Wednesday 19 June 2013

Nearly 5 Years Later And Still NPT Council Cannot Come Clean And Neither Can The Corrupt South Wales Evening Post

The article below is a straight copy and paste from  the following link which can be viewed by clicking HERE  from the rotten and corrupt South Wales Evening Post dated  Tuesday, October 28, 2008.

Personally I took a lot of stick and abuse from so called colleagues around me when I decided totally to expose the corruption in this case and would not back down. 

But it always was the right thing to do.

I was threatened by agents representing the Welsh Assembly Government and Neath Port Talbot Council over a  lengthy period and my life was threatened on several occasions.

Here is the article.

 Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Calls for truth in custody 'kidnap'

PRESSURE is mounting on council bosses to come clean over shocking allegations into the way a child custody case was handled.

Opposition leaders in Neath Port Talbot say councillors have been kept in the dark over the matter and have made a united call for the truth to come out.

One of them, Independent party leader Andrew Tutton, said: "Councillors should be informed as to what is going on.

"These are serious allegations and, for clarity and people's peace of mind, members of the public are entitled to answers."

It has been claimed that a girl was kidnapped by police and social workers while in hospital abroad,and her grandfather was threatened at gunpoint.

She was then said to have been flown back to Britain using a false passport.

It was also alleged that the youngster was diagnosed with a medical condition while overseas after doctors in this country said there was nothing wrong with her.

The authority refused to comment on the claims after its lawyers took out an injunction last week at the High Court of Justice, forcing the allegations to be taken off the British National Party website.

Opposition leaders however have since distanced themselves from the legal action and Evening Post readers have flooded the website urging openness from the authority.

The Liberal Democrats, Plaid and the Neath Port Talbot Independent Party are urging the council's leadership to inform elected members and the general public what did happen immediately.

They want officers to explain their action and bosses to break their silence.

Lib Dem Coedffranc North councillor Keith Davies said it was up to the authority to rubbish the claims.

"Before the council went to court, only one elected member had any knowledge of this injunction," said Mr Davies.

"We would wish to make it clear that no councillor nor any committee of council has discussed or passed a resolution in connection with these matters.

"As elected members, we do not wish to be associated with the injunction.

"They were not done in our name. We do not wish to be associated with this injunction

"If it's been taken out because of an on-going investigation that's fine, but if not then they have to explain why.

"I cannot see any other legal reason for them taking it out. All we want to see is the truth come out.

"Surely the leader will now open the way for an open and transparent conversation."

Plaid's leader on Neath Port Talbot Council Del Morgan said: "I would hope that council officers would inform all members urgently as to exactly what's happened and give councillors the explanation so that they can understand the background to this."

Council social services boss Colin Preece pointed out the issues were historical and referred to a case 'fully scrutinised by the High Court' more than 10 years ago.

"The High Court continues to consider that identities should be protected," he said.

"By reason of the terms of the injunction, local authority officers are unable to disclose further details in this matter.

"Senior local authority officers are satisfied that the matter has been properly considered and decided by the High Court both historically and at the present time."


Okay this a fairly open article by the South Wales Evening Post and is nearly accurate that could sell them a few newspapers.

But they did not count on this, The Truth coming out.

Obviously the South Wales Evening Post expected this to all go away. They needed it too.

They were wrong.

They are criminally involved in allowing Neath Port Talbot Social Services  to create a false scenario of a missing child in peril see HERE and  HERE and HERE and HERE

Their shame has no boundary.

Finally for those of you who are awake.

Did you know that Cathy Duncan the acting Editor of the South Wales Evening Post is a Common Purpose Graduate ?

Well You Do Now.


Anonymous said...

Billiant kevin it's about tme Linda got Justice.

larry,mostyns best client said...

AH! But WILL the truth be told? Surely the people in the news paper world can see the writing on the wall? Mostyn was reported in the Daily Mail and The Telegraph and it was rwitten in such a way as it appeared to be found humorous-a High Court Judge in full regalia sitting signing writs in a deck chair in Tenerife-quoting that HE can be 2 hours from the court and still complete his duty-(Tenerife is 4 hours from the UK not that anyone is counting) in a villa that he got from the riches of high profile divorce cases, and now has lowered his sights to the gloomy depths of signing off Injunctions to stop the truth being told in private courts-just like Linda Lewis-and the Mason case(bet that gets edited)-actually-he doesn't even sign them-they are just rubber stamped, so he can say he is anywhere in the world-I have one in my possession-two in fact-anymore on offer your Worship.

Time is running out to put the law right-but the majority of the people in the UK just bimble along 'cos it doesn't effect them- yet!

Well done Kev if they publish this blog-keep at em mate.

Anonymous said...

Child trafficing by state bodies - if this was Russia the newpapers would be crawling all over it?

where wer CAFCASS when it got to court? Didn't they act as the child's Guardian? looking after the child's interest or NPT SS?