Sunday 22 January 2012

Liberal Democrat Councillors Frank Little and Keith Davies " what's the score ?"

Please read the following article click here which is taken from the personal blogspot of Councillor Frank Little of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council from 2008.

The article and the comments give a strong insight into the reluctance of the two Liberal Democrat Councillors Frank Little and Keith Davies who many of us think for all intents and purposes have falsely given the impression of helping Linda Lewis,her daughter and family in their fight for justice.

As usual I will make no comment on Councillor Little's customary "pompous rant" and pathetic attempt at political point scoring but I will comment on his fear of losing his last pair of cuff-links. What a coward. What a "Cop Out !"

Another interesting point from the above article is his willingness to sit down with the then head of children's services the disgraced Julie Rzezniczek.

Councillor Little along with Councillor Keith Davies had already been shown evidence by the Lewis family of the role played by Julie Rzezniczek in kidnapping N*t*s*a from her hospital bed in America at gunpoint. Personally I would not like to be in the same room as such a creature but then I'm not Frank Little am I.

So that was 2008. In a nutshell Councillor Little was happy and content to cower behind an " Illegal Injunction " to preserve his last pair of cuff-links.

Moving forward to 2012.

At the risk of a " Penal Sentence " to myself I am proud to have broken this totally " illegal injunction " click here

For the record I do not own any cuff- links.

Once an injunction is broken, it is broken. It no longer exists. 

Despite this the Liberal Democrat Councillor's still refuse to act click here .

You would have thought that such "principled" Councillor's as Little and Davies  would have donned their "Yellow Capes and Cleggy Armbands " and flown to the rescue of Linda Lewis by taking their Council to task,drumming up support from fellow Councillor's,making press releases and alerting Kirsty Williams and Nick Clegg with full details of the dreadful crime that their Council has committed.

Well actually no.

Over on the local Lib Dem website many comments have been left by loyal supporters of Linda questioning their commitment in helping her and what they now intend to do that the "Illegal Injunction" has been broken.

You can read all the articles and comments by clicking on the following links.

Here a supporter accuses Frank Little of calling Linda a liar  click here . He refuses to respond.

Here he refuses to answer three very valid questions click here.

Once again no reply click here

This time a rather snotty reply regarding the Liberals click here

Once again no statement of intent regarding their future actions click here

As a group we all find the lack of action by these two so called principled Councillor's deeply disappointing and disturbing and wonder what the true motive really was behind their involvement in Linda's case.

As one comment says " You don't leave a house half built do you ? " 

Finally with regard to Frank Little's " hand-wringing " over me having broken the "Illegal Injunction" does this now leave both these Councillor's in a place where they would rather not be then may I remind them both over one of their own John Hemmings MP.

Mr Hemmings has broken a few injunctions in his time but I do not hear you criticise him. 

On the 23rd of October 2011 myself, Linda Lewis and two other supporters attended the following conference click here
where I was asked to say a few words on the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign." 

Mr Hemmings was also in attendance.

Mr Hemmings was made aware that I had broken this "Illegal Injunction" and was supportive of my actions.

Over a cup of coffee we as a group had a lengthy conversation with Mr Hemmings, his partner and two of his constituency office staff.The conversation was very amicable.

As a result Mr Hemmings asked me if I would be interested in assisting him as part of his office staff. An offer that I politely declined.

It is now time for both Liberal Democrat Councillor's  Frank Little and Keith Davies to publicly state whether they are 100% behind the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " or wish to walk away.

Sitting on the fence quite simply is no longer an option for them.

They need to let us know exactly where they stand.

That is why I have emailed this article on behalf of the group to them both and hope that they will have the courtesy to reply.  


Anonymous said...

They are a waste of time the Liberals have proven they are yes men and will do anything to have power they make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Neath Port Talbot council are a bloody disgrace, how did that woman end up head of services.

Anonymous said...

Code of Conduct of Councillors can be ripped up when it comes to these two. Dereliction of Duty, Misconduct in Public Office, not fit for purpose comes to mind. Ombudsman is a waste of time, but in this instance he could do something right for a change.
Is it true that one of these Lib Dem Councillors has an interest in cross dressing?

DENZIL said...

They should both ask their leader Nick Clegg to raise questions in Parliment.

Frank Little and Keith Davies Should show Some Balls Like you have,in exposing these people for what they are.

Little and Davies should Start speaking OUT instead of being Cowards.

Hope there will be an end to this dreadful COVER-UP SOON.


Carwyn T said...

No reply yet ?

Then they are following instructions from their Lodge.

Anonymous said...


I think the only way something is going to unfold if there is a Protest.

RR said...

There should be a huge protest outside Neath Port Talbot Council regarding JUSTICE 4 LINDA LEWIS CASE.

leaflets should be sent to every house hold. It should be well organized.

enough is enough.the council need's to be shamed into resolving this case.

It cannot and should not continue there need's to be closure.