Friday 27 November 2009

Furious MP uses Parliamentary privilege to accuse council of 'kidnapping' nine-week-old baby from parents

Social workers who forced a couple to give up their 11-week-old baby for adoption have been accused of 'child kidnap' by an MP.

Staff waited until the girl's father was out before launching a raid with police at the family home to 'snatch the baby from the arms of her mother.'

Tory MP Tim Yeo used Parliamentary privilege to make the allegations in the Commons, saying Suffolk County Council had declared the couple to be unfit parents despite having no evidence of physical or emotional abuse.

'This council actively seeks opportunities to remove babies from their mothers,' he added.
'Its social work staff do so in a manner which in my view is sometimes tantamount to child kidnapping.'

In a further claim, Mr Yeo told the Daily Mail that social services became involved only because the woman's former husband had successfully sought custody of their son previously.

He alleged the ex-husband's girlfriend, who works for Essex social services, had contacted a friend at Suffolk social services and a ' spurious' concern over the mother's parenting skills was concocted around an occasion when she refused to send her son to school.

The parents, who can see their daughter only once a month on a supervised visit, now plan to flee abroad because the mother is pregnant again and is terrified the new child will also be taken away.

Using fake names to protect the family's identities, Mr Yeo said: 'Carissa and Jim have not managed their lives particularly well but that does not disqualify them from being good parents.

'The council could have provided help which would have allowed them to keep their daughter, Poppy.'

Staff started monitoring Poppy after her birth in August last year.

Heartbreak: Mark and Nicky Webster fled to Ireland with their fourth child Brandon fearing that he would be taken into care like their other children

Mr Yeo told MPs: 'The fact that no fault could be found in the physical and emotional care provided by her parents did not deter the council from destroying this fragile family.

'On October 27 last year, council staff - having ensured that Jim would be away from home - accompanied by police, arrived unannounced and snatched Poppy from the arms of her distraught mother.'

A legal battle was raging over her removal, he added, and throughout the process the council had repeatedly changed its grounds for intervening, alternating between blaming one parent and then the other.

'The first doctor's psychological assessment of Carissa declared she qualified for a diagnosis of factitious disorder [formerly known as Munchausen's by proxy],' he said.

'Then a consultant forensic psychiatrist, after the briefest of assessments, decided that she fulfilled the criteria for the much more catch-all narcissistic personality disorder.

'The first doctor assessed that Jim was 'a pathological liar' but later a consultant clinical psychologist 'would not endorse the expression'.

'The final favoured rationale given by social services for Poppy's adoption order was based on nothing more than the possibility of future emotional abuse.'

Simon White, director of children and young people's services, said: 'It is the welfare of the child which must be safeguarded - we reject any accusation otherwise'.

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I cannot say to much for legal reasons but how similar is this to the " Justice for Linda Lewis Case ? "


No ones child is safe. 


Monday 23 November 2009

More job losses in Port Talbot. Thank you once again New Labour !

A PORT Talbot mechanical assembly firm has collapsed, owing its clients thousands of pounds.
Excel Assemblies is now in the hands of Bristol-based administrators BDO Stoy Hayward after folding earlier this month.

The firm, which was run from a site on the Baglan Industrial Park, produced cables, wiring harnesses and cable management systems for clients including Airbus and defence contractor BAE systems.

Excel had hoped for a boost in business in April this year when it secured a £350,000 loan package backed by the Assembly which had the potential to double its turnover to £10 million and increase staff from 60 to 100.

But it went into administration on Tuesday, November 3, owing thousands of pounds in unpaid bills to clients including American engineering firm Abbatron.

The company had been shipping custom designed waterproof electronic connectors used in military applications to Excel until earlier this year.

British Jobs for British Workers !

Sunday 22 November 2009

British People Put Last Again. £1 million Flood Relief to Cumbria,but £293 million in Foreign Aid in the same week.Disgraceful !

In the same week that Gordon Brown announced £1 million in flood aid to Cumbria, the Department For International Development gave out an incredible £293 million in foreign aid to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the World Bank, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia.

The flash floods in Cumbria came after England’s wettest day on record.
They caused chaos, damaging more than 1,400 homes and shops and sweeping away bridges.
One policeman, PC Bill Barker, 44, was swept away while directing motorists away from Northside bridge when it collapsed.

The £1 million “aid” to Cumbria announced by Mr Brown was given much publicity by the controlled media in an attempt to show “how much he cares.”

