.

Many people in Aberdeen are asking just who possesses the courage and decency to stand up against these staggering and shocking crimes against most vulnerable members of society?

Certainly not their elected national and local representatives.

UK Column volunteers continue to be shocked by the quantity and quality of evidence reaching them on the subject of paedophile and sexual abuse against young and vulnerable children in care and otherwise.

The common theme is that victims and their supporters are unable to get any real support from Members of Parliament, Local Councillors, the Judiciary, Police and other ‘officials’.

Many describe the creation of a wall of silence, often accompanied by targeted intimidation against the victims.

Recently a policeman personally told the UK Column that police had themselves experienced their own paedophile investigations suddenly being dropped by senior police officers.

He added “If you want to really get to the paedophiles you should look at Westminster”.

The implications of this statement are frightening – a paedophile ring amongst our political leaders – the political elite which has control of education and Social Services?

The general public needs to open its eyes and confront this evil – and fast.


The "Justice For Linda Lewis Campaign."

All that has been said in the above article is identical to the "wall of conspiracy " that has been put up to prevent Linda Lewis and her daughter now aged 24 from being reunited and receiving justice.

Bent and twisted politicians in Parliament,The Welsh Assembly,Neath Port Talbot Councillors and Social Services are all conspiring to save their "Scrawny and Worthless Necks "in a desperate attempt to avoid being prosecuted and jailed for their crimes and their part in this wicked "Cover Up."

Let me make this perfectly clear.

The evidence which has been carefully photocopied, collated and is safely held in friendly houses in the UK, Europe and the United States will be released when the time is right for all to see.

This will happen very soon despite an injunction being in place threatening Linda Lewis with immediate arrest and jail if any of this information is released into the public domain.

I ask you what sort of country is it that places an injunction on an innocent mother to prevent her showing the evidence to prove that she is an innocent victim so that the guilty who illegally kidnapped her daughter can remain at liberty ?

Over 3000 people from the Neath Port Talbot area support the "Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign" all have physically seen the evidence that proves that a terrible crime has been committed against The Lewis family,Linda and her kidnapped daughter.

The "wall of silence " like the walls of Jericho will come tumbling down.

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Trillions for the banks. Billions on Foreign Aid.Nothing for our workers.Up to 4,000 council jobs at risk in Wales. Thank you New Labour !

Up to 4,000 local authority jobs could be lost in Wales over the next few years as councils look to save millions of pounds.

The squeeze on budgets means some Welsh councils have already announced hundreds of proposed job losses.

A new survey suggested that almost a third of public sector employers were planning to shed jobs in the first quarter of this year.

The Welsh Local Government Association warned the situation would get worse.
Association chief executive Steve Thomas confirmed 2,000 to 4,000 council jobs could be lost in Wales.

"Some of those job losses are over a three to four-year period," he said.

"For example, Neath Port Talbot has announced 750 job losses over a three-year period - Cardiff this year has announced 300 job losses."

"The key point to make is that most of them are not compulsory redundancies."

Up to 300 jobs have already been reported at risk at Newport council as it attempts to save £9m next year, while Swansea council has warned of compulsory job cuts.

A Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) survey said one in three public sector employers were planning to cut jobs before the start of the financial year.

More than 700 employers showed a "substantial" fall in employment intentions among public sector organisations, marking a "difficult" first quarter of the year for jobs.

Local government consultant Jeff Jones said local authority jobs were particularly important in Wales.

"If you look at the 22 local authorities in Wales, with the majority of them outside some of the bigger cities they are the largest employer in the area," he said.

"People talk about large private sector firms - in Wales we haven't got those large private sector firms.

"What we've got are large public sector organisations, either the national health trust in the area or the local authority.

"A lot of people work for them but at the same time, a lot of people supply goods to them from the private sector so if they're reducing their expenditure, it could have a knock-on effect right across the board."

Giant Halal Slaughterhouse coming to South Wales

The man behind the development of an Islamic stock exchange hopes to cash in on the Government’s tax breaks by opening a £150m, 100 acre ‘super halal industrial park’, in South Wales.

Director Mahesh Jayanarayan said that the plans depend upon taxpayers’ money, using the euphemism ‘government grants’.

