Tuesday 31 January 2012

Neath Port Talbot Social Services in deep trouble once again.

Pictured above.
Neath Port Talbot Social Worker goes about his daily business.

The following is taken from "child abuse" supporting South Wales Evening Post.

Pressure point for children's services

Neath Port Talbot's children's services is facing problems of biblical proportions, scrutiny board members have warned.

The warning came as a scrutiny committee met to discuss an action plan drawn up to address issues in the council's provision of services for children and young people following an inspection by Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) last September.

Among the areas causing concern were the high turnover of staff, including the loss of experienced practitioners, reliance on agency staff, the high number of unallocated cases and high case loads for social workers. During the past year 18 social workers have quit — there are currently 98 on the books — and the average caseload per full-time equivalent social worker was 32.4 (as of March last year).

Around 1,700 children and young people are on the department's radar.

Co-opted scrutiny member, Ray Preece drew comparisons with the Bible by saying: "It's a nationwide problem. I think that Solomon would have a job sorting this out."

In particular Mr Preece, who is also a governor at Llangatwg School, expressed his concern over the pressures an increase in cases placed on staff, who are already turning their backs on the authority.

He sad: "I shudder when I think of one person having to deal with 30 cases. Let's do something whatever it is."

Another co-opted scrutiny member, Chris Adams, added: "These things have come up time and again over the years in scrutiny. We have been saying this for years. It is not going to get any better. No local authority can cope financially, the problem is just so enormous."

The council's director of social services, health and housing, Tony Clements, acknowledged his department faced challenging times but said he remained positive and pointed at plans already in place to spend around £1 million on the service.

He said: "The complexity and circumstances coming to us now is far more of a challenge than it was 10 to 15 years ago. It is absolutely clear that some of the issues around drugs and alcohol and mental health are having a decided impact on the requirements of the service and bringing children into care.

"It is a huge issue and a huge challenge. Money alone is not the solution we need to look at how best to target that increase and the way we make decisions."

Karen Jones, interim head of children and young people services, admitted: "People still working for us say that pressure is the main reason. The greatest cause is work load. I want to look at the staff who have left and the reason why. Pay is an issue but I don't think at the moment, from what staff are telling us, that it is the major issue, it is workload."

Source HERE


Just a couple of points to make regarding the above article.

I find it deeply offensive that children are referred to as " on the departments radar."

What do they mean by this ?

More innocents to be removed from GOOD HOMES to be used and abused by a system that gives them no voice just like N*t*a%h@ Lewis ?

To be trafficked in order to meet quota's and targets ?

More children kidnapped ? 

Children are people with rights and with feelings.They are the future of this nation.

They should not be treated as a "marketable commodity."

I could go on but you know the score.


Almost on a weekly basis myself and other organisations receive feedback from GOOD HONEST SOCIAL WORKERS who are sick and tired of what they are being asked to do and the way that Social Services operate.

Their conscience no longer allows them to be a part of it.

I know that Social Workers have left Neath Port Talbot in disgust at what is going on where they work.


One joker Ray Preece who is no doubt still covering up for the abuse that Linda's daughter suffered at the hands of the "sadistic "Julie Rzezniczek and others has now decided to quote the Bible. 

Well here is my slightly biblical message to Social Services in Neath Port Talbot. Stick this poster up outside your offices.


Sunday 29 January 2012

Labour MP Sian James supports Child Abuse and Child Suicides.So does Swansea City Council and the the South Wales Evening Post.