Meanwhile, the same media have refused to give any publicity to this week’s press releases from the Department For International Development (DFID) which announced the following foreign aid grants on their website:

- 21 November 2009: £1 million given to the International Organisation of Migration to provide transport, shelter, clean water and sanitation for Sri Lankans involved in a civil war in that country;

- 19 November 2009: £34 million in aid to Pakistan to “rebuild businesses and agriculture for millions of people” in that country. The money will be spent in the North West Frontier Province, and South Waziristan in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. It includes £2 million in new aid to South Waziristan to improve water and health facilities for more than 1.2 million people.
The DFID press release also proudly announces that Mr Brown recently announced an additional £10 million in aid to “help rebuild infrastructure, stimulate the economy and improve local agriculture.”

- 19 November 2009: £1.5 million in aid was given to the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility to “make roads safer and improve driving skills in some of the world’s poorest countries.”

- 18 November 2009: £34 million was given to help fund healthcare in Sierra Leone.

- 18 November 2009: £172.5 million aid package given to “provide humanitarian relief” in Ethiopia.

- 15 November 2009: £40 million given to the Nepalese government’s National Forestry Programme which will “ give Nepalese communities ownership of the thousands of hectares of forest currently under government control, helping some of the world’s poorest people to earn an income from their natural resources.”

The Conservative Party has promised to double foreign aid should it come to power. At the same time the Tories have promised domestic cutbacks to help “balance the budget.”

British people are always put last by the Lib-Lab-Con alliance.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Labour funded " Research Unit " deliberately falsified data over the " Climate Change Theory."

The “climate change” theory has taken a hammering with new revelations that a Government-funded research body deliberately falsified data and tried to suppress the news that the earth’s temperature has actually been stable for the past ten years.

The latest revelations — released after an illegal email and data hack into computers at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (known as Hadley CRU) — indicates that scientists involved in propagating the “climate change” theory have resorted to lies, distortions, cover-ups and smears of opponents, to “prove” their theory.

The “climate change” theory has been used as a political tool against industrialised nations to increase taxes and subsidies to the Third World as “compensation.”

For example, as recently as last week, one Suneeta Mukherjee, country representative of the United Nations Food Population Fund (UNFPA), claimed that “climate change” was responsible for women in the Philippines turning to prostitution.

“The effects of climate change have driven women in communities in coastal areas in poor countries like the Philippines into dangerous work, and sometimes even the flesh trade,” Ms Mukherjee said.

The leaked emails, from some of the most prominent scientists pushing the “climate change” theory, indicate how they have used “tricks” to cover up holes in their data.

Allegations over “climate change” have been used in recent years to make all manner of outrageous demands for compensation from the West’s taxpayers.

It has even been used as an excuse why Europe should be obliged to accept “climate change refugees” from the Third World.

The latest revelations will add fuel to the fire of those of us who consider the entire theory to be bogus and politically motivated.

Once again another Labour lie cynically invented for their own political ends. Vote them out !


Monday 16 November 2009

Will the "South African Terrorist" Peter Hain now call the Irish Government " Fascist and Racist " for adpoting BNP policy ?

Last week, the Irish government formally launched a voluntary repatriation programme for immigrants and asylum seekers in Eire, offering them cash incentives to leave that country for good.

An Irish government spokesman said that the scheme will only apply to non-EU nationals living in Eire and would see the Justice Department spend almost €600,000 this year to pay for immigrants and their families to return to nations outside the European Union.
“The grants will not be given to individuals but rather the scheme will operate through projects and organisations,” the spokesman added “They [immigrants] can apply for the fund only through organisations and community groups. It is the first time we have introduced the scheme.”
The scheme was kicked off last Friday with advertisements in national newspapers in Ireland advising immigrants of the offer.
Application forms will also be available for non-EU nationals in the main immigration centre on Burgh Quay, Dublin.

According to official figures, up until the early 1990s, Ireland was 95 percent white and Catholic.
Ireland’s inhabitants are “non-nationals.” Most of them are from Eastern Europe, China, Brazil and west Africa or are British citizens who have settled on the island.
Some academics, such as Dr Bryan Fanning of University College Dublin, estimate that the real figure is more than 20 percent.
In either case, it means that one fifth of Ireland’s population is not Irish.

According to press reports, there is increasing anxiety in Ireland over this steady swamping of that nation.
Several days ago, the mayor of Limerick, Kevin Kiely, publicly called for the deportation of EU nationals who were out of work for more than three months and were claiming social welfare benefits.
“We are borrowing €400 million per week to maintain our own residents and we can’t afford it,” Mr Keily said, much to the consternation of Ireland’s liberals."

