Monday 29 July 2013

Head Of Legal Services David Michael's Head On The Chopping Block.

In an article I posted earlier which can be read by clicking here I stated that David Michael lied to the courts in a desperate attempt to force an immediate Ex-Parte injunction to keep the cover up of the crime committed by his Council hidden from the public domain.

Following a meeting this weekend with fellow supporters it was decided that Linda Lewis should send an email to David Rees AM who is currently investigating the crime committed by Neath Port Talbot Council and Steve Phillips the councils Chief Executive.

Eight documents were included as attachments as evidence of what David Michael had done by deliberately lying to the courts to influence their decision in his favour.

If we need to they will be published at a later date but for the time being they will remain private.

Here is Linda's email.

Dear Mr Rees
Thank you for your above dated letter I received this weekend which also includes a letter dated 9 July 2013 from David Michael Head of Legal Services at NPTCBC which is most interesting. 
A meeting was held this weekend at which various points were discussed within the team. 
Therefore I would like to address several points with you that cannot be disputed.
With regards to the documents that I have requested to see from the Welsh Assembly Government I would like to point out that under "public interest law" which supersedes all others you have a right and so do I to see the documentation that I have requested. There is no hiding from this.
We do not recognise any injunction taken out by NPTCBC as" No injunction can be taken out to cover up for criminal acts “that is a fact of law. They are merely a tool for the Council to hide behind in order to cover up for their own criminality.
Neither can an injunction be recognised when false or fraudulent evidence is submitted into court in order to influence its decision.
Once again I provide you with the following UK Column Link which proves without a doubt that this is the case.
I hope that you will look at it this time. It is a simple Youtube link that will not bring down the emailing system of the Welsh Assembly Government.
Neither will the attachments that are included for your urgent attention affect your email system in anyway.
I will now be proving to you that the last illegal injunction by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council was fraudulently obtained.
What I am going to do is prove to you that David Michael in order to obtain, in desperation an Ex-Parte injunction to cover up for his councils criminal acts did commit perjury by submitting false and fraudulent information before the court in a document that he has signed as truthful dated 9th October 2008.
In his application David Michael states on page numbered 462 sections 2 and 3 that I am “Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy."
This is a fraudulent statement and a deliberate lie.
David Michael would be well aware that in the summing up of The Hon Mr Justice Sumner KT on the 25th November 1998 in the law courts, Cathays Park Cardiff on page 60 section f he clearly states and I quote
“I do not find that this is a case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy."
David Michael would have been aware of this as he refers to Justice Sumners verdict on several occasions in his application.
David Michael has also requested to the court on page 460 sections 2 and I quote
“The interim injunction is made without notice to the Respondents on the basis of urgency."
The question has to be asked why was I as Second Respondent or the British National Party as First Respondent denied access to the charges against us?
Please see attachments proof of everything I have said.
I have authorised my representative former BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards that should he wish he may forward this email onto the Legal Department of the British National Party who as First Respondent were like me unjustly punished as a result of the perjury committed by David Michael to protect a corrupt and unaccountable local authority.
This email has also been forwarded onto Mr Steve Phillips the Chief Executive of NPTCBC and I expect him to suspend David Michael from his post of Head of Legal Services of said authority without delay and to launch a full and thorough investigation of what his Council has been up to here.
Finally I would like to point out that I was never meant to see the fraudulent court document submitted by David Michael as it was deliberately withheld from me and the British National Party on David Michael’s instructions.
Therefore I would like to personally thank the honest people within this corrupt authority who have a conscience and would like to see justice be done for their help and assistance in my case.
I have also Bcc’d this mail onto prominent people who need to be informed of this.
Mr Rees I look forward to you taking urgent action and your prompt reply.
Kind Regards
Linda Lewis


David Michael is guilty of Fraud, Perjury and Malfeasance In Public Office to name but a few. Criminal actions that carry a custodial sentence.

It is hard to see how he can last the week.

But then again this is Neath Port Talbot Council and The Welsh Assembly Government we are dealing with here.

Both have managed to get away with the 15 old crime of "Child Kidnapping" up to now.

Injunction ! There is no injunction. 

This article has been immediately press released.


Jenny said...


One straw on the camels back at a time ...The camels legs are buckling.

The camel cannot take much more.

Brilliant work Kevin and well done to Linda


Anonymous said...

Good work there are too many people like this who think they are above the law!


Anonymous said...