The Welsh Assembly Government has a history of luring businesses to Wales only to see them flee when the grants end.

The scheme is promising to generate 3000 jobs for the Muslim and non-Muslim community, however, the director went on to state that they had chosen Britain and specifically South Wales because of its local Muslim colonies.

Further to this, just 18 months ago the Government announced plans to import 5000 halal butchers from Pakistan.

“There are a lot of Muslims in Britain, and in Wales, which is important from our point of view. The industrial park will fit in very well in Wales,” said Jayanarayan.

So what is Halal ?

Halal slaughter is the ritual killing of fully conscious animals.

The procedure involves sawing into the neck of the animal, severing the carotid arteries and jugular veins; whilst leaving the spinal column intact.

Muslims insist that this kills the animal instantly but brutal footage demonstrates that large animals — such as horses and cattle — can take as long as 10 minutes to die.

Common malpractice seems to involve the use of blunt knives that fail to sever the blood vessels, and serves up an extremely slow and painful death.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has so far failed to lobby Parliament for the outlawing of this barbarity, perhaps fearful of angering the Islamic community.

The organisation was heavily criticised last year when it failed to pursue the prosecution of an Islamic butcher who slaughtered a fully conscious lamb on a British military base.

They concluded that this did not constitute ‘unnecessary suffering’, yet the act was carried out on a base where firearms were available.

Directors hope to see the construction of this gigantic animal hell within three years.

At least the pigs are spared !

Sunday 7 February 2010

A message to Hywel Francis. " At Least Dick Turpin Had The Decency To Wear A Mask..."

ABERAVON MP Hywel Francis clocked up a food bill of more than £5,000 over two years.

Over the same period, from 2006 to 2008, Dr Francis also billed taxpayers more than £1,500 for work on his website.

He also claimed £2,000 in one year for cleaning at his second home in London – though this fell to £200 in 2007 and 2008, the latest period for which documents are available.

On three occasions during that time, he submitted claims of £400 for food – the maximum amount MPs could claim at the time without producing a receipt.

He also claimed more than £3,000 in ground rent and service charges for his second home, as well as monthly mortgage interest payments of between £1,111 and £1,262 – and £85 for repairs to curtain rails.

In 2006, he claimed £270 for a vacuum cleaner and digital TV box, £560 on a washer-dryer, a bureau and table and chair sets for his kitchen and dining rooms.

He also claimed £348 for a chair, kitchen blind, TV and DVD stand and £272 for repairs to his central heating system.

From 2004 to 2005, he claimed £3,000 as a contribution towards legal fees and stamp duty when he moved home.

He also claimed £150 for two side tables, £225 for a coffee table and £325 for an undisclosed “mystery” item, which is blacked out on the public documents released.

In 2007, he claimed £1,250 against his office costs allowance for creating a new website and paid £200 to Cilfrew company Wired Up Wales for updating the site with surgery dates and press releases.

In 2006, he paid £60 for website updates as well as £90 in hosting fees and registration costs.
He also billed taxpayers for his membership of Bevan Foundation and then paid them £2,500 for research on regeneration of the Afan Valley.



Hywel Francis was recently made to repay £618.05 for food claimed in 2004-05.

Hywel Francis also employs his wife in his Westminster Office at a salary that is not available for public scrutiny.

" A NEST OF THIEVING CRIMINALS ROBBING THE PUBLIC PURSE." Do you really want these SWINDLERS back in Westminster after the Election ? It's your choice

Yesterday’s Legg report proved conclusively that the old parties — Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem — have degenerated into a nest of thieving criminals who have enriched themselves mercilessly at the expense of the taxpayers.

In his report, Sir Thomas Legg revealed that more than half of all MPs, 360 in total, had made “wrongful” (i.e. fraudulent) claims.
However, not even this tells the full story, as almost 50 more MPs have made separate repayments.
This means that a grand total of 410 MPs have been named as swindlers — fully two thirds of the entire House of Parliament.

In addition, three Labour MPs and one Tory peer will face criminal charges over their expenses, Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer has announced. MPs Elliot Morley, Jim Devine, David Chaytor and Lord Hanningfield will be charged under the Theft Act.

