Wednesday 20 January 2010

British Firms sold to Foreign owners using British Taxpayers money.

In Prime ministers Question Time today the issue was raised concerning the recent sell off of Cadbury to American firm Kraft.
Kraft of course need to borrow the 11 billion pounds to fund the deal.
Where do you think they will get most of this funding ?
From the mostly stated owned Royal Bank of Scotland.
So effectively the British taxpayer is funding an American firm to buy out a British company, and inevitably lead to the loss of British Jobs.
This is what you get from this Labour government and is why we need a party leading the country which defends British interests in all aspects of life.
Only the BNP do this.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct. The Labour party doesn't care about native Britains loosing their does not effect them personally or their families.

Just look at the temporary MP for Aberavon, Hwyel Francis, ( I hope I've spelt his name wrong ) He's loaded, he does not live in the real world and he never has done.

Francis has a Phd in History, which any clown can get if they want...writting essays is not the real world.

Francis is the son of a Dai Francis, a communist Union leader, who himself was loathed by the workforce he represented. It was easy for Hwyel Francis to get where he is...he's never had to struggle in his live but he doesn't mind if you or I have to.

Francis will never live with the threat of being made many houses does he have again, I've lost count.

When we loose our jobs we loose more than just a job, we also loose our sense of self-worth, it strips away our dignity, it robs us of a sense of purpose and adds to a feeling of alienation.

But when Francis looses his current job you can bet it won't be long before he finds another well paid position, because they always do...