Friday 21 January 2011

Illegal Immigrant Importer behind Latest Attempt to Islamify North Wales

British National Party North Wales Secretary John Walker has revealed that a Muslim already charged with importing illegal immigrants into Britain is behind a new attempt to create a 400-seat ‘Islamic Cultural Centre’ in Deeside.

Mr Walker, speaking prior to the launch of a new campaign against the attempt to further Islamify Deeside, said that the plans to convert the old Shotton Lane social club into an ‘Islamic social and cultural centre’ is being led by the owner of the Bengal Dynasty restaurant, Mohammed Monchab Ali.

“Mr Ali was charged in 2008 with employing illegal immigrants at his restaurant,” Mr Walker, who is also a councillor in the area, continued.

“It is therefore not surprising that Mr Ali’s ‘Flintshire Muslim Cultural Society’ (FMCS) is spearheading an attempt to buy the old Shotton Lane social club to redevelop it into what they claim is an Islamic social and cultural centre.

“On the FMCS website, it is claimed that there are two main halls inside the club which together can accommodate 400 ‘participants’ for whatever they are planning,” Mr Walker said.

“We know from previous ‘cultural centres’ which have been established elsewhere in the country that a mosque inevitably follows as larger and larger numbers of Muslims are drawn to these areas,” he continued.

“The fact that someone who has already been involved in the importation of illegal immigrants is behind this latest attempt to further spread Islam in Wales, should tell everyone exactly what is going on.

“There are already nearly as many Muslims in Britain as the entire population of Wales, and what is happening is nothing else but the colonisation and Islamification of our country,” he said.

The party’s plans to protest Mr Ali’s plans include street activism and the distribution of leaflets highlighting the issue.

“We strongly oppose a development of this kind in the heart of our community. Deeside has had its fair share of immigration over the years, but this is a step too far,” Mr Walker said in a new leaflet which is being launched in the area.

“It will attract more and more newcomers to live in this area which will undoubtedly lead to community tensions and nobody wants to see that.

“I am also concerned about potential parking problems in Shotton Lane, not only during Friday prayers but through the whole week. The current shortage of social housing would be made even worse if large numbers of people move in to live close by the centre.

“With declining church attendances and the local clergy falling over themselves to welcome other religions into the area, what future does Christianity have in Deeside?” the leaflet said.

Mr Walker also distanced himself from reports that the EDL was planning to protest at the scene.

“I am against this proposed protest by the EDL. This issue should be solved politically, at a local level,” Mr Walker was quoted in a local media source as saying.

Thursday 13 January 2011

Muslim Paedophile Gangs Also Operating in Scotland

Reports of Muslim paedophile gangs operating in Scotland have revealed that the problem of the grooming and rape of white girls by Asian men is not only confined to northern English towns.

In the wake of the recent convictions in Derby and arrests in Rochdale, a young Glasgow girl has come forward to the media with her own horrific story of abuse at the hands of Muslim gangs.
Caroline (not her real name), who lived in Newlands, on the South Side of Glasgow, tells of how she started a relationship with a man called Nasir when she was fourteen. “He told me he was 21 and that he really liked me. I was young, stupid and naive, so I believed him,” Caroline, who is now sixteen, said. “I really had no idea that he was part of a gang. He seemed like the perfect gentleman.”

However, Caroline was to find out the truth of Nasir's gang membership in the most terrible way, when he raped her in front of his fellow gang members, who recorded the attack on their mobile phones. Caroline was too scared to tell her parents about the rape, and in the coming months Nasir prostituted her to over 60 men.

Perhaps even more worrying than the case itself is the reaction from both Muslim groups and the local police. Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Muslim youth group the Ramadhan Foundation, said of the Asian gang rape phenomenon: “There is a Scottish connection, insofar as someone rang me and told me about it happening in Glasgow.

“That was one person who was concerned enough to ring me and alert me, but there is no evidence from the police or any other avenue that this is actually happening. It's based on one comment, rather than evidence.”

That blasé attitude was echoed by the police. A Strathclyde Police spokeswoman, when asked about possible Muslim sex gangs operating in Glasgow, simply stated: “There is nothing to suggest that this is the case,” a comment that seems to back up former detective superintendent Mick Gradwell's recent remarks that the police are afraid to speak out about the problem for fear of being branded “racist”.

The authorities' refusal to acknowledge the issue is all the more chilling when one remembers the murder of Kriss Donald, a white Scottish teenager who was kidnapped, brutally tortured, stabbed and burned to death by three Muslim Pakistani gang members, also in Glasgow, in 2004. After the murder, a former police officer from Strathclyde Police spoke out against what he termed “a culture of political correctness” in the police that had allowed Asian gang crime to “grow unfettered” in the city. That culture of cowardice is clearly still at large, and the indigenous people of this country will continue to suffer and die as long as it remains in place.