Above, you will find the talk by Brian Gerrish in Swansea on 26th January. He starts off by speaking about the shameful behaviour of the thugs outside.
Below is the totally ludicrous and completely inaccurate report on Brian's meeting that appeared in the despicable South Wales Evening Post on Saturday 28th January 2012.
It is no surprise that their report was not posted on the South Wales Evening Post website so that this fabricated account of events could be passed on to a wider audience.
They appear to be happy to have this article read by a few thousand " gullible fools " who still put their hands into their pockets to remove 45p of their money to support this increasingly failing newspaper.
That is their choice but my advice to them is this. Toilet paper is cheaper.
This is their report.
Some 40 anti-fascist campaigners including a Swansea MP protested outside a meeting they claimed had links to far-right splinter groups.
The meeting at the Samlet Social Club Llansamlet on Thursday was organised by former BNP member Kevin Edwards but he denied the event was political.
" The meeting is about trying to prevent children committing suicide it has nothing to with politics. " He said
Another attendee said he was a Labour voter.
Swansea East MP Sian James joined the protest organised by United Against Fascism and the NUS.
A spokesman for Mrs James said the meeting was organised by people connected to the far right Sian was there to protest but not to try to stop it going ahead.
No mention whatsoever of Brian Gerrish who's meeting it was, The British Constitution Group, Lawful Rebellion or the UK Column Newspaper all are completely non political.
Incredible,absolutely incredible.
The newspaper article and the personal verbal attacks ( mob chanting of gutter levels ) was 100% aimed at myself.
A fact that is completely endorsed by Brian himself and the many supporters of the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " who attended as well the vast majority of the audience of around 60 + people who braved the intimidation of these "State Sponsored Lunatics."
So why me ?
I was at the meeting purely as a member of the public. The room was booked months ago by the UK Column.
My only involvement was to volunteer as a local contact should any questions or problems arise and advertise Brian's meeting on this blogspot and to send out invitations to those I thought might have been interested in attending.
The real reason for the attacks on myself can be read by clicking HERE
An invite was extended to Sian James to attend the meeting on the night. She declined.
If I was a Member of Parliament and people were telling me that children were being abused and being systematically driven to commit suicide by the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming I would want to attend.
It does seem to be common practise these days that elected Labour Party Officials do not like it when ordinary people get together to protest at what corrupt politicians are inflicting on them without their consent.
Take for example Carmarthenshire Council Leader Meryl Gravell who labelled a group of around 300 protesters "RABBLE" for turning up to voice their concerns over the threatened closure of the A & E department at Llanelli Hospital.Click HERE for the full story. Labour Party Assembly Member and First Minister Carwyn Jones was also in attendance and was to speak at the event regarding the closure of the A & E department.
Carwyn Jones is another politician who has been presented with all the evidence regarding the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign." He stays silent, will not reply to letters and emails, breaks his own Ministerial Code which promises a reply within 17 days.  
The South Wales Evening Post and it's editor Spencer Feeney have for a long time covered up for Child Abuse locally in South Wales. Specifically the case of Linda Lewis.
The editor Spencer Feeney has consistently aided this cover up and allowed this abuse of power to continue.
Click on the following links to read the articles and comments that prove this.
Now I turn to Swansea City Council.
Why on earth would one of their representatives believed to be called Kevin Davies who is allegedly from Legal Services call the Samlet Club 2 hours before Brian's meeting was due to start to demand that the meeting be cancelled by stating quite falsely that " Brian Gerrish is a member of the Far Right National Front." I can only assume desperation on their part.
I am sure that Brian and his legal team and his newspaper the UK Column will be having a lot of fun with these jokers very shortly.
Two van loads of police were also transported in from Bridgend to keep the peace at tax payers expense.
Very encouragingly many of us spoke to them and they were all aware of who Brian Gerrish was and knew about the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign." Much encouragement was offered regarding Linda's case which backs up what is happening throughout the country.
Many good honest police officers are providing all of us with information on what is really going on.
The rank and file realise that their bosses in the force are not real policemen but politically appointed "Common Purpose" graduates who are quite happy to operate outside of the law.
Finally everyone's thanks go out to the Samlet Club for allowing the event to take place and in particular "Dai the Manager" who for three days had to fend off threatening phone calls from "scum" who desperately wanted this perfectly legal and peaceful meeting to be cancelled.
Enough pints were paid for by a grateful audience and put "on tap" to ensure that Dai will not be paying for a pint for a while.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

64 Criminals not fit for public office. It is our intention to ensure that not one of them is left come the May County Council Elections.

The above picture was taken during the Nuremburg Trials.

It might as well have been taken in  the Council Chamber of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.

Either way the picture is that of a bunch of degenerate criminals.

That is the only way to describe the sixty four Councillor's who currently represent the good people of  Neath and  Port Talbot County Borough Council.

The electorate deserve better and they deserve to know that these Councillor's are complicit in a crime.

The crime was the unlawful removal ( kidnapping ) by Julie Rzezniczek and Alison Paisley of  Neath Port Talbot County Social Services who sadistically and at gunpoint using a false and illegal passport removed from her hospital bed Linda's 12 year old very sick daughter N@t*s*@ brought back to the UK and never returned to her loving family.

