Sunday 31 January 2010

A Freedom of Information Request sent on behalf of the "Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign."

To whom it may concern.

I have been asked by the "Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign " which consists of over 3000 people from within NPTCBC area for you to supply us with the following information.

At a time when around 750 jobs could be lost from your Local Authority and the Council is short of financial resources,funding has always been found by the Local Authority to fight this case since illegally removing the daughter of Linda Lewis from her hospital bed at gunpoint on a false passport in 1998 by Agents of your Social Services Department.

We therefore request that you provide us with the following information within the required time statute of 20 working days.

1- How much did it cost the taxpayers of NPTCBC to fund Julie Rzezniczek and Alison Paisley to go to America in flights,hotel accommodation and expenses to carry out the illegal kidnapping ?

2- How much has it cost the taxpayers of NPTCBC to keep the daughter of Linda Lewis separated from her caring and loving family by Social Services for the last 12 years even though she is now 23 years of age ?

3- How much more money have Social Services allocated for financial year 2010 to systematically keep Mother and Daughter apart to cover up their crime ?

4- Exactly how much expense have the taxpayers of NPTCBC incurred in "Legal Costs" so that Social Services can employ "High Profile Lawyers,Barristers and QC" to cover up for their crime ?

5- What has it cost the Local Authority for accommodation and travel expenses so that representatives of NPTCBC can attend the many court cases that have taken place ?

We look forward to your reply in due course.

Yours Sincerely,

Councillor Kevin Edwards

on behalf of the " Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign "

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping Linda in her case Kevin.Please keep going we are right behind you.

All My Love