Sunday 28 April 2013

Criminal Welsh Assembly Government In A Panic.


Below is an email that I have recently received from a Janet Martin of the Welsh Government Safeguarding Team whoever they are.

What is interesting is that I have never contacted them at anytime.

By making an unprompted statement that is so full of holes and laughable in its content shows that the Welsh Assembly Government is in a state of panic over their handling of the Bonnie Lewis Case.

Here is the email below.

Eich cyf/Your ref
Ein cyf/Our ref TO/HL/00358/13

Kevin Edwards

24  April 2013

Dear Mr Edwards

Thank you for your correspondence about the ‘Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign’. I have been asked to reply.

This is a matter in which the Welsh Government was involved over many years. We have been satisfied that the local authority and other agencies involved have followed the correct procedures and handled the case properly. The young person’s best interests have always remained the primary consideration.

The issue relates back to care proceedings which were heard by Mr Justice Sumner Kt. in the High Court. In the course of those proceedings, an injunction was granted forbidding anyone from disseminating or publishing specific information arising from the family proceedings without first obtaining the court’s permission; soliciting any information relating to the minor (who is now an adult) or her parents or members of the family, whether obtained directly or indirectly from any other person. I am sure you will appreciate that this reflects the seriousness with which this case has been examined.

Taking this into consideration, the Welsh Government is not prepared to comment on the case further.

Yours sincerely

Janet Martin

Safeguarding Team

What is incredible is that she states " We have been satisfied that the local authority and other agencies involved have followed the correct procedures and handled the case properly. The young person’s best interests have always remained the primary consideration."

Anyone who has seen the following video interview here will realise that NO correct procedures were ever followed by anyone in the kidnapping of Linda's daughter at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America.

Having discussed the email with other members of the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign Team" it is abundantly clear.

The Welsh Assembly Government have no where to go in their desperation to keep this case under wraps and in house. They are determined to protect the criminals in their midst who perpetrated this wicked crime on their behalf.

They will not succeed.

It is our intention to reply to the above email raising many points for Janet Martins attention early next week.So watch this space. 

Friday 19 April 2013

American Radio Interview Monday 15th April 2013

This is the latest radio interview that I did live on Orion Talk Radio broadcast in New York and surrounding areas on Monday 15th April 2013.

The interview starts 57 minutes on at the following link HERE and lasts about 45 minutes.With it being an American Radio Interview there are adverts in between.

What is most important is that the show has an estimated audience of 1.2 million listeners and was repeated on Friday 19th of April 2013.

Friday 12 April 2013

If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next - Another Child Stolen.

Please watch all of this, and then act.

Many people will find this video disturbing and may feel they cannot watch it to the end.

But if you don't watch it you have become part of the problem of a society denying the reality of what is happening on a daily basis.

They took this baby on the grounds of "possible future emotional harm" because of the mother's learning difficulties.

The parents are good people, who have done nothing to cause harm to anyone. 

No Child Is Safe Any Longer.

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Well I knew That This Would Happen ( Eventually )

For the first time ever we are starting to see quite literally amazing results and a phenomenal response to what has been going on behind the scenes over a long period of time.

Our American friends of whom there are many take all the credit.

This blogspot was originally set up as a point of contact/information for my General Election Campaign in 2010.

Obviously the focus has now and for a long time shifted too a far more important issue that is 

" Justice 4 Linda Lewis ".

Through contacts that I and many better people than me have made we now have more viewers in the USA than anywhere else. The traffic for this little blogspot has increased beyond even my wildest dreams.What are the viewing figures ? They are four figures everyday. That's all you need to know.

For those of you who read this blogspot please forward it onto a friend or many friends.

The two American radio interviews in the past with a combined audience of over 2.5 million has obviously helped raise awareness of Linda's case. Another one is coming soon.

Our friends in the USA have contacted many people. Erin Brockovich,Michael Moore, Alex Jones and others are all networking for us.


The recent interview HERE with Brian Gerrish of the UK Column has had a serious impact.

( How strange is it at the time of this article 4935 people have viewed it on youtube and yet 6976 have viewed it from this blogspot ? Youtube surely wouldn't Doctor figures would they ? )  

Emails are being and have been sent with the UK Column interview to our politicians with specific questions asked.

These emails have been kept for future reference and publication if a reply is not received ( I doubt any will be ) .


So we are getting there.

There is no doubt whatsoever that what has happened to Linda , N@t@sh@ and her family is a crime of the highest magnitude.

We just now have to get those that committed it to be brought to trial and those who are supposedly elected to represent us get it resolved.