Monday 29 July 2013

Head Of Legal Services David Michael's Head On The Chopping Block.

In an article I posted earlier which can be read by clicking here I stated that David Michael lied to the courts in a desperate attempt to force an immediate Ex-Parte injunction to keep the cover up of the crime committed by his Council hidden from the public domain.

Following a meeting this weekend with fellow supporters it was decided that Linda Lewis should send an email to David Rees AM who is currently investigating the crime committed by Neath Port Talbot Council and Steve Phillips the councils Chief Executive.

Eight documents were included as attachments as evidence of what David Michael had done by deliberately lying to the courts to influence their decision in his favour.

If we need to they will be published at a later date but for the time being they will remain private.

Here is Linda's email.

Dear Mr Rees
Thank you for your above dated letter I received this weekend which also includes a letter dated 9 July 2013 from David Michael Head of Legal Services at NPTCBC which is most interesting. 
A meeting was held this weekend at which various points were discussed within the team. 
Therefore I would like to address several points with you that cannot be disputed.
With regards to the documents that I have requested to see from the Welsh Assembly Government I would like to point out that under "public interest law" which supersedes all others you have a right and so do I to see the documentation that I have requested. There is no hiding from this.
We do not recognise any injunction taken out by NPTCBC as" No injunction can be taken out to cover up for criminal acts “that is a fact of law. They are merely a tool for the Council to hide behind in order to cover up for their own criminality.
Neither can an injunction be recognised when false or fraudulent evidence is submitted into court in order to influence its decision.
Once again I provide you with the following UK Column Link which proves without a doubt that this is the case.
I hope that you will look at it this time. It is a simple Youtube link that will not bring down the emailing system of the Welsh Assembly Government.
Neither will the attachments that are included for your urgent attention affect your email system in anyway.
I will now be proving to you that the last illegal injunction by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council was fraudulently obtained.
What I am going to do is prove to you that David Michael in order to obtain, in desperation an Ex-Parte injunction to cover up for his councils criminal acts did commit perjury by submitting false and fraudulent information before the court in a document that he has signed as truthful dated 9th October 2008.
In his application David Michael states on page numbered 462 sections 2 and 3 that I am “Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy."
This is a fraudulent statement and a deliberate lie.
David Michael would be well aware that in the summing up of The Hon Mr Justice Sumner KT on the 25th November 1998 in the law courts, Cathays Park Cardiff on page 60 section f he clearly states and I quote
“I do not find that this is a case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy."
David Michael would have been aware of this as he refers to Justice Sumners verdict on several occasions in his application.
David Michael has also requested to the court on page 460 sections 2 and I quote
“The interim injunction is made without notice to the Respondents on the basis of urgency."
The question has to be asked why was I as Second Respondent or the British National Party as First Respondent denied access to the charges against us?
Please see attachments proof of everything I have said.
I have authorised my representative former BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards that should he wish he may forward this email onto the Legal Department of the British National Party who as First Respondent were like me unjustly punished as a result of the perjury committed by David Michael to protect a corrupt and unaccountable local authority.
This email has also been forwarded onto Mr Steve Phillips the Chief Executive of NPTCBC and I expect him to suspend David Michael from his post of Head of Legal Services of said authority without delay and to launch a full and thorough investigation of what his Council has been up to here.
Finally I would like to point out that I was never meant to see the fraudulent court document submitted by David Michael as it was deliberately withheld from me and the British National Party on David Michael’s instructions.
Therefore I would like to personally thank the honest people within this corrupt authority who have a conscience and would like to see justice be done for their help and assistance in my case.
I have also Bcc’d this mail onto prominent people who need to be informed of this.
Mr Rees I look forward to you taking urgent action and your prompt reply.
Kind Regards
Linda Lewis


David Michael is guilty of Fraud, Perjury and Malfeasance In Public Office to name but a few. Criminal actions that carry a custodial sentence.

It is hard to see how he can last the week.

But then again this is Neath Port Talbot Council and The Welsh Assembly Government we are dealing with here.

Both have managed to get away with the 15 old crime of "Child Kidnapping" up to now.

Injunction ! There is no injunction. 

This article has been immediately press released.

Friday 26 July 2013

Ready To Go - Update

Last week several teams distributed thousands of the above leaflets throughout the Neath Port Talbot Council area.

Parts of Margam , Sandfields , Fairfield , Taibach and  Baglan areas of Port Talbot were covered as well as outlying areas such as Seven Sisters , Resolven and  Glynneath .

Leaflets were also left on cars in some prime shopping areas and several A3 posters are on display in local shops.

We had  a chance to speak to many residents who were aware of the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis " campaign with many more pledging their support  who were eager to watch the Uk Column Live interviews and listen to the American Radio broadcasts.

It was both interesting and sad to hear stories from mothers and family members who have had children taken way from them in most cases unlawfully by the Criminal Social Services Department  of Neath Port Talbot Council.

Stay strong and remember " Child Stealing By The State " is a £20 billion a year industry.

Councils make good money by taking children away from their families.

Surprisingly not one person defended their council against my suggestion that it is a corrupt criminal organisation not fit for purpose.
In fact many stated that they would not be voting for their current Councillors next time around.

All Good Stuff.

We will be out again next week in other areas of this corrupt local authority.

My thanks to all who helped out last week and to the electorate who offered their kind support.


Sunday 21 July 2013

Neath Port Talbot Head Of Legal And Democratic Services David Michael Lies To Influence Court

This weekend we received a document from one of many friends working on our behalf from within Neath Port Talbot Council.