Anyone in public office can be prosecuted under Misfeasance in public office if they knowingly cover up for criminal acts that includes councillors who are turning a blind eye to their authorities crimes.

They need to remember this when doing nothing.



Anonymous said...


I would like to point out that concerns were raised by several Councillors after your TV interview video.

As a result the leaders of all the political parties were called in to David Michaels office where they were told that the injunction was water tight.

It is obvious now that he has deliberately misled members of the Council.

My friend is a Councillor and I will mention it to him when I see him.

Keep fighting you will win,

Anonymous said...

A team of us gals were out tonight Kevin. Margam is plastered with posters.

Some also put in local shops.

Lot of interest and more to come.



Delyth said...

It is indeed commendable that David Rees is taking this seriously at last someone who is listening from the bay.

But he is small fry.

It is a scandal that this has been allowed to continue for so long a period but remember.

" All Roads Lead To Carwyn Jones " in allowing this cover up to continue.

A critical time for the criminals has arrived so don't be surprised if David Rees is leaned on.

Is he brave enough to serve justice or will he succumb to political threats and will David Michael be terminated " by mutual consent " with a £200,000 pay of like Rzezniczek ?

Either way there is no disputing a massive crime has been committed here.

Well Done

See you soon

Anonymous said...

Tangled is the web

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Scandalous

Anonymous said...

It will be absolutely amazing if this David Michael ever comes back to work for this dreadful council.

A price Council Tax pay for always voting Labour

Truthseeker said...

Sitting Councillors should remember that there is no such thing as " I was only following orders".

The Nuremberg trials saw to that.

They as individuals have a responsibility to investigate what their council has done and to speak out when it has acted illegally.

There is no escaping this and they have no defence.

Anonymous said...

The scum you are identifying are the same type of scum behind the organised suicides of children in Bridgend.
You will see that as we expose them properly, they fold like wet cardboard.

Anonymous said...

Jail David Michael

Jail Julie Rezniczek

Then deal with the rest

Richard said...

First of all i would like to congratulate the wistle blower inside nptcbc. secondly i want to say, well done to Kevin, Brian who should be serving sentences by now.. the so called injunction is nothing but a smoke screen frightning organisations as media, law p/muppets and all the so called MP's to AM's and Councilors that have no back bone to hide behind the smoke who say... but i will loose my job, possition! SHAME! on all those who have ever stood as an adversary behind this deep, deep crime.
I realy hope "David Rees" takes his possition seriously.
Last but not least, a DEEP respect to Linda and the family for staying so close to what the law requires, it has shown humility and a deep desire for truth to prevail. Most of us would have done time for our own crime.. most of us might have taken law into our own hands.
WELL DONE! well done to all that have supported and all who continue to support Linda :)
emails are out!
Now is the the time to shout loud!
its time for the criminals to stand to account.

Richard said...

emails sent too:

Hi Steve-nptcbc/David (AM) , I want to congratulate your support to this campaign. It has been a long road for this family and they are deserving of justice, please make it your aim to make sure a full enquiry takes place.
The so called injunction is nothing more than a smoke screen for criminals to hide behind.
No injunction can mask a criminal act.

kindest regards


Anonymous said...

The Directors Of NPTCBC PLC are corrupt that is clear.

Anonymous said...

All are equal under the Law and In Law, truth is sovereign.

Pretty obvious then that David Michael has broken the law.

Looking forward to what happens next.


Anonymous said...

Anyone heard if David Michael has been suspended or sacked yet ?

He bloody well should be.

Anonymous said...

David Michael should be removed from his position.

Anonymous said...

What are the elected Councillors doing with regards too David Michael lies.


Anonymous said...

Shocking state of affair

Anonymous said...

Got them Kevin they have told nothing, but lies throught Linda's case.

Anonymous said...

He should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

David Michael should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

David Michael will cause immense damage to the Council if he is not! made accountable, for his actions

Anonymous said...


Terry said...

Hi Kevin

Good work my friend.

I don't know if it wise for you to put this up as a comment at this delicate stage but I remember a letter Linda showed me from David Rees where he states at the end that he is to " assess whether an injustice has been applied for in this case."

Exact words taken from my copy.

Point is that there can now be absolutely ( was there ever ) any doubt that this is the case.

It will be interesting to see if David Rees is silenced even though a blind man can see what has happened here.

Will David Rees have the guts to see this through ?