“In four cases, we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges and that it is in the public interest to charge the individuals concerned,” Mr Starmer was quoted in reports as saying. “Accordingly, summonses in these cases have been obtained from the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court and will now be served on the individuals in question.”

Sir Thomas’s report showed that the swindle was far more widespread than what was originally thought.
The review specifically criticised the old party gang for “putting personal gain before protecting public money.”

Local Government Minister Barbara Follett has the highest single repayment to make, more than £40,000.

Sir Thomas found that almost one third of MPs wrongly claimed for mortgage interest, improperly receiving more than £700,000.

More than a dozen former MPs have failed to meet demands for repayments running into tens of thousands of pounds.

The scandal is likely to run even deeper, as Sir Thomas did not even start to investigate the “house flipping” issue whereby MPs designated first and second homes in a merry-go-round to claim the maximum cash from the taxpayers.

Sir Thomas attacked the entire expenses system, describing the rules as “vague”, with MPs “self-certifying as to the propriety of their use of the allowance.”

“A particular challenge has proved to be the widespread lack of proper evidence on the record from MPs to support substantial payments, especially of mortgage interest, even though this was expressly required by the rules,” he said.

MPs named as not yet having paid back their swindled cash include:

Employment Minister Jim Knight, £2,185
Immigration minister Phil Woolas, £886.16
Tory MP Sir Peter “duck island” Viggers, £13,245.80
Labour MP Margaret Beckett, £2,539.75
Former defence secretary Geoff Hoon, £767.66
Former minister Claire Short, £2,588.80.

Thursday 4 February 2010

The poorer in society suffer as MP's who have no interest other than themselves ride the "Gravy Train" that is corrupt.

More than half of Welsh MPs have been ordered to repay some of their expenses after an audit of their claims dating back to 2004.

Twenty six MPs have been told to pay back the total amount of £67,499.66, which most have already done.

Four MPs appealed the amount they had to pay back and have had their repayments reduced or scrapped.

Across the UK, 390 MPs, more than half the current and past MPs reviewed, were recommended to repay £1.3m.

The details of the paybacks were given in Sir Thomas Legg's report into the expenses scandal which caused outcry when the revelations were published in The Daily Telegraph last year.

In it he said the expenses system was "deeply flawed", the rules "vague" and it had been up to MPs to "self certify" the propriety of their claims.

The Welsh MPs ordered to repay some of their expenses are:

Nick Ainger (Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire), Labour: Mortgage payments on his second home for the period April 2004 to December 2005 included both interest and capital element. Only the interest element is allowable under Green Book rules. On recalculation the excess amounts to £777.77 - paid.

Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West), Labour: Overpaid by a total of £171.40 for his mortgage interest (£53.15 in 2004-05; £30.40 in 2005-06; and £87.85 in 2008-09). Total £171.40 - paid.

Chris Bryant (Rhondda), Labour: Overpaid by £4,439.28 for mortgage interest in 2008-09 because his claims did not reflect the element of his mortgage actually used to purchase his second home. Total repayment recommended - £4,439.28 - paid.

Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley), Labour: Overpaid by a total of £3,085.42 for mortgage interest (£826.08 in 2006-07; £230.38 in 2007-08; and £2,028.96 in 2008-09).
She was also overpaid by a total of £1,097 for council tax (£594 in 2006-07, and £503 in 2008-09). She was paid £1,390 for two chairs purchased during 2005-06 and 2006-07, which exceeded the guideline price for two chairs of £1,100 by £290. Total repayment recommended: £4,472.42 Reduced on appeal by: £2,360.62. Total - £2,111.80 - paid.

Stephen Crabb (Preseli Pembrokeshire), Conservative: Overpaid by a total of £1,495 for rental payments for July 2005 to July 2006. He was also overpaid by £144.30 for mortgage interest in 2007-08. Total - £1,639.30 - paid.

Wayne David (Caerphilly), Labour: Paid a total of £6,184.16 (£155.23 a month from April 2004 to March 2008) for critical illness insurance cover, which is not allowable under the ACA.
In August 2007, he changed mortgage providers and increased the amount borrowed for a purpose not allowable under the ACA. As a result, he was overpaid by a total of £6,038.33.
He was also paid £430 for a bedroom chair in March and again in July 2007. He was further overpaid by £262.20 for mortgage interest in 2008-09. Total - £12,959.69 - paid.

