Wednesday 23 December 2009

Vulnerable Pensioners abandoned this Christmas by New Labour

PENSIONERS will get a paltry £10 Christmas bonus this year.

It is the SAME amount OAPs were paid when it was first launched in 1972.

Chancellor Alistair Darling was last night branded a Scrooge after slashing the annual sum - which was last year raised to £70.

The £10 Christmas bonus first introduced in 1972, under ex-Tory PM Ted Heath, would be worth about £98 at today's prices - TEN times more than this year's bonus.

That would also be worth more than the basic pension of £95.25 a week.

Added to the fact that New Labour intends to abolish attendance allowance and disability living allowance for the most vulnerable in our society affecting 114,000 people in Wales the £10 Christmas bonus comes as no surprise.

We should start paying the Christmas Bonus every year at it's true worth (£98.00 this year ) and continue to do so and it would be linked to inflation.

We should also shelve plans to abolish "Attendance allowance " and " Disability Living Allowance. "

New Labour is a disgrace and should be voted out.

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