(An article will be published very soon showing evidence from Linda's daughters diary of the pain and suffering that Neath Port Talbot Social Services inflicted on this innocent 12 year old girl.

Every single one of them received the press release which can be seen by clicking HERE

I know I personally sent it to each and everyone of them.

Not ONE reply was forthcoming ! 

Most of them will be hoping to be re-elected in the elections at the beginning of May this year.

We will do everything in our power to legally ensure that this does not happen.

"The Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign" in conjunction with other campaigning organisations will be joining forces and produce leaflets that will be pushed through the doors of Every Council Ward in Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.

Every Councillor will have to explain to their neighbours and voters why they have remained silent and allowed this crime to be covered up by their Council. 

This will be ongoing until election day is over and hopefully not one of these parasites will be re-elected to what is a thoroughly corrupt and discredited Council.

For those of you who wish to contact your local Councillor or anyone of the Councillor's to raise your concerns over this crime either by telephone or by email then we ask you to do so in a polite and courteous manner.

A full list of the complicit Councillor's names, addresses,phone numbers and emails can be found by clicking HERE . To bring up the full details of a Councillor just click on the Councillor's name.

Remember they have a code of conduct that gives you a right of reply. Do not be taken in by " Hiding behind an Injunction."

I have broken it and it was illegal in the first place.It no longer exists.

A lot will be happening over the next few months.

The Welsh Assembly will be targeted.

A complaints form is being worked on that will email First Minister Carwyn Jones directly with your concerns over how he and his fellow Am's are still covering up this crime.

( The email will also point out that the Welsh Assemblies Ministerial Code of Conduct guarantees you a reply within 17 days. )

Selected Welsh Assembly Members who have covered up this crime from day one and those who will not act today will be faced by mass demonstrations outside their constituency  offices as they hold their surgeries.

MP's will face the same.

Derek Vaughan MEP former leader of the Council will not be immune.

Neath Port Talbot Council and Social Services will not know what hit them.

We have the numbers and we have the will.

There will be no compromise.

We will not go away.

Tuesday 24 January 2012


As a result of a press release from Britain First Wales and campaign pressure placed on the establishment by our branches there we have scored an impressive victory.
Julie Rzezniczek, along with Alison Paisley, was one of the two social workers from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services who illegally removed Linda Lewis’ twelve-year-old  daughter from her hospital bed in Florida where she was awaiting medical treatment.
Every press outlet, local radio station as well as every member of the Welsh Assembly Government and Member of Parliament in Wales has been advised of this crime through the Britain First press release.
As is normal in any ‘cover up’ instigated by those in authority who constantly abuse their positions and power, not one reply has been received.
It is standard practice by the ‘guilty elite’ not to reply to and ignore issues that expose their true agenda and the crimes that they commit.
Make no mistake, the removal of Julie Rzezniczek as Neath Port Talbot Council’s head of children’s services is a direct result of the constant pressure that many campaign groups (such as Britain First) and strong willed, principled individuals like yourselves have created.
Please read more about this story on the personal blog of Cllr Kevin Edwards.
To join Britain First please ring 0208 914 8212 or click here to join online.
If you cannot join for whatever reason, please consider giving a donation by clicking here.
If operators are busy, please try again. Britain needs good people just like you!
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Sunday 22 January 2012

Liberal Democrat Councillors Frank Little and Keith Davies " what's the score ?"

Please read the following article click here which is taken from the personal blogspot of Councillor Frank Little of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council from 2008.

The article and the comments give a strong insight into the reluctance of the two Liberal Democrat Councillors Frank Little and Keith Davies who many of us think for all intents and purposes have falsely given the impression of helping Linda Lewis,her daughter and family in their fight for justice.

As usual I will make no comment on Councillor Little's customary "pompous rant" and pathetic attempt at political point scoring but I will comment on his fear of losing his last pair of cuff-links. What a coward. What a "Cop Out !"

Another interesting point from the above article is his willingness to sit down with the then head of children's services the disgraced Julie Rzezniczek.

Councillor Little along with Councillor Keith Davies had already been shown evidence by the Lewis family of the role played by Julie Rzezniczek in kidnapping N*t*s*a from her hospital bed in America at gunpoint. Personally I would not like to be in the same room as such a creature but then I'm not Frank Little am I.