A voluntary repatriation programme by itself will not accomplish the goal of keeping Ireland Irish.
In addition to that incentive, the core of the problem must be addressed, namely the reasons why immigrants are coming in the first place.
The following steps, which apply to all First World nations, need to be implemented:

1. Ireland should be declared a non-immigration country, with exceptions granted in only the most extra-ordinary cases.

2. Ireland should commit to accepting genuine asylum seekers fleeing persecution only if Ireland is the nearest first safe country to the refugees’ country of origin.

3. Ireland should launch a comprehensive crackdown on all illegal immigrants and deport these lawbreakers back to their countries of origin without compensation.
4. The Irish government should formally announce that it is their intention to institute further policies which are designed to guarantee that the majority population in Ireland remains Irish.

Sunday 15 November 2009

£13 Billion a year. The cost of Immigration to the British Taxpayers !

Criminal immigrants held in British jails cost the taxpayer £283 million per year, new figures have revealed.
This means that the annual total cost of immigration to the British taxpayer is now set at just over £13 billion per year.

According to official figures revealed in Parliament, the bill for keeping foreign prisoners in British jails has been £3.4 billion since 1997.
This equates to £283 million per year.

According to figures compiled earlier by Oxford Professor of Demography, David Coleman, and released by independent think tank Migrationwatch, immigration already costs the British taxpayer some £12.8 billion per year.

This figure does not include the cost of housing and feeding foreign prisoners generated by the imprisonment of 11,350 foreign convicts in Britain’s overcrowded jails.

Foreign prisoners have taken up 48 percent of all new jail cells built since 1999, the parliamentary figures also revealed.
Some 12,549 new jail cells have been built in the last ten years, while the foreign inmate population grew by 5,962 over the same period.

When the foreign inmate cost is added to Professor Coleman’s figures, the total cost per year ramps up to the £13 billion figure.

This is ten times the National Health Service Deficit and 40 percent more than the foreign aid budget.

The number of foreign criminals has increased by over 110 percent since 1999, compared to an increase of 20 percent in UK offenders. Of the latter number, statistics show further that large numbers are from first or second generation immigrants.

According to figures from the Office of National Statistics, immigrants also send home about £4 billion a year in remittances back to their home countries.

The £4 billion figure is thought to be an underestimate, as it does not include money sent from Britain by unofficial banking channels.
In contrast, just £2.3 billion a year flows into the country from British ex-pats working overseas.

A House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs last year found “no evidence” to show that net immigration generates significant economic benefits for the existing UK population.

The latest set of figures show even this to be somewhat of an understatement.
Source BNP main website

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Britain is Bankrupt and so is the Labour Party

LABOUR is facing an election crisis after being banned from spending extra money on campaigning.

The party has been forced to make drastic cutbacks after expected donations failed to materialise.

It is under strict orders from its banks not to increase spending, despite the looming general election.

Labour MPs defending marginal seats complain they have been “fobbed off” with “DIY tool kits” to make their own campaigning materials and have received no other support from party headquarters because of the cash crisis.

Labour’s banks have imposed a recruitment freeze on head office, and the party is operating just 20 of the 80 telephone lines it usually runs at its call centre in the months leading up to an election.

In a desperate move, Ray Collins, the party’s general secretary, tried to “seize” the party’s multi-million-pound property portfolio, made up of buildings owned by local branches around the country, in order to borrow against it.

However, his attempt was thrown out by members of the party’s ruling body, the NEC, who feared the assets might be at risk.

Labour’s dire financial situation has led to speculation that Gordon Brown could call the election earlier than May.

“We just can’t afford a long campaign,” an insider said.


Sunday 8 November 2009

Liars,Buggers and Thieves. From Animal Cruelty to Vote Rigging.

The website link below catalogues just some of the many serious crimes carried out by serving and former elected representatives of the Old Gang Trio of the failed political parties representatives.

A favourite trick of liberal-leftwing interviewers and the state controlled press when losing an argument with BNP spokesmen is to start banging on about “BNP criminals.”

Well, as Anne Winterton pointed out in The Sunday Times, this really isn’t a very honest thing to do when not mentioning the fact that a very small number of BNP criminal records (mainly the result of political persecution, self-defence against leftist thugs and youthful stupidity now twenty years or more in the past) need to be put into the context of the far worse, more numerous and more recent crimes of many members of the old parties.

Lets not for get how our own Members of Parliament have stolen tax payers money for years with their expenses fiddles and not one of them have been prosecuted.
There are many examples listed of how elected representatives of the corrupt,lying and useless old failed political parties act when they are voted into office.
Sadly the biased and twisted press rarely report their actions.