Sunday 22 November 2009

British People Put Last Again. £1 million Flood Relief to Cumbria,but £293 million in Foreign Aid in the same week.Disgraceful !

In the same week that Gordon Brown announced £1 million in flood aid to Cumbria, the Department For International Development gave out an incredible £293 million in foreign aid to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the World Bank, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia.

The flash floods in Cumbria came after England’s wettest day on record.
They caused chaos, damaging more than 1,400 homes and shops and sweeping away bridges.
One policeman, PC Bill Barker, 44, was swept away while directing motorists away from Northside bridge when it collapsed.

The £1 million “aid” to Cumbria announced by Mr Brown was given much publicity by the controlled media in an attempt to show “how much he cares.”

Meanwhile, the same media have refused to give any publicity to this week’s press releases from the Department For International Development (DFID) which announced the following foreign aid grants on their website:

- 21 November 2009: £1 million given to the International Organisation of Migration to provide transport, shelter, clean water and sanitation for Sri Lankans involved in a civil war in that country;

- 19 November 2009: £34 million in aid to Pakistan to “rebuild businesses and agriculture for millions of people” in that country. The money will be spent in the North West Frontier Province, and South Waziristan in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. It includes £2 million in new aid to South Waziristan to improve water and health facilities for more than 1.2 million people.
The DFID press release also proudly announces that Mr Brown recently announced an additional £10 million in aid to “help rebuild infrastructure, stimulate the economy and improve local agriculture.”

- 19 November 2009: £1.5 million in aid was given to the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility to “make roads safer and improve driving skills in some of the world’s poorest countries.”

- 18 November 2009: £34 million was given to help fund healthcare in Sierra Leone.

- 18 November 2009: £172.5 million aid package given to “provide humanitarian relief” in Ethiopia.

- 15 November 2009: £40 million given to the Nepalese government’s National Forestry Programme which will “ give Nepalese communities ownership of the thousands of hectares of forest currently under government control, helping some of the world’s poorest people to earn an income from their natural resources.”

The Conservative Party has promised to double foreign aid should it come to power. At the same time the Tories have promised domestic cutbacks to help “balance the budget.”

British people are always put last by the Lib-Lab-Con alliance.

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Anonymous said...

£293 million of taxpayers money going on foreign aid and people / taxpayers on our own home soil cannot get the prescribed drugs on the NHS in order to sustain and improve a quality of life and well being.
This is not withstanding the unreal pirating of banking industry bonuses subsidised by the diminishing taxpayer.
The sooner we can get these lunatics that are running the Assylums at Parliament and Cardiff Bay out and restore them into icons for common sense and humanity the better.
Regards, Meirion