So that was 2008. In a nutshell Councillor Little was happy and content to cower behind an " Illegal Injunction " to preserve his last pair of cuff-links.

Moving forward to 2012.

At the risk of a " Penal Sentence " to myself I am proud to have broken this totally " illegal injunction " click here

For the record I do not own any cuff- links.

Once an injunction is broken, it is broken. It no longer exists. 

Despite this the Liberal Democrat Councillor's still refuse to act click here .

You would have thought that such "principled" Councillor's as Little and Davies  would have donned their "Yellow Capes and Cleggy Armbands " and flown to the rescue of Linda Lewis by taking their Council to task,drumming up support from fellow Councillor's,making press releases and alerting Kirsty Williams and Nick Clegg with full details of the dreadful crime that their Council has committed.

Well actually no.

Over on the local Lib Dem website many comments have been left by loyal supporters of Linda questioning their commitment in helping her and what they now intend to do that the "Illegal Injunction" has been broken.

You can read all the articles and comments by clicking on the following links.

Here a supporter accuses Frank Little of calling Linda a liar  click here . He refuses to respond.

Here he refuses to answer three very valid questions click here.

Once again no reply click here

This time a rather snotty reply regarding the Liberals click here

Once again no statement of intent regarding their future actions click here

As a group we all find the lack of action by these two so called principled Councillor's deeply disappointing and disturbing and wonder what the true motive really was behind their involvement in Linda's case.

As one comment says " You don't leave a house half built do you ? " 

Finally with regard to Frank Little's " hand-wringing " over me having broken the "Illegal Injunction" does this now leave both these Councillor's in a place where they would rather not be then may I remind them both over one of their own John Hemmings MP.

Mr Hemmings has broken a few injunctions in his time but I do not hear you criticise him. 

On the 23rd of October 2011 myself, Linda Lewis and two other supporters attended the following conference click here
where I was asked to say a few words on the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign." 

Mr Hemmings was also in attendance.

Mr Hemmings was made aware that I had broken this "Illegal Injunction" and was supportive of my actions.

Over a cup of coffee we as a group had a lengthy conversation with Mr Hemmings, his partner and two of his constituency office staff.The conversation was very amicable.

As a result Mr Hemmings asked me if I would be interested in assisting him as part of his office staff. An offer that I politely declined.

It is now time for both Liberal Democrat Councillor's  Frank Little and Keith Davies to publicly state whether they are 100% behind the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " or wish to walk away.

Sitting on the fence quite simply is no longer an option for them.

They need to let us know exactly where they stand.

That is why I have emailed this article on behalf of the group to them both and hope that they will have the courtesy to reply.  

Wednesday 18 January 2012

"Child Kidnapper" Julie Rzezniczek leaves Neath Port Talbot Social Services by mutual consent.

The full story can be read on the following link click here

Further proof that all is not well ( has it ever been ) in the sinister and despicable world of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Social Services.

One day we will have this woman ( and her accomplice Alison Paisley ) in jail for her actions in the " Kidnapping " and prolonged abuse of N*t*s*a ,Linda and her family.

An article has already been written and will be published very soon by a fellow administrator of this site with hard documented evidence of the deceit, brutality, abuse and illegality that Julie Rzezniczek willingly committed with relish against N*t*sh*, Linda and her family.

Lenin once said " Give me a child for eight years and I will give you a Bolshevik for life. "

What Julie Rzezniczek has done to N*t*sh*, Linda and Linda's family makes Lenin look like the " Virgin Mary."

Our time will come.

Monday 16 January 2012

What's wrong with Lego ? And what's a " Blemished Richard ? "

This is Marxism.
This is Britain today.

Thursday 12 January 2012

Legal and Democratic Services of Neath Port Talbot Council caught acting illegally again.

In the following link it has now been established that Neath Port Talbot Council Legal and Democratic Services acted illegally and unlawfully by  withholding information from a group opposed to the transfer of it's housing stock.


Nothing new there.

What is interesting though is the statement made by a spokesperson for the Defend Council Housing Campaign.

"They are highly paid experts but have acted outside the law as ruled by the freedom of information commissioner.

These people are legal experts. It looks to me as though they feel that they are above the law.

There should be resignations over this."

Well said.

So will the corrupt and devious David Michael,Nigel Jones and others be dismissed for their actions ?

Sadly I doubt it.

