Wednesday 5 June 2013

Investing In The Social Care Workforce ( LOL )

Gwenda Thomas, Deputy Minister for Social Services, has announced a grant of over £8 million to train social care workers in Wales.

The £8.16 million grant is part of a package worth £11.66 million for 2013-14. The Welsh Government provides 70 per cent of the total value of the social care workforce development programme with local authorities responsible for the remainder.

The programme aims to increase the take-up of training across the whole social care sector – including local authority services and commissioned social care services - and improve the quality and management of services. The funding is in addition to employers’ own training resources.

The Deputy Minister said,

“We need to ensure that people delivering front line care have the essential skills to carry out their roles to the best of their ability in line with our ambition to increase the status and profile of the social care workforce in Wales.

“I set out an ambitious and deliverable programme in Sustainable Social Services: A Framework for Action which I believe is improving provision of social services across the spectrum.

“This funding is a result of the Welsh Government’s commitment to raising standards of practice. We want to boost the esteem in which social work and social care is held in the public eye, recognising the good work that goes on and enabling us to recruit and train the best people.”

The Care Council for Wales recently announced it will spend £1.8m over the next six years on raising the standard of social work practice in Wales.
The money will be invested in new training to help social workers achieve greater professionalism and deliver the Welsh Government’s vision for citizen-centred services.

Their training will be aimed at experienced social workers, senior practitioners and consultant social workers.

Rhian Huws Williams, Chief Executive of the Care Council, said,

“Investment in the training and on-going development of social workers and social care workers is central to securing high-quality services. 
The Care Council welcomes confirmation of this investment. Having the highest-quality, best-trained workforce is essential in delivering care and support across Wales.

"As the roles of social care workers and social workers change and become more complex, this investment is vital to ensure staff have the skills required to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in Wales.”

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Anonymous said...

You've got too laugh Kevin.

Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't Gwenda Thomas the Head Of Social Services for the old West Glamorgan Council when N was kidnapped from America ?

At the same time wasn't the dark and deeply sinister Dr Dewi Evans who gave Linda enough Oral Morphine to kill her daughter a Councillor in the same authority.

My sources confirm and I am sure you know this that Dewi Evans and the wicked Gwenda were near neighbours and good friends at sad time.

I have it on good authority that all information received from Linda Lewis to Social Services was passed onto Dewi Evans by the wicked Gwenda so that he knew in advance what moves Linda was making.

A " CONFLICT OF INTEREST " by both parties of the highest magnitude I would suggest.

The list goes on.



Anonymous said...

Gwenda was also the minister in charge at the time of the Gilbert case.

She knows that warnings were given before his death of failures but kept it covered up.

No matter how much money is thrown at social workers the deaths and kidnappings continue. A complete waste of taxpayer funding - better spent on fixing the roads, railways, bin collecting etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Gwenda was also the minister in charge at the time of the Gilbert case.

She knows that warnings were given before his death of failures but kept it covered up.

No matter how much money is thrown at social workers the deaths and kidnappings continue. A complete waste of taxpayer funding - better spent on fixing the roads, railways, bin collecting etc etc.

Kevin Edwards said...

Hi Jen.

You are absolutely spot on what you have said.

Anonymous also seems to be bang on the nail regarding the Gilbert case.

Gwenda Thomas is one evil individual of that there is no doubt.

Larry K said...

Kevin, our lovely Sophie is 9 years old tomorrow, and she hasn't see her mother or me for two years and been away from us for 4 years. Gwenda Thomas excelled in her career huh?


Can everyone have a drink to Sophie tomorrow please on her birthday and to Ben, her brother, also missing in Neath, for two years. Thanks to everyone for their support.

Anonymous said...

But shouldn't this information be available under public information guidelines ?

Don't we as Council Tax payers of NPT have a right to know what they have been doing with our money ?

Or can this be hidden under data protection and the rest of the bullshit ?

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments about Gwenda Thomas being in charge of Social Services at the time of the kidnapping.

Wouldn't that make her Julie Rzezniczeks boss ?

Join the dots.


Anonymous said...

put the FOI request on the website - whatdotheyknow - I think its called - we the taxpayer/public and providers of the trough for these evil people can see what [shifty?] answers they give?

Larry K said...

It is my opinion that whilst the government in both Wales and England use the Data Protection Act as another way of covering up the truth, then our inquiries will fall on deaf ears.

The claim by both the welsh government (low case letters are deliberate) and the ombudsman for that region that the DPA can only be addressed via an application by the person in question, leads us nowhwere-our children are unable to make application in their own right!

You will also note the line on the responses that the Ombudsman will only intervene through the correct channels via the Local Authority involved, who must 'self investigate' the complaint-ie-no independent investigation thereby STILL keeping it all secret.

Gwenda Thomas asks us to do this knowing full well that it will be blocked by the DPA. It's a con.

Kevin, please publish a copy of the FOI on the site so all can see this con!

Kevin Edwards said...

FOI as well as a letter sent to Linda's Welsh Assembly Member from the CEO of NPT Council will be published soon.

Both are so full of holes you could strain spaghetti through them.


Anonymous said...

anon is right

the money spent on social workers should be spent on the veterans who have been permamently maimed or injured [including mental health] fighting wars on the orders of Tony Blair.

some of them will also have been victims of those same social workers who are getting money but the veterans do not?

larryK said...

