Sunday 29 May 2011

"Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign." SUPER INJUNCTIONS and ECHOES OF SPY CATCHER"

"The underlying problem with the current law is that the courts are being used to conceal the truth," Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming wrote in an email to Reuters. Hemming is compiling a report on super injunctions.

"I know of a number of cases where the truth that is being concealed involves serious misbehaviour by the authorities rather than the peccadilloes of celebrities. That is where there is a real danger in the current position," he added.

When John Hemmings MP correctly states the above he could be speaking directly about the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis" campaign.

We have seen it with our own eyes.

In October 2009 at Cardiff Civil Court in front of Judge Seys-Llewellyn we proved that Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council had acted illegally in removing Linda's daughter from her hospital bed at gunpoint in 1998.

We proved that there was no valid or legal paperwork ever issued authorising the return of Linda's daughter.

We proved that Miss Lewis' daughter was returned to the UK on a "false and fraudulent " passport.

So much so in fact that the barrister representing the local authority Miss Sutton desperately wanted to disbar herself after deliberately producing false and fraudulent evidence into court. Such was the deceit that was allowed to go on in those proceedings.

Remarkably Miss Sutton was told to stay where she was by Judge Seys-LLewellyn as in his words " I know which way this case will go." long before all our evidence had been submitted.

The outcome was known from the beginning.

This was merely a showtrial. A kangaroo court.

I should  also point  out that 5 Councillors, 4 from Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council and myself were in court and prepared to testify that the local authority had acted illegally.

Even though all of us having signed "affidavits" to this effect we were not allowed to testify.

In a nutshell our testimony's were ignored.

Another point is that at this time Miss Lewis' daughter was aged 23, an adult and yet Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services continued to speak on her behalf.

Miss Lewis' daughter is now aged 25 and has still not been reunited with her loving and caring family.

These proceedings despite our many protestations were not held as they should have been in a "criminal court" but were held quite illegally under the "family court system" where deceit and illegality committed by bent judges and barristers can never be made public.

Therefore a "lifelong injunction" remains in place that prevents Miss Lewis from ever publishing the evidence that she has ( and now so do hundreds of others worldwide ) and placing it in the public domain.

Please note that the law states "no injunction can ever be issued to cover up a crime."

Several crimes has been committed in this case. 

It was also during this court case that the " Spy catcher " law was introduced as an extra threat  to prevent Miss Lewis and her team from releasing the evidence.

So desperate are they to prevent the evidence coming out and exposing the crimes that they have committed that "Spy catcher " laws have been introduced into a family court.

It is now well accepted by many people that "Spy catcher " has but one function in law.

It is there quite simply to protect a cover up !

By introducing "Spy catcher " into any case is an admission of guilt.

It is a desperate attempt by desperate people to stop the guilty who are protected by the state, bent judges and barristers from facing justice.

In Linda's case this is without doubt true but they cannot or will not be allowed to get away with it forever.

The truth will out very soon and so will all the evidence.



For more information and to watch the video. Click on.

Linda has asked me if you could all forward this article onto as many people as you know.



Sunday 22 May 2011

" Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " Update.

The fact that there has been no updates on the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " for quite a while does not mean that we have not been active and that the campaign is not making progress. It is.

A lot of the work that has been done  has  been kept quiet and would be classed as " Under the Radar. "  

It took time to transfer all the physical paper evidence held onto disc.

Discs are now held with supporters in the UK and throughout the world.

Progress is being made abroad in that certain  Radio Stations and well known celebrities have received all the information and have expressed  initial interest which our colleagues inform us is likely to be taken further.

We now carry the support of several influencial Christian  and  Civil Rights Groups in America  where "freedom of speech"  has  less restrictions than here in the EUSSR.

Lawyers of faith who answer to God and not to " bent politicians or judges " or even the dollar are making progress on our behalf.

Everything is coming together but it will take time and we must be patient.

It is thirteen years since  Linda's daughter then aged eleven was kidnapped at gunpoint by agents from Neath Port Talbot Social Services using a false passport from her hospital bed in America in order to cover up for medical negligence in the UK.

By law Linda's daughter should have been reunited with her mother when she reached eighteen years of age.

Linda's daughter today is aged twenty five and has still never been reunited with her Mother or loving family.

For those of you unfamiliar with Linda's fight then please view the above video.

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column starts to speak about Linda's case  after about 7 minutes and continues for about the first 4 minutes of the following link.

" What is done in the dark will come out in the light."

Let's hope the light is not too far away.


Saturday 21 May 2011

Nationalist parties must demand the highest standards of behaviour from party officials and candidates for public office.

If individuals know that they cannot withstand media scrutiny, they should admit that they are unfit to represent the party. 

If the party leadership knows that such people have skeletons in the cupboard – or in too many instances skeletons actually displayed in their front windows – then they should not be appointed.

Nationalist parties cannot afford to be run by cronyism, and cannot afford to exclude our best activists for reasons of factional or personal spite. 

If the party chairman is so insecure that he cannot tolerate potential rivals working within the party structure, then he is unfit to be chairman. 

It is a tragic reflection on the state of the BNP that such an obvious truth should have to be expressed. 

To take the most glaring example: it is farcical that the BNP should be depending on the likes of Clive Jefferson to run its election campaigning, while Eddy Butler – the most successful nationalist electoral campaigner in modern Britain – is marginalised.


Taken from "The State of the Movement."

The full article can be read by clicking on the links below.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Breaking News.

A prominent West Wales BNP member and Welsh Assembly Candidate was recently arrested for an assault against a minor.

According to Dyfed Powys Police he has not as yet been charged and is believed to be out on bail.

Investigations are still on going and it is believed that Social Services are involved.

My thanks to all the good people who have advised me of this particularly sickening incident.

I share your anger.

Thank you for placing your trust in me.

Kind Regards



I recently received a phone call telling me to remove this item or " I will be coming after you." I will not be doing so as I do not give in to threats from violent thugs.

This incident has been reported to Crosshands Police Station where a crime number has been issued.

I also have a duty to represent the good people of West Wales who advised me of this incident and I will continue to give them a voice.


Further Update

In a phone call received at 20:19 tonight Crosshands Police confirmed speaking to the man concerned who admitted making the threatening phone call.

He has now been advised that any further attempt to contact me will result in my bringing charges against him.