Deceit,Illegality,corruption and acting unlawfully is the glue that holds this rotten Councils administration together.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

What's the point of Nick Clegg ?

Thanks to Tony for the Hat Tip.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Brian Gerrish Talk - "Are Our Children Safe? - An Investigation of Politics and Suicide Risks"

Brian Gerrish will be speaking on Thursday the 26th of January 2012 in Swansea on the subject of "Are Our Children Safe? - An Investigation of Politics and Suicide Risks" starting at 1900 at the following location.

Samlet Social Club
Samlet Road
Swansea Enterprise Park

Questions will be taken from the floor.

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Why has Nigel Jones of Neath Port Talbot Council Legal and Democratic Services stopped being " Such a Bully ?"

Below is a copy of an email that I received from Nigel Jones one of the corrupt and deceitful representatives of the  Legal and Democratic Services of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council dated 31/3/2010.

The two truthful articles I published that seem to have upset Nigel so badly were eventually removed from this blogspot.


31 March 2010 15:05
NPTCBC -v- Mrs LindaLewis Case No8CF90456


Dear Sir
Further to my emails dated the 3rd and 4th March 2010, I am disappointed that you have failed to remove the offending articles from your blog site headed:
Tuesday 16th February 2010
Linda Lewis Daughter is 24 today. Happy Birthday from everyone in the "Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign." You are not forgotten.

Thursday 18th February 2010
A moment for prayer. In the words of the Manic Street Preachers "If you tolerate this then your children will be next." Justice for Linda Lewis.

I would confirm that I am in the process of preparing Committal Proceedings against you in respect of a breach of paragraph 1 of the Court Order dated the 5th June 2009 which will shortly be filed with the Court. However, proceedings can still be avoided provided that the offending articles are removed forthwith

Nigel Jones
Legal & Democratic Services
Neath Port Talbot CBC

As I have stated the offending articles to Nigel were eventually removed and they were removed for a reason.

At that time I and many others had seen Nigel,David Michael and others "squirm and lie" in a corrupt court that was held in Cardiff. We all knew that they were terrified of the truth coming out.

Quite simply I wanted to find out just how desperate and to what lengths they would go to keep their and others illegal actions over the "unlawful removal or kidnapping" of Linda's daughter by their own Social Workers out of the public domain.

Which raises a couple of very important questions.

I have exposed the evidence Nigel that proves everything your Council has done to Linda,her family and her daughter is illegal.

So why are you not "in the process of preparing Committal Proceedings against me" at present ?

Is it because you and your rotten and corrupt brethren no longer have a leg to stand on ?

Hold on you are reading this article.

Perhaps you could ask Nigel himself ?

His email address is printed above but if you can't see it here it is.


I am sure that Nigel as an upstanding employee
of such a well respected,open,honest and
transparent council will welcome your
query and reply with due courtesy
and of course without delay.


Sunday 1 January 2012

Bribery, Corruption and Fraud at the BBC - Stop paying your TV Licence fee NOW!

Basically if you are PAYING for a TV LICENSE from this PRIVATE COMPANY you are being DECEIVED and if you REFUSE to PAY they will use a STATEMENT (CONTRACT) so you can PUNISH yourself by your own ACTions. Without DECEIVING you into this, there is nothing they can do and this is quite EVIDENT by their own DOCUMENTATION. Pleas click the image above for more information.

Join this campaign today
 and let the Government know you will not tolerate their blatant use of our money to publish and broadcast their propaganda, lies and corruption.
Treason has been committed and is still being perpetrated on a daily basis, and you by paying this tax are allowing this to happen.
Join us at The Peoples United Community and say no to the TV Licence Fee and no to Treason!
Please let us know if you are refusing to pay HERE, so we can compile a list of support of non- payment.
Scroll down to read the full article, download letters and instructions needed.
NOW THAT THE NEW INCREASE in the BBC Licence Fee has been approved by the Very Dodgy Dimwits of Westminster, it is now revealed that the BBC has been receiving tens of millions of pounds every year from the Sinister Dictators of Europe  - without the knowledge of the British Public!
DEPUTY ASSISTANT POLICE COMMISSIONER John Yates, Director of Intelligence at Scotland Yard has been asked to investigate the BBC’s sources and applications of money, excluding the Licence Fee, and  evidence linking the BBC to the European Dictators has been provided in support of the allegation that the BBC has ‘sold-out’ to Shady Politicians.