Will the first minister allow him or will this be foolishly allowed to continue as a prime example of the corruption within the Welsh Assembly Government and NPT Council.

Surely Linda will just justice now

Kevin Edwards said...

Hi Terry

You are correct in everything you have said mate.

There is never an issue with me publishing the truth.

What is more damning is a letter Linda received from Mr Rees on 26 July contains a letter from David Michael dated 9 July 2013 in which he prattle on about the false unlawful injunction that his lies created.

The content is very damaging to Michael and will be kept under wraps for now.

See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Surely their MP should sort out this mess.


Anonymous said...


David Micheal should definitely be booted out of the Council

Anonymous said...

I wonder why? the Council did'nt want Publicity.
It's a travesty of Justice


Anonymous said...

The Council have made an application for Ex Parte injunction to cover for the crimes they have commited on Linda and her Family.

Anonymous said...

Linda and her family are amazing people,they have fought for many year's and have been through Hell! I pray that everything will come to light, and justice is seen to be done soon.

I know Linda,and she would never give up fighting for the truth.

Well done for helping


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that AM David Rees is helping Linda.

Anonymous said...

I just received a leaflet


I will watch the video later.

Port Talbot

Anonymous said...

This is a matter for Government in London.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Looks like Swansea Council is a corrupt corporation as well.

See that effing gobshite Davis Phillips wants to boost the pay of his comrades.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you have said no injunction can be taken, out against a person to cover their crime.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you have said no injunction can be taken, out against a person to cover their crime.

Anonymous said...

David Michael got himself into a right pickle.
I wonder how he will try to worm his way out.

Anonymous said...

Abuse of Power

Good job Mate

Anonymous said...

Something wrong when we employ people like david michael

Anonymous said...

Corrupt, degraded, unaccountable , satanic , full of sickos and the dregs of society.

Yet the mass recruitment of child snatchers continues un abated to provide children for profit and paedophilia or even worse.

Know somebody sick and evil enough to do this job ?

Then NPTCBC will give you a £250 bonus.

How twisted is that ?

God help the little children.

Anonymous said...

D M should be kicked out of the Council

Kevin Edwards said...

That's a good link thank you.

Question has to be asked how much are they paying the recruitment agency to get them child kidnappers ?

It's not cheap.


Ali The Bung said...

I was going to ask why has the local MP Hywel Frances not got involved ?

Then I remembered seeing documentation from this useless excuse for a public servant that clearly shows him up to his fat neck in trying to bury this crime against Linda and N.

Hywel Frances is guilty as much as the rest of them.

His father would turn in his grave if he new what his son had done to this family.

Anonymous said...

Hampshire ss took three girls in 94on non founded msbp charges,The mother then left the uk and started a new life overseas SS found out and had her then new child put in care and stolen back to the uk. The child was not born in the uk and nor was the father a british national. All four children have never been seen since.

NPT SS are just as bad if not worse.

Veritas said...

Reliably informed Kevin that after you interview with Brian Gerrish David Michael called in all the leaders of different political parties and took great pleasure in telling them that the injunction that he had in his hand was " water tight " and the Local Authority had nothing to worry about.

Well as well as lying to the courts he has lied to EVERY ELECTED COUNCILLOR in a desperate and futile attempt to save his own neck.

Councillors you need to be aware of this.

David Michael has made a fool out of each and every one of you.

Anonymous said...

If the council decide to do a reznicek with David Michael and let him go by mutual consent with a £200 thousand pay off there will be fucking ructions over this.

He has to be sacked with immediate effect on Gross Misconduct and the CEO should pass all this onto the police.

David Michael must be prosecuted !

Kevin Edwards said...

Having spent some time in a meeting today with supporters of Linda we picked up on the following.

David Michael made a false statement to the court to save his councils illegal actions from becoming public ,e covering up for their crimes as this article proves.

I am sure that followers and Council Tax payers would like toknow that in 2008David Michael was paid £174 PER HOUR as a Grade A fee earner for his services

His inept No 2 Nigel Jones as a mere Grade B fee earner could only pocket £156 PER HOUR.

Good money if you can get it to cover up for child kidnapping.

Who says crime doesn't pay?


Anonymous said...

David Michaelis not above the law having been given 97 pounds a hour
on tax payers money based on lies

Let's hope he will be eating porridge soon.

Anonymous said...

A conspiracy of Freemasons , Talmudic , Askenazi Jews deeply Satanic in nature.

