Saturday 21 May 2011

Nationalist parties must demand the highest standards of behaviour from party officials and candidates for public office.

If individuals know that they cannot withstand media scrutiny, they should admit that they are unfit to represent the party. 

If the party leadership knows that such people have skeletons in the cupboard – or in too many instances skeletons actually displayed in their front windows – then they should not be appointed.

Nationalist parties cannot afford to be run by cronyism, and cannot afford to exclude our best activists for reasons of factional or personal spite. 

If the party chairman is so insecure that he cannot tolerate potential rivals working within the party structure, then he is unfit to be chairman. 

It is a tragic reflection on the state of the BNP that such an obvious truth should have to be expressed. 

To take the most glaring example: it is farcical that the BNP should be depending on the likes of Clive Jefferson to run its election campaigning, while Eddy Butler – the most successful nationalist electoral campaigner in modern Britain – is marginalised.


Taken from "The State of the Movement."

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Anonymous said...

Members are begining to see that Griffin and the likes of Roger Phillips and Sion Owens are not part of the solution, they and their like are the problem holding the BNP back.


Anonymous said...

Agreed DT

I downloaded Mr Edmonds nominaton form and its on its way.

Paul PT

Anonymous said...

Quite correct.

Until the British National Party gets rid of the idiots,agitators and thugs who keep tarnishing it's image then it will never be seriously taken as a mainstream political party.

Thats a fact