Sunday 29 May 2011

"Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign." SUPER INJUNCTIONS and ECHOES OF SPY CATCHER"

"The underlying problem with the current law is that the courts are being used to conceal the truth," Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming wrote in an email to Reuters. Hemming is compiling a report on super injunctions.

"I know of a number of cases where the truth that is being concealed involves serious misbehaviour by the authorities rather than the peccadilloes of celebrities. That is where there is a real danger in the current position," he added.

When John Hemmings MP correctly states the above he could be speaking directly about the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis" campaign.

We have seen it with our own eyes.

In October 2009 at Cardiff Civil Court in front of Judge Seys-Llewellyn we proved that Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council had acted illegally in removing Linda's daughter from her hospital bed at gunpoint in 1998.

We proved that there was no valid or legal paperwork ever issued authorising the return of Linda's daughter.

We proved that Miss Lewis' daughter was returned to the UK on a "false and fraudulent " passport.

So much so in fact that the barrister representing the local authority Miss Sutton desperately wanted to disbar herself after deliberately producing false and fraudulent evidence into court. Such was the deceit that was allowed to go on in those proceedings.

Remarkably Miss Sutton was told to stay where she was by Judge Seys-LLewellyn as in his words " I know which way this case will go." long before all our evidence had been submitted.

The outcome was known from the beginning.

This was merely a showtrial. A kangaroo court.

I should  also point  out that 5 Councillors, 4 from Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council and myself were in court and prepared to testify that the local authority had acted illegally.

Even though all of us having signed "affidavits" to this effect we were not allowed to testify.

In a nutshell our testimony's were ignored.

Another point is that at this time Miss Lewis' daughter was aged 23, an adult and yet Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services continued to speak on her behalf.

Miss Lewis' daughter is now aged 25 and has still not been reunited with her loving and caring family.

These proceedings despite our many protestations were not held as they should have been in a "criminal court" but were held quite illegally under the "family court system" where deceit and illegality committed by bent judges and barristers can never be made public.

Therefore a "lifelong injunction" remains in place that prevents Miss Lewis from ever publishing the evidence that she has ( and now so do hundreds of others worldwide ) and placing it in the public domain.

Please note that the law states "no injunction can ever be issued to cover up a crime."

Several crimes has been committed in this case. 

It was also during this court case that the " Spy catcher " law was introduced as an extra threat  to prevent Miss Lewis and her team from releasing the evidence.

So desperate are they to prevent the evidence coming out and exposing the crimes that they have committed that "Spy catcher " laws have been introduced into a family court.

It is now well accepted by many people that "Spy catcher " has but one function in law.

It is there quite simply to protect a cover up !

By introducing "Spy catcher " into any case is an admission of guilt.

It is a desperate attempt by desperate people to stop the guilty who are protected by the state, bent judges and barristers from facing justice.

In Linda's case this is without doubt true but they cannot or will not be allowed to get away with it forever.

The truth will out very soon and so will all the evidence.



For more information and to watch the video. Click on.

Linda has asked me if you could all forward this article onto as many people as you know.




Lee said...

Well, I've been posting links to the latest injunctions revelations - one of which exposes illegal activity in my home town of Doncaster.

Orange County Calling said...

Super injunctions are a plaything of the Rich and Guilty.

You are also corrct that the "Spycatcher Law" exists only to aid and abet cover ups by the corrupt.

This is an excellent article that I have forwarded worldwide.

I look forward to reading further articles regarding Miss Lewis' tragic case.

Best Wishes

Your American Friends

KIM said...

Councillor Edwards why don't you contact John Hemming. I am sure that John will help you to expose this case.

Sammy said...

The Courts should not allow anyone an injunction to cover-up a crime.

Johnny B said...

Mr Edwards try to contact the daily papers with the latest scandal regarding Ryan Giggs.Maybe the press will be interested in exposing this case, after all Giggs had an affair which seems trivial compared to the case you are involved in.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I have just read your Blogg on the Justice 4 Linda Lewis I agree with the commment from Kim contact John Hemmings.

Well done for speaking out on this dreadful case.

BG said...

I agree with the comments you have received

John Hemming and yourself should work together on this case.Could you please post the reply you receive from Mr Hemmings.

Thank You BG

Anonymous said...

Ryan Giggs affair may open a can of worms.

Anonymous said...

When the Courts are covering up they always use Spy-Catcher Law.

Anonymous said...

John Hemming as Parliamentary Privilegeand should speak out about this case.
The courts are accountable to the public we pay their wages. It is shameful that Mother and Daughter have not been reunited.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about this case in the UK Coloumn Paper a few years ago.

Lawful Rebellion said...

Cllr Edwards you are an incredibly brave man.

Not many people who have kept going with this case with all the odds and the guilty against you.

You are a credit and we will back you all the way.

Your impact in Ebbw Vale was immense.

Solid words with a determination and hope.

We are with you and Linda and all your supporters.

Anonymous said...

Keep Going

This travesty of Justice will break in the end.


Anonymous said...

The people involved need to be named and shamed
Good Luck

DAN said...

I feel angry an injunction can be used in this way to cover up a kidnapping of a Child.

Cllr Kevin Edwards said...


Thanks for your earlier message we will call you tomorrow.

Kind Regards


Dan said...

The truth will come out, and I hope the people involved will go to prison for a long time.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment made by Sam

Port Talbot

Dillys said...

The Family and Civil Court are both Corrupt! and out of Control what the hell is going on in this Country.

JUDGES are putting super injunctions in place to cover up serious Crimes.

Dillys said...

I forgot to mention in my previous comment SOCIAL SERVICES are also out of Control.
you are up against brick wall.Someone as to challenge the system.

I wish there were more men in this Country like yourself.

I admire you for speaking out and helping others.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Kev

Anonymous said...

Never mind John Hemming - where were or are the local established party politicians? eg peter hain, bethan jenkins gwenda thomas etc etc? Has anyone noticed how many of these politicos were perviously in public purse jobs and have no intention of putting their former colleagues/paymasters on the correct path. NPT Swansea and other south wales councils have major failings in child protection/welfare which have been covered up for years - problems only partially come to light when there are deaths such as Aaron Gilbert and this lewis case as it drips out - and still these public purse child abusers bleat for moire resources.