Thursday 4 July 2013

American Interview Orion Talk Radio The Earth Needs Rebels Show 4th July 2013

Tonight another very successful radio interview took place on Orion Talk Radio The Earth Needs Rebels show with an average audience of circa 1.2 million listeners.

A slight change from the norm as further details of some of the twisted individuals guilty of inflicting the most unimaginable pain on Linda , her daughter and family are named under " Public Interest Law."

Dr Dewi Evans ( above ) who tried to coerce Linda into giving a fatal dose of oral morphine to her daughter gets several mentions. When this failed he stalked Linda's daughter from hospital to hospital in order to cover up his misdiagnosis.

Child kidnapper Julie Rzezniczek ( above ) of course does not escape a mention.

Linda's daughters solicitor Lynne Naylor was working on behalf of the Local Authorities Social Services and not on behalf of her daughter.

Neath Port Talbot Social Worker RV Williams states in 1997 that as there is a medical negligence claim on going " Social Services Are Unable To Intervene In Medical Disputes." A few months later they do indeed intervene by kidnapping Linda's sick daughter from her hospital bed in America. The Medical Dispute was still on going !

Deeply cruel Port Talbot Foster Carers John and Julie Barnett take Linda's daughter out of the country knowing full well that her passport was unlawful and not in her name.

To listen to the full 1 hour interview click Here then click on listen button for 04-Jul-13 Thu 0205pm


Anonymous said...

with the avery naylor legal aid taxpayer funded cash machine [£2million per annum] [look up companies house if you do not believe me or do an Info request to Legal Aid] now being a sole or main provider of family law services under the new legal aid contracts this leaves vulnerable families and children in a bad position when social services become involved in their case.

especially when the local designated family judge [at the time of LL's case - 2003?] turns out to be a legal aid campaigner and anti LIP - on behalf of solicitors - oh I overlooked he was campaigning on behalf of children!! and with whom Lynne Naylor is evidently on good terms being the Family Justice Council/User Groups member etc.

Do your research she is almost like the fat controller. all the info you need about Naylor is in the public domain. Just as Jim'll Fix it for children, Lynne can fix it for you [if you are the local SS].

Anonymous said...

Well Done

It's amazing that Solicitors are saying crimes have been committed here but the old boys masonic network kicks in.

Carwyn Jones is up to his neck in this cover up as well as the Bridgend suicides cover up.

He is going to be exposed 100% very soon.

Very likely that Carwyn will be in jail by this time next year.



Anonymous said...

I think people are overlooking Julian Hassell monopoly with Swansea and Neath Port Talbot child snatchers.
You will also find family connections to a well known Judge.
As the Eisteddfod connected Masons converged in a fancy dress parade through Carmarthen last weekend, the town attracted the cream of Welsh Freemasonry including those from the Paedophile Playground of Ammanford and surrounding area.
Low and behold - Dr Dewi Evans graced the same streets as Brothers Isaac and co.
Strange how masters of disguises masquerade in luciferian Blue, Green and White night gowns.
As they say "bobol parchus" with hidden secrets and agendas. And, strange initiation practices.

Anonymous said...

Dr Dewi Evans outstrips even the most wicked Doctor that worked in Auschwitz.

As for Rzezniczek children and ovens springs to mind.

Why are these people still free ?