Beware of Fabian Socialists like Tony Blair , Peter Mandelson and Carwyn Jones.

Fabian Socialists are NOT socialists but luceferian entities hell bent on our slavery and incarceration.

Injustice is at their soul.

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones the evidence is more damning as each day goes past

Anonymous said...

Just seen a video posted to me on facebook by yourself.

This is downright crazy and unbelievable what has happened.

The people who have done this are wicked.

Ordinary people must be asking why aren't these people in jail.

I will keep coming back.

Good luck

I have forwarded the link onto my many friends and I hope that it will help your fight in some way.

Anonymous said...

Gotta come out am amazed that this has been hidden for so long

Anonymous said...

Parasties in power

Anonymous said...

David MMichael earns 174 per hour
is this why? we are paying extra Council Tax.

Good work Kevin keep exposing these Criminals

LK said...

Sadly people are only just finding out what the state have been doing for years. The unknowing are often led by the unwilling to listen, until they find out first hand-'what really-our government?'

Kevin Edwards said...

It is always good to see how people are uniting behind this campaign.

The following comment was left on the SWEP article although I wonder how long it will be allowed to stay up.

Dick Plunger

Sunday, August 4 2013, 12:04PM

“The reputation of this Council will be tarnished forever as more and more people join the campaign and more and more evidence is released into the public domain under " Public Interest Law "which proves the illegality committed by this Councils Social Services against an innocent , sick 12 year old girl as well as an innocent mother and family.

" Justice 4 Linda Lewis " is coming soon.”

Kevin Edwards said...


Just looked at the article highlighted above and lo and behold the comment has been removed.

Didn't take them long did it.

Remember evidence already released proves that the South Wales Evening Post deliberately worked with NPT SS to kidnap Linda's daughter N

Victory Through Him said...

Just you keep going here my friend.This is so blatantly obvious as a serious crime it cannot be kept under wraps any longer.

In fact it is an indictment of this that they are desperately scraping around , lying , falsifying court documents etc just to save their own skins.

It is almost laughable at theses drowning rats swimming in a cesspit of their own corruption.

The stench is unbearable.

Victory is yours so fight on and fight to win.

You're bound to , you cannot lose.

Anonymous said...

David Michael is a lying toe rag he should be kicked out.

Anonymous said...

Councillors should have a meeting over the claims against david michael if found to be true he should be sacked

Anonymous said...

The fact that justice has not been done and no one from the Council has been arrested ( yet ) would indicate a massive masonic cover up in which the police are involved.

Therefore they are more vulnerable than they may think.

I wouldn't like to be in their shoes.


Anonymous said...

Statistics on child abuse in foster care are, perhaps unsurprisingly, hard to come by, but children in foster care may be up to 10 times more likely to die than children in the care of their own parents; one estimate places the number of children who die in foster care in the US every year at about 1540.

Anonymous said...

Watched UK Column video,listened to Radio interview's
Its sickening we employ these people to protect our interest's

What are we becoming as a Nation.


Anonymous said...

Never give up the fight.


Anonymous said...

One Big Scandel!


Anonymous said...

What about contacting the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
Surely they have a duty to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Those involved are negligent.

It goes without saying.

The truth is the truth which nobody can dispute.


Anonymous said...

Daivid Michael should resign immediately

Terry said...

This case is now so high profile it is getting talked about everywhere.

Keep dropping off your leaflets folks , keep talking to people there is a lot of anger out there.

Any news on David Rees yet Kevin any reply yet or has he been De-selected as a candidate if he opens his mouth anymore.

All roads lead to Carwyn Jonesin this case.

Also see UK Column newspaper re Bridgend and Mental Moon.

Both are in it together.

Anonymous said...

In the absence of light darkness prevails.

Now this is out in the light darkness will fall and the light will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Phoned said council this morning and spoke to a lady in Legal Department.


Answer was YES.

My thinking is that S Phillips and David Rees have ignored our evidence and will be doing nothing.

This makes them complicit and criminal in their own right.


Anonymous said...

It's time the Council made a proper effort to sort this mess out.

Good work my friend

Anonymous said...

Elected Councilors need to show a bit of backbone to put the Council back on track.

David Michael is placed in a position of trust.therefore for lying he should be sacked.


Anonymous said...

There's no! excuse for what David Michael has done.

He should not! have lied


Anonymous said...

David Michael lied he put himself in this situation and he should do the decent thing and resign.

Good Luck mate

Kevin Edwards said...