Dai Davies (Blaenau Gwent), Independent: Paid expenses in November 2006 for his constituency office - £328.00 for council tax, £48.35 for telephone and £63.45 for repairs. These expenses, which came to a total of £439.8,0 are not allowable under the ACA, and should have been submitted under Incidental Expenses.
He was paid for 12 payments of council tax in 2008-09. The evidence provided shows that only 10 payments were required. One additional payment was disallowed by the Fees Office, so the MP received an overpayment of £110. Total repayment recommended: £549.80. Reduced on appeal by:£439.80. Total - £110.00 - paid.

David Davies (Monmouth), Conservative: Overpaid by a net total of £2,021.39 for mortgage interest in September 2006, and for council tax in May 2007. Total - £2,021.39 - paid.
Paul Flynn (Newport West), Labour: Overpaid a total of £2,625.61 for mortgage interest (£404.49 for 2004-05, £499.09 for 2005-06, £53.89 for 2006-07, £1,487.99 for 2007-08 and £180.15 for 2008-09). This total includes a duplicate payment for £1,359.52 covering April to June 2007. Total - £2,625.61 - paid.

Hywel Francis (Aberavon), Labour: Overpaid by a total of £618.05 for food in 2004-05. Total - £618.05 - paid.

Nia Griffith (Llanelli), Labour: Overpaid by a total of £4,099.77 for mortgage interest in three years (£475.89 in 2006-07; £2,248.25 in 2007-08; and £1,375.63 in 2008-09). Total - £4,099.77 - paid.

Kim Howells (Pontypridd), Labour: Overpaid by a total of £665.11 for mortgage interest (£144.78 in 2006-07, £399.68 in 2007-08 and £120.65 in 2008-09). He was also overpaid by a total of £288 for gas bills in 2008-09. Total recommended: £953.11. Total received since 1 April 2009: £294.00. Balance recommended to be repaid: £659.11

Huw Irranca-Davies (Ogmore), Labour: Overpaid by a total of £2,008.19 for mortgage interest (2004-05 by £1,441.35; 2005-06 by £43.11; 2006-07 by £233.66; 2007-08 by £30.87; and 2008-09 by £259.20). Total recommended: £2,008.19. Total received since 1 April 2009: £1,750.27. Balance recommended to be repaid: £257.92

Sian James (Swansea East), Labour: Paid £1,150 for council tax in 2006-07. She moved her second home in the period, but the supporting evidence shows that the total annual charge was £869.
In 2007-08, she was paid £2,100 against a charge for £1,180.94 for council tax and £294.42 for water rates. She was thus overpaid a total of £905.64. She was overpaid by £200 for rent in November and December 2008. In a statement she said she made a "genuine error".
"As soon as I was made aware of the matters raised by his investigation I re-visited my accounts and willingly rectified the matter," she said. "I can only say that I did not set out to deliberately breach any rules."Total - £1,105.64 - paid.

David Jones (Clwyd West), Conservative: Paid twice for mortgage interest claims in November 2006 and September 2007, amounting to an overpayment of £2,056.62.
He was also paid for two items of furniture purchased in July 2005, namely a chair that exceeded the guideline price of £550 by £326, and a sofa bed that exceeded the guideline price of £1,210 by £241.38. The total excess was thus £567.38. Total repayment recommended: £2,624.00 - paid.

Martyn Jones (Clwyd South), Labour: Overpaid by a total of £310.36 for rent (£77.02 in 2004-05 and £233.34 in 2007-08). Total repayment recommended: £310.36. Reduced on appeal by:£310.36. Total - £0.00.

Elfyn Llwyd (Meirionnydd Nant Conwy), Plaid Cymru: Was paid £279.99 twice for an air conditioning unit in 2005. He was also paid £642.67 twice for ground rent and service charges in March and May 2007.
He was further overpaid a total of £271.94 for mortgage interest (£77.93 in 2004-05; £179.98 in 2005-06; and £14.03 in 2008-9). Total - £1,194.60 - paid.