THUS FAR, THE INVESTIGATION into the Financial & Political Mischief that is clearly affecting the independence of the BBC has been conducted by Mr Ashley Mote, MEP, who is independent of all political parties and a keen supporter of British Independence from Europe.  It is the records of Mr Mote that have now been delivered to Scotland Yard for Urgent Police Action at Senior Levels.

THE BBC IS REGULATED by a Royal Charter which specifically requires the BBC to keep clear of all political bias of any kind, and the records of Mr Mote show that the BBC has received vast sums of money from agencies of the European Union in return for BBC support of this Union:  This Contract of Evil is contrary to both the Spirit & the Letter of the BBC Charter, which has the force of law.

ALL HONEST PEOPLE WILL WELCOME the news that Scotland Yard is now being required to investigate the finances of the BBC. We can report that the BBC has already commissioned an internal enquiry into the pro-EU Policy that has been running for years, and the very existence of this internal enquiry serves to confirm that something is badly wrong with the management and reporting operations of the BBC.

IT IS SIGNIFICANT THAT HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE are already refusing to pay for BBC Licences because of BBC bias, and where the accusation of bias – most properly described as Corruption - has been openly stated by the relevant members of the public, the Licensing Authority has declined to pursue the issue of Non-Payment!

NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME for All Licence-Holders to Stop Paying for A Corrupted Institution that has seen fit to Sell Itself to Sinister People?

 must be brought to bear on the Criminals who have been manipulating the BBC and who may well be the causes of failure in all of the other public services that are now falling into the dust:  All Public Services, including the BBC, are the property of the British People – and it is for the British People to make sure that these services operate effectively & clean of corruption!

Do you want to stop paying now? Then follow these easy steps and stop paying for corruption, treason and the mismanagement of your money.

The first letter you need to send:

Put Personal Name & Address here
Put Date Here.

Sir Michael Lyons
The Chairman,                                                                                                                                          By 1st Class Post
BBC,                                                                                                                                                          Recorded Delivery.
Broadcast centre,
201 Wood lane,
W12 7TP

Dear Sir Michael Lyons

Re: The Royal Charter of the BBC, & the Treason & Felony Act, 1848
Notice Before Action.

It has been brought to my attention that the Corporation has received and is now receiving substantial amounts of funding from the European Union, in breach of Charter Provisions, and that in consequence of this very suspect arrangement the BBC is now reduced to the function of providing both broadcasting & propaganda facilities to a form of alien authority that fails to acknowledge the Supreme Authority of the British Crown.

I must advise you that all such conduct serves to breach the provisions of the Treason Act, 1351 with the further provisions of the Treason & Felony Act, 1848.

In addition, I must advise that the Treason & Felony Act of 1848 provides that it is a Criminal Offence for Subjects of the Crown to give aid or comfort to Traitors, and that this offence is punishable by imprisonment for life.

I am concerned for my own position and I must ask you to cease and desist from all treacherous conduct & financial arrangements, without delay.

Unless I receive your written assurance that the Corporation will issue an immediate public apology for all Treason committed thus far, with your further guarantee that the Corporation will cease and desist from all and any conduct that fails to maintain the Supremacy of the British Crown, then I must give fair warning of my intention to discontinue the payment of all such moneys as are now being applied to the financial support of the BBC.

I look forward to receipt of your immediate response to this present letter and I give notice that payments in support of the BBC will be suspended, unless I receive a satisfactory response within 14 days of this present date.

Yours faithfully,
(Sign Here)

The second letter you need to send: after none response

Put Personal Name & Address here
Put Date Here. 

Sir Michael Lyons
The Chairman,                                                                                                                                                  By 1st Class Post
BBC,                                                                                                                                                                  Recorded Delivery.
Broadcast centre,
201 Wood Lane,
W12 7TP

Dear Sir Michael Lyons

Re: The Royal Charter of the BBC, & the Treason & Felony Act, 1848
Notice Before Action.

Your records will show that I have not received a satisfactory reply to my letter of the ???????, and I must now advise that I am no longer able to support the BBC.

As from today, all payments in respect of a television licence have been cancelled..