This is a document that neither myself or Linda Lewis was EVER MEANT TO SEE.

I will not be publishing the document in full at the moment as a meeting held this weekend with members of the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " have identified several avenues for us to go down with regards to dealing with David Michael.

David Michael has deliberately attempted to influence the court by presenting them with false and fraudulent information in order to obtain an urgent injunction preventing me from publishing any information regarding the " Kidnapping " of Linda's daughter into the public domain under " Public Interest Law ."

Very briefly here are a few fraudulent points made by David Michael.

1 - The document in 2008 states  " In The High Court Of Justice Family Division between myself indirectly as 1st Respondent and Linda Lewis as  2nd Respondent.

This was not a Family Division matter as Linda's daughter was aged 22 at the time and no longer a child. This was not a family court matter. Both myself and Linda were over 18.

2 - David Michael requests that the injunction be made "Ex Parte"meaning that myself and Linda could not attend court to defend ourselves our argue our point of view.

Such was his desperation to cover up the crime committed  by his Social Services Department that he goes out of his way to request to the court that " The interim injunction is made without notice to the Respondents on the basis of urgency."

He then laughingly in his next sentence says that this be allowed " By reason of the aforesaid urgency and in the interest of justice." ( You couldn't make that up could you ? )

3 - Probably the most deliberate and cynical lies entered that on two occasions David Michael claims that "Linda Lewis suffers from Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy "

Considering that we have evidence from judges clearly stating that Linda Lewis has never suffered from  "Munchausens's Syndrome by Proxy" or any mental illness this can only be construed as a deliberate criminal act to falsely influence the decision of the court.

David Michael has acted both " illegally and unlawfully."

What action we decide to take against him will be decided in the next couple of weeks.

Watch this space.


Under a section "There is a serious issue to be tried " the following is mentioned.

" Read the excerpts on the opposite page taken from a large selection of the letters , emails , court documentation and transcripts which provide evidence of just how Bonnie was kidnapped. "

David Michael does not deny the accusation that his council kidnapped Bonnie !

Wednesday 17 July 2013

First Time Visitor ? Welcome.

Having spent most of the day with other team members delivering the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis " leaflet throughout the Neath Port Talbot area we met many people who were aware of  a Child Kidnapping by Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services of a sick and frail 12 year old child from her hospital bed in America using a false passport in order to stop a serious medical negligence claim being submitted by the family in Port Talbot. 

For anyone who wishes to find our more and view some of the evidence about this crime committed by Neath Port Talbot Council which is being covered up by the criminal Welsh Assembly Government please watch the above UK Column Live video interview of the 14th Of March 2013 which is just over an hour long.

There is also a 30 minute update on this crime dated the 16th Of May 2013 which can be viewed by Clicking Here  

Several American radio interviews have also been done by myself with the latest being available by Clicking Here  and following the links to Orion Talk Radio at the bottom of the article.

Orion Talk Radio has on average around 1.2 million listeners per show.


Social Services / Child Protective Services - History's Worst Nightmare.

Social Services / Child Protective Services are destroying humanity, one child at a time.

This is just one further example - there are millions more.

Click Here To View Many More Examples of videos on youtube that are heartbreaking.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Ready To Go

We have recently received delivery of several thousand of the above A5 leaflets for general distribution as well as A3 Posters for display.

The A5 leaflets will be delivered house to house and will be handed out by teams in town centres and outside the constituency offices of Criminal Members of the Welsh Assembly Government when they are holding surgeries.

The Criminal Welsh Assembly Government will also become a venue for us to get our message out directly regarding this crime committed by Neath Port Talbot Social Services against an innocent sick 12 year old girl , her mother and family. 

They will also be prominently displayed on car windows that will be driven around as a tool for spreading our message of injustice under public interest law.

Many local businesses have agreed in principle to display the A3 posters and so have many local residents in prominent locations by placing posters in their windows.

This article will be forwarded on by our many supporters by the usual channels with an emphasis on forwarding onto friends on Facebook.

Anyone who wishes to download/print copies please feel free to do so.

It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that a serious crime has been committed by Neath Port Talbot Social Services which is being covered up by the Welsh Assembly Government.

It's time they came clean.

More information on this terrible crime can be read by Clicking Here

Thursday 4 July 2013

American Interview Orion Talk Radio The Earth Needs Rebels Show 4th July 2013

Tonight another very successful radio interview took place on Orion Talk Radio The Earth Needs Rebels show with an average audience of circa 1.2 million listeners.

A slight change from the norm as further details of some of the twisted individuals guilty of inflicting the most unimaginable pain on Linda , her daughter and family are named under " Public Interest Law."

Dr Dewi Evans ( above ) who tried to coerce Linda into giving a fatal dose of oral morphine to her daughter gets several mentions. When this failed he stalked Linda's daughter from hospital to hospital in order to cover up his misdiagnosis.

Child kidnapper Julie Rzezniczek ( above ) of course does not escape a mention.

Linda's daughters solicitor Lynne Naylor was working on behalf of the Local Authorities Social Services and not on behalf of her daughter.

Neath Port Talbot Social Worker RV Williams states in 1997 that as there is a medical negligence claim on going " Social Services Are Unable To Intervene In Medical Disputes." A few months later they do indeed intervene by kidnapping Linda's sick daughter from her hospital bed in America. The Medical Dispute was still on going !

Deeply cruel Port Talbot Foster Carers John and Julie Barnett take Linda's daughter out of the country knowing full well that her passport was unlawful and not in her name.

To listen to the full 1 hour interview click Here then click on listen button for 04-Jul-13 Thu 0205pm