Friday 26 July 2013

Ready To Go - Update

Last week several teams distributed thousands of the above leaflets throughout the Neath Port Talbot Council area.

Parts of Margam , Sandfields , Fairfield , Taibach and  Baglan areas of Port Talbot were covered as well as outlying areas such as Seven Sisters , Resolven and  Glynneath .

Leaflets were also left on cars in some prime shopping areas and several A3 posters are on display in local shops.

We had  a chance to speak to many residents who were aware of the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis " campaign with many more pledging their support  who were eager to watch the Uk Column Live interviews and listen to the American Radio broadcasts.

It was both interesting and sad to hear stories from mothers and family members who have had children taken way from them in most cases unlawfully by the Criminal Social Services Department  of Neath Port Talbot Council.

Stay strong and remember " Child Stealing By The State " is a £20 billion a year industry.

Councils make good money by taking children away from their families.

Surprisingly not one person defended their council against my suggestion that it is a corrupt criminal organisation not fit for purpose.
In fact many stated that they would not be voting for their current Councillors next time around.

All Good Stuff.

We will be out again next week in other areas of this corrupt local authority.

My thanks to all who helped out last week and to the electorate who offered their kind support.



Chris said...

Count me in for next week Kev.

Give me a call.

Anonymous said...

Just talking Kevin and we were wondering has Linda received a reply from Davis Rees AM since his last letter.

I know its been a while.


Kevin Edwards said...

Nothing since his letter that included very dodgy reply from Steve Phillips.

Linda emailed him earlier his week asking what was going on.


Anonymous said...

Every day that passes it is blatantly obvious that the courts are operating outside of the law.

So too are the politicians who believe that they are not accountable but they are not.

Most definitely not.

Common Law is still the law of the land and if law does not produce justice then I am sure that we can outside of it with more publicity than they would ever want or believe could happen too them.

Anonymous said...

I'm OK Wednesday Thursday this week again Kev.