Tuesday 14 September 2010

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column speaks on TV about the " Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign."

There is a little bit more than just the above video.

Brian Gerrish first mentions Lindas case after about 7 minutes into the link below.


and then for about the first 4 minutes of the following link.


There are thousands of equally tragic cases out there but NONE who have all the evidence to prove what has happened apart from this one.

The two local politicians Hywel Francis MP and Dr Brian Gibbons AM are both aware of this case and both are " deliberately aiding in covering up this case."They know that Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services acted illegally when they "kidnapped" Linda's 11 year old daughter at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America using a false and illegal passport.

Both have seen the evidence. Both have a "duty of care" to represent their constituent Linda Lewis.

Both run a mile when asked about this case, neither should be allowed to hold "Public Office."

Both should be in jail.

Dr Hywel Francis removed documentation from Linda Lewis and placed it into his office safe in front of witnesses obviously thinking that Linda Lewis had no other copies. WHAT A FOOL !

Dr Brian Gibbons was shown an X-Ray by Linda Lewis where he CORRECTLY diagnosed that Linda's daughter had "Zollinger Ellisons." This proves that Linda's daughter was indeed seriously ill despite Dr Dewi Evans and others stating that her " pain was imaginary ! "

Even more damning is that during the General Election Campaign Linda approached Dr Gibbons and said " Brian, You know that If I had given my daughter the 80mgs of Oral Morphine then my daughter would have been dead in the morning."

In front of witnesses he answered " Yes."

What type of men are these two to let this happen to an innocent mother and her family but most importantly to Linda's daughter who is now 24 years and still under the care of Social Services paid operatives.?

Quite simply "Scum."

Should anyone wish to contact the above guilty parties their email addresses are
francish@parliament.uk and brian.gibbons@wales.gov.uk .

But some words of warning they will not give you a straight answer.

They will hide behind the following.

"There is an injunction on this case I cannot comment." Or "I cannot comment as there is an injunction in place to protect the childs identity."

Two points.

1 - No injunction can be taken out to cover up criminal actions as per our evidence. This is an illegal injunction issued by a bent judge to protect the guilty and prevent them from facing justice.

2 - What child ? Linda's daughter is now 24, an adult and this is no longer an issue for the family courts.

The only people that they wish to protect is themselves for their terrible part in covering up this tragic and evil case !

Remember we have all the evidence.

Good Luck