Sunday 8 November 2009

Liars,Buggers and Thieves. From Animal Cruelty to Vote Rigging.

The website link below catalogues just some of the many serious crimes carried out by serving and former elected representatives of the Old Gang Trio of the failed political parties representatives.

A favourite trick of liberal-leftwing interviewers and the state controlled press when losing an argument with BNP spokesmen is to start banging on about “BNP criminals.”

Well, as Anne Winterton pointed out in The Sunday Times, this really isn’t a very honest thing to do when not mentioning the fact that a very small number of BNP criminal records (mainly the result of political persecution, self-defence against leftist thugs and youthful stupidity now twenty years or more in the past) need to be put into the context of the far worse, more numerous and more recent crimes of many members of the old parties.

Lets not for get how our own Members of Parliament have stolen tax payers money for years with their expenses fiddles and not one of them have been prosecuted.
There are many examples listed of how elected representatives of the corrupt,lying and useless old failed political parties act when they are voted into office.
Sadly the biased and twisted press rarely report their actions.

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Anonymous said...

An absolute eyeopener Kevin.

My sister advised me about you and your leaflet when I saw her in Blaengwynfi on Saturday.

Both my husband and myself will vote for you.

Please don't let us down.

Mr and Mrs j