A good day had by all today.

Lots of leaflets given out in Port Talbot Town Centre today as well as Velindre.

I am very proud of the team and we all are extremely encouraged by the response received from the good people we speak to.

Also always fantastic to know that the level of awareness about Linda's case is very high and the level of disgust with the Council equally so.

More leafleting later on in the week.


Anonymous said...

Where is the Attorney General?

A person in receipt of public/taxpayer monies has committed a contempt of court - he is a lawyer and therefore knows he cannot make a false statement. Also misconduct in public office and breach of solicitors rules - assuming he is law society registered?

as for the comment about Hywel Francis - I am afraid you will find that many of our elected politicians will support the public official rather than the public/constituents. This has been the bane of Wales and other parts of UK - look at the support of that MP for the Hillsborough wrongdoers within the police etc. Other Welsh MP's/AM's are no different.

David Phillips did nothing about Aaron Gilbert other than try to score a few political points - the SS in Swansea have not learnt from the failures - other than how to cover them up.

Gods Light Shines Through said...

As The French writer Emile Zola once said "If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way".

Neath Port Talbot Council,David Michael , Carwyn Jones and the Welsh Assembly Government take note.

Anonymous said...

I have lost all trust in authorities,they are Corrupt.

The establishment can destroy individuals,but they cannot destroy the truth.
All those who have abused Bonnie and Family should be brought to Justice.


Anonymous said...

Got a lot of respect for you kevin

I'm sure they will crumble

Anonymous said...

I will never be able to think of my council or politicians in any other way apart from contempt from now on.

David Michael should hang

Anonymous said...

An absoulutely scandalous state of affairs.


Anonymous said...

This man should do the right thing and resign

Anonymous said...

The sooner this guy is kicked off the Council better for eveyone involved.He is a liar.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for you to post that David Michael is SACKED!

Anonymous said...

The elected Councillors in NeathPortTalbot should be asking questions about David Michael actions.


Anonymous said...

It's a scandle they are payed to do a honest job, not to lie about people.

Anonymous said...

David Michael should be forced out

Anonymous said...

I contacted the Council to ask them if David Michael was still employed there,they put down the phone down on me.

Anonymous said...

David Michael lied,to have another injunction in place to stop! good honest people like yourself exposing the corruption.

Port Tabot

Anonymous said...

Give David MMichael lie detector test.

OPPS Failed

Anonymous said...

I bet David Michael will be working elsewhere soon.

Just like Rez

Anonymous said...

Article 10 states Right to freedom of expression.

Section 12 has a number of components,first it prevents "gagging injunctions" being granted Ex parte except in the rarest of circumstances.It provides that if a court is considering whether to grand any relief which might affect the exercise of the Convention right to Freedom of expression, there is a presumption against the grant of such relief.No such relief is to be granted'unles the court is satisfied that the person seeking the relief has taken all practicable steps to notify the respondent or there are compelling reasons why the respondent should not be notifieds
Thirdly s 12(4) provides that the court must have "particular regard "to the right to freedom of expression,and that where the proceedings relate to material which the respondent claims,or which appears to the court to be journalistic, literacy or artistic material,the court must have regard to the extent to which the material has,or is about to, become avaliable to the public or it is, or would the public interest for the material to be published.

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

Article 10 in itself will require particular regard to be given to the right of freedom of expression,but the court will have to take acount of Strasbourg principles when reaching it,s decisions,and form its own view on the difficult balance between Article 8 and Article 10 on the facts of expression.there is little authority on how conflicks between privacy and freedom of expression should be resolved (see Winer v United Kigdom(1986)48DR 154at p170)
Neverthless the state cannot use s12so as to disregard the right to privacy
The court as a public authority, would be in breach of article 8if it failed to provide a remedy for VIOLATIONS of Privacy which were not justified by Article 8(2)

Hope you find this of some help

Anonymous said...

wow. i have just come across this article and well what a read it is.. both my children where cruelly taken from me 8th july2011 by npt social servises,!!! and david michael u dnt wanna know what i think of him makes my blood boil.!

Anonymous said...

Any News about David Michael

Stay Positive

Anonymous said...

Face up to evil truth.

Well done brave man

Anonymous said...

This Man Should be SACKED not only sacked but he should also lose his pension.

Anonymous said...

Watching with interest.

Anonymous said...

Hope this man has lost is job.

Anonymous said...

have David Michael had the sack hope so.