Wednesday 16 December 2009

700 Valium tablets destined for kids are seized by police. Only the BNP has a Zero Tolerance Policy on drugs !

POLICE have swooped in the Afan Valley following fears that drugs were being dealt to youngsters.

The operation in Cymmer resulted in about 700 Valium tablets being seized.

It also led to a 26-year-old man being arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs. He is currently on police bail pending further investigation.

A police spokesman said there had been concern about the supply and use of Valium in the area.
"Police have carried out a number of search warrants across Port Talbot," he added.

The spokesman confirmed that around 700 blue tablets — believed to be Valium — as well as cash and drugs paraphernalia were also recovered during the operation.

Detective Inspector Dave Wright, of the Neath Port Talbot Police pro-active team, said they had acted on information from the public.

"Since we appealed to the public regarding the supply of Valium, we have received a lot of information from residents who are concerned," he said.

Mr Wright added: "We are concerned at the number of individuals, especially youngsters, who have been brought into police custody for committing criminal offences who show serious effects of taking drugs."

He said that after taking these tablets, the young people could not remember where they had been or what they had done from one day to the next.

"In some cases they are completely unaware of what criminal acts they have committed," he said.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Cheryl Griffiths said the communities of the Afan Valley were 100 per cent behind the drug crackdown. ( And so am ,Kevin )

"The origin and make-up of the Valium is not known and therefore those who are taking it are putting themselves at risk of serious ill health or even death," she said.

"I would ask parents to look out for any unusual or incoherent behaviour and to contact the police should they have any concerns."

Anyone with information should contact Neath Port Talbot Police on 01639 634300 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


To view the British National Party policies on Crime and Justice click on the link below.


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Aberafan MP would start doing his job he is paid to be doing and represent the people who are suffering in Port Talbot. A person has a neighbour from hell and asking Mr Francis for help and he has done NOTHING. Perhaps he might like to do his job and mention Linda Lewis case in parliament about the child kidnapping by Port Talbot social services and G.P who Mr Francis won’t do NOTHING again. He is aware of what I’m talking about and has the evidence! How many people are suffering in Port Talbot due to Mr Francis not doing his job he is paid to do and why doesn’t he stand down if he is so incapable and unwilling to stand up and face these unsociable people who making our lives hell? I will stand up and say he is not wanted and not representing his constituency how Mr Francis sleeps at night with the knowledge of criminal activity going on and not doing anything gets me so annoyed and I feel helpless when I find out more people are asking for help from him, step down please Mr Francis this town is getting worse with you as M.P and the shame of you for turning your back on defenceless, Honest and caring people of this community.

Angry Cwmafan Resident