Alun Michael (Cardiff South & Penarth), Labour: Paid a total of £18,889.56 from 2005-06 to 2008-09 for mortgage interest on additional loans not shown to have been for an eligible purpose.
He was also overpaid by £280 for council tax in 2004-05 (payment for 12 instalments when only 10 required).
Mr Michael told BBC Wales it was important confidence was restored and a line drawn.
"Ironically there are large sums of money, running into thousands of pounds I could have claimed, but I didn't," he said. "The whole system of expenses has damaged not just those who've done something wrong but all of us, including those of us who've never done anything wrong in terms of our claims."
Total - £19,169.56 - paid.

Jessica Morden (Newport East), Labour: Was paid £380.55 twice for household goods in January 2006. Total repayment - £380.55 - paid.

Julie Morgan (Cardiff North), Labour: Was overpaid a total of £838.94 for mortgage interest (£645.47 in 2006-07 and £193.47 in 2007-08).
She said she had repaid £838.13 for inadvertent overclaiming of mortgage interest rates for the years 06-07 and 07-08.
But she said she had underclaimed mortgage interest payments by £1,903.36 for the years 04-05. 05-06 and 08-09.
"Therefore, over the five years Legg looked at, I actually underclaimed mortgage interest payments by £1,065.23," she said.
Total - £838.94 - paid.

Paul Murphy (Torfaen) Labour: Overpaid by £830 on cleaning, £510 on a wardrobe and £1,140.72 on mortgage payments. Total - £2,480.72 - Not yet paid (£2,237.72 still to be paid).
He said: "Apart from the repayment relating to miscalculated mortgage interest - which I was rectifying well before Sir Thomas Legg's report - the other repayments are the direct result of the rules being changed years after the claims were authorised.
"No indication of any 'limits' were given at the time and the claims were authorised in full by the Fees Office."

Lembit Opik (Montgomeryshire), Liberal Democrats: Was paid £909.42 for mobile phone bills during the period November 2004 to March 2005. Mobile phone costs are not allowable under the ACA, although they could be claimed under the Incidental Expenses Provision.
He was also paid £155 for court costs in relation to non-payment of council tax (£60 in March 2006 and £95 in October 2007). Total recommended: £1,064.42. Reduced on appeal by £909.42. Total - £195.00 - paid.

Albert Owen (Ynys Mon), Labour: Overpaid £400 for food and £583.57 on mortgage payments.
Mr Owen said the review team had issues relating to mortgage interest in 2004 and 2008.
He said: "I complied with the request for full information and it demonstrated an under payment in 2004-05 and an over payment in 2008-09. Had this information been available to me at the time I would have supplied it and altered my claims accordingly.
"I have also paid back for subsistence/food which was claimed under the wrong heading of food instead of 'other items'. This followed advice I was given at the time. While I accept the decision I was disappointed that the review team was arbitrary and only concentrated on the over-claim, despite an under-claim of a similar amount in 2004-05. I did not appeal against the recommendation as I have supported the new rules including independent external audits."
Total £983.57 - paid.

John Smith (Vale of Glamorgan), Labour: Overpaid on allowances during the period when Parliament was not sitting - £683.78 - paid.

Mark Tami (Alyn and Deeside): Labour - over-paid on mortgage interest by £2,206.24, £294 on a freezer and £57.45 on a dishwasher total £2,557.69 - paid.

Betty Williams (Conwy), Labour: Over-paid on mortgage interest by £750.25 - paid.

Wednesday 3 February 2010

More local job losses in Port Talbot. Thank you New Labour !

Baglan construction company consults on job losses

A construction company based at Baglan near Port Talbot is to shed staff due to a downturn in work.
Morrison Construction, part of the Galliford Try group, said it was consulting its workforce over the redundancies.
In a statement it said the job losses were due to a drop off in work it was doing on a project for Welsh Water.
"We have started a process of consultation with our staff which will result in some redundancies."
It added: "Until the process is complete we can't specify numbers".

Protect British Jobs by voting BNP

Issues upon which the Tory and Labour parties have identical policies

1. Immigration. The Labour Party wants a points-based system to continue; the Conservative Party wants a “skill-based” immigration policy. The end-result is identical — more immigration into Britain.