Yours faithfully,

(Sign Here)

For Use/Application When/If you receive a personal visit from a representative of the TV Licensing Authority - AND NOT BEFORE –

  1. You should warmly invite the representative of the Authority into your home, and conduct him/her to a comfortable chair from which he/she can easily see your television, whilst holding a cup of tea/coffee etc that you have provided.
    NB. Your Visitor will be totally unaccustomed to warmth of reception &/or hospitality – and the move of making him/her entirely comfortable with you SHOULD serve to provide you with ‘The High Ground’ that is necessary for you to conduct the ongoing exercise.

    NB. Have a Cloth available to mop up any tea or coffee that may be spilled by your visitor at this point of the proceedings!
  3.  Having obtained the required clear photo-copy of the Identity Card, then you must switch on the TV as necessary, for all purposes of ensuring that your visitor can see for himself/herself that you possess a TV Set that is fully operational.

    NB. A demonstration of several different channels may be both useful & necessary, because it is unlikely that your visitor will belong to an intelligent species!
  4.  When you are satisfied that your visitor is fully aware of the fact that you are using (and have demonstrated to him/her) an operational TV set, you should then advise your visitor, as follows –

      a) The Treason & Felony Act 1848 forbids you to give Aid or Comfort to Traitors, on penalty of imprisonment for life – and this same Act provides for all accomplices to Treason to be similarly imprisoned! 

    Has he/she considered the great possibility that he/she is now being called upon to act as an accomplice to Treason?

    You advise him/her that a Senior Official of the BBC has openly-confessed that the BBC has wilfully committed a most deliberate Act of Treason Against the Crown, and that the taped evidence of this confession now exists and will be produced to the Courts, as necessary.

    In view of this information, the legal responsibility to withhold from the BBC ALL funds and ALL co-operation of any kind, is now imposed upon you, for the foreseeable future.

      b) The Royal Charter which provides for the legal existence of the BBC places the burden of responsibility for maintaining the terms of the Charter squarely on the BBC itself, both directly and by all Agents & Servants of the Corporation, including both him/her and his/her own employers – and a Senior Official of the BBC has publicly acknowledged that the terms of the Charter have NOT been maintained.

    Once again, the evidence in support of your claim will be provided to the Courts, as necessary and in due time.

    NB. Provide your visitor with no detailed information in re a) & b) because the burden of establishing all/any allegations made against you is a matter for him/her, and not a matter for you!

    If he/she conducts a full and diligent investigation into your allegations for himself/herself, then he/she will find confirmation of your Statements for himself/herself – and will then find that he.she is unwilling to proceed against you.

    On the other hand, if he/she fails to investigate your claims in full, then the evidence placed before the Courts will serve to demonstrate that he/she has failed to conduct a full and necessary investigation, before bringing the issues to trial.
  5. Finally, and in an attempt to be helpful to him/her, you can tell him/her that investigations into the management of the BBC have revealed that the BBC has been receiving massive payments from the European Union, in breach of the funding provisions made by the Royal Charter.
    You should advise your visitor that there are many other breaches to the Charter, of course, but you think it fair to bring this particular breach to his/her attention, because this particular breach represents yet another action in support of the treason against the Crown, to which you have previously referred!
  6. He/she is already on notice that he/she is to be called as a witness at any Court Proceedings, and within your conversation you can gently make him/her aware of the fact that he/she would be very wise to investigate the substance of your allegations before things are allowed to get that far!
  7. All in all, your visitor should be invited to write to the BBC himself/ herself, asking for detailed comment and guidance on the points that you have made – Just to keep himself/herself on the right side of the law (by demon-strating in written form that he/she is innocent of any intended collaboration With Traitors & Criminals).
    Needless to say, you would like a copy of any such letter, for your own Legal file.(He/She will refuse to provide any such copy, but the tape - Recording will serve to confirm your request).
  8. In the meantime, you look forward to a further meeting with him/her, at which time he/she will be able to report on progress, and take the matter forward, as necessary.
(This part of the tape will serve to emphasise that YOU have no intention of running away from the fight – and that YOU are concerned to see the issues resolved!)

The issues are clearly very important to all concerned, and your visitor Must be assured of your utmost co-operation in making sure that these issues are properly and lawfully resolved.
Many people who have followed this procedure have not paid for their licence for many years, and have not been prosecuted for none payment – not even contacted by the BBC regarding future payment. In the very near future we will be publishing a list of people who have refused to pay, and continue to do so.