Tuesday 24 January 2012


As a result of a press release from Britain First Wales and campaign pressure placed on the establishment by our branches there we have scored an impressive victory.
Julie Rzezniczek, along with Alison Paisley, was one of the two social workers from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services who illegally removed Linda Lewis’ twelve-year-old  daughter from her hospital bed in Florida where she was awaiting medical treatment.
Every press outlet, local radio station as well as every member of the Welsh Assembly Government and Member of Parliament in Wales has been advised of this crime through the Britain First press release.
As is normal in any ‘cover up’ instigated by those in authority who constantly abuse their positions and power, not one reply has been received.
It is standard practice by the ‘guilty elite’ not to reply to and ignore issues that expose their true agenda and the crimes that they commit.
Make no mistake, the removal of Julie Rzezniczek as Neath Port Talbot Council’s head of children’s services is a direct result of the constant pressure that many campaign groups (such as Britain First) and strong willed, principled individuals like yourselves have created.
Please read more about this story on the personal blog of Cllr Kevin Edwards.
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