The BNP wants a halt to immigration and the billions spent on this swindle diverted to training British people with the skills necessary for them to earn a decent living in their own country.
2. The EU: The Labour Party wants to remain in the EU, as does the Conservative Party. This multi-billion pound swindle is dangerous for Britain’s independence and is the cause of the “Human Rights Act” and other laws which are aimed at destroying Britain’s identity and sovereignty. Both Labour and Tories endorse these laws, unlike the BNP.

3. Foreign Aid: Both Tory and Labour parties seek to increase foreign aid from the current £8 billion to £13 billion per year, even though the Treasury is bankrupt and British people must go into further debt to achieve this goal. Only the BNP seeks to end this swindle.

4. The Afghanistan war: Both Tory and Labour support the continued illegal and immoral war in Afghanistan which has killed hundreds of our soldiers and costs billions of pounds. Only the BNP seeks an end to this madness.

5. The bankster swindle: Both Tory and Labour support the bailing out of private banksters with taxpayers’ money. The BNP opposes this, and says that Britain should be bailed out, not the banskters.

6. The asylum swindle: Both Tory and Labour support the continued asylum swindle which sees scroungers from across the globe parasite off the British taxpayer.
Only the BNP supports international law which says that asylum seekers only have the right of refuge in the first safe country bordering the one they are fleeing — and no other. The halting of the asylum swindle will also ensure that British people are once again given priority in the housing queue.
7. The selling off of Britain’s assets: Both Labour and Tory parties support the selling off of Britain’s national assets to foreign investors who then financially exploit the British taxpayers who created those institutions in the first place. This is why electricity costs have risen by 300 percent in some areas, and why train fares have increased by 200 percent in a matter of years.

Only the BNP is dedicated to restoring the commonwealth of Britain to its rightful owners.

Monday 1 February 2010

This man should be in jail for war crimes and his betrayal of the British people but next year he will be worth £45 million pounds.

Tony Blair’s fortune is set to treble to £45million next year as he returns to his lucrative career after appearing at the Iraq war ­inquiry.

The former PM and wife Cherie are building up a property empire and Mr Blair now plans to maximise his earnings over the next two years.

Mr Blair – who will be 57 on the expected General ­Election date of May 6 – wants to build up a “substantial” retirement nest egg before he hits 60.

His earnings this year alone could hit £15million, on top of the estimated £15million he has raked in since standing aside as PM in 2007.

A ­further £15million next year through Mr Blair’s jobs, ­ speeches and expanding property empire would take his estimated family fortune to £45million.

Mr Blair’s millions are paid into a complex network of companies involving up to 12 different bodies – making his exact riches hard to calculate.

The Blairs have six luxury homes worth more than £14million – the latest was bought for ­£1.13million cash last ­September. Their main home is a ­£4.5million mansion – bought for £3.6million – near Hyde Park in London.

They extended that property by ­buying an £800,000 mews house behind it.

The Blairs’ country home is a Grade I listed pile, once owned by Sir John Gielgud, worth an estimated £6million.

There is the infamous apartment in Bristol, bought by Cherie with the help of Aussie conman Peter Foster, for her eldest son Euan while he was at ­university. It is now worth an estimated £300,000.

The latest purchase is a £1.13million London mews house bought for second son Nicky.

Mr Blair’s ­constituency home in County Durham was put up for sale last year for £300,000 – 10 times what the couple paid for it in 1983 when he ­became MP for Sedgefield.

The former PM also has a number of highly paid jobs which bring in between £5million and £9million a year.

His latest money-spinning contract – a role with hedge fund firm Lansdowne ­Partners – is expected to earn him £250,000 for just four speeches.

Mr Blair also has a £2.5million ­annual deal with JP Morgan, to “explore business opportunities in Libya.”

He has a £2million deal with Zurich Financial Services and has been signed up by Random House to publish his ­diaries for £4.6million.

Mr Blair also earns between £50,000 and £170,000 for making a speech.

On top of that he gets a prime ­ministerial ­pension of about £65,000 a year – and Britain contributes to the cost of his office staff and 24-hour security.