Anon I agree. I am an ex soldier, injured in NI, Falkands etc. Susan my partner is an ex Met Police employee for some 16 years, contracted LUPUS SLE after having both our children, so lost her job in the Met, and now her children. Double whammee! Insult is too low a remark. And no one will tell us where they are=somewhere in Wales? No contact for two years and they have the nerve to tell us that they are being told a new life story=brainwashing. NPT say that their 'early childhood is now a distant memory' and we are supposed to be happy with that?

Two children Sophie 4 and Ben two, have evidence that SS were told to give them back by psychologists and instead they sent them to Wales, to NPT where they disappeared!

Anonymous said...

larryK can you please tell us the name of the SS Authority that took your Sophie and Ben.
Reason for the question is - there is inter county trading of children.

larryK said...

Hi Anonymous-

SS was Thurrock Essex.

larryK said...

For anyone interested, the full story re Sophie and Ben is available on request, naming names and times, although much has been published by Kevin on this site. Unabridged version via Kevin if you don't mind, Kev? They were taken unjustly for no reason and no charges were ever brought against Susan their mother, as they did have a more than perfect life with a mother who spoiled them. She asked for medical help and all she got was her children taken.

larryK said...

Was there ever a social worker at NPT called 'will smith'. No joke here. he was our first contact with Neath after they were put there.

Kevin Edwards said...


Put your email address in a comment and anyone wishing further information is free contact you directly.

Anonymous said...

My email is

The government are obviously aware of all the comments going through all websites via the listening station at Chicksands, Gloucestershire, but no one does anything because despite how many are taken, they are not affected. It is up to the people on this site to make others aware!

Keep up the good work everyone, and thanks Kevin.

larryk said...

Anonymous said...

Larry, how do you know whether his real name is Will Smith.
These people use different names.
Swansea SS use maiden names when they are registered in marital names, same vice versa.
They also use fake names.
I am led to believe that Michelle Collins' sister does the same.

larryk said...

I don't but he did come across sypathetic to our cause when we first contacted them. I still give some social workers the benefit of the doubt. English accent.

Anonymous said...

to larry k

did any social workers give you the benefit of the doubt? did any of the judges?

trust a social worker as much you would today trust stuart hall.

would you today give jimmy saville the benfit of the doubt if he appeared in your living room as a social worker?

larryK said...

No I take your point, but I still want to know how social services(?) lost their way as to their role. I still like to think there are some people out there helping families with their problems and not just taking kids. What worries me is that what happens to the flotsum of these cases, the parents who are just left with nothing-claimed as mentally ill, and in fact do end up as such, as they have done nothing. How do they, like us , take the trivia of others lives when the most important thing in their life has been taken-our neighbour is more worried about renewing our fence on our side-they do not know about the child theft- and really I want to do rip their heads off.

It is almost better that our children were dead then we could grieve. What happens when the fight runs out-and WE are getting close, and that fight is replaced by another anger. As I slip the 7.62 round into the breach of the Lee Enfield snipers rifle-parked outside a SS office in Wales- and feel the crisp satisfaction as the round hits home and watch, just in time-the head explode. What does happen to the left overs of their actions to whom none are beholden. The bullet decides.Watch this space

larryK said...

Seriously though, how long will it be before the people who have been hurt by the SS, start hurting back. I know every name and address of those who took our children. But THEY rely on the fact that we a law abiding people who do not break the law, let alone the laws of human justice. SS should be aware that they are not protected well enough from the people they have damaged, or the wealth of lies and chaos they have left-well the lunatics may just take over the asylum because truth and justice has been sold down the river-and justice cannot be meted out by a judge who decides children's fate from a deckchair in know who I mean.

those who are damaged by you may well be oiling the GLOCK right now-who knows?

'And will strike down upon thee with great vengeance those who would seek to harms my brothers'

Read the book of JOB.

angry larry said...

what ss don't realise is that people who have had their children taken away have lost everything and their life is now nothing-so they have nothing to lose. Everyday I have to watch their mother trying to lead a normal life, with the illness that the birth of those children induced yet even because of that she loved them dearly-they were special and worth the pain-nothing is worth the pain of what SS have done-so nothing to lose.

'The silicone chip inside her head moved to overload.....etc'

Jesus said 'suffer little children unto me'-he didn't say a thing about Lyn Naylor.

Anonymous said...


I see you metioned Lyn Naylor one of the worst lawyers in swansea who is in it for the money.

The poor people who would have had a choice will now end up with her as they have won the main contract for swansea - pity the kids now.

She is also well in with swansea ss and looks like NPT ss. what the aporents don't realise is that she fixes xcases with Isabel Parry and presumably the new one Terry John. TRanscript available of her chat with Parry the tape ran on after the other party had left.

very interesting!!

larryK said...

NPT are now using Mostyn who by his own admission conducts his business from a deck chair in Tenerife!! We have stamped unsigned injunctions from him supposedly by NPT which strangely never appeared before or after on any court list despite the fact that we were asked to attend the hearing.

Anonymous said...

so NPT have money for gagging orders?

no budget cuts there then next time a councillor says the road [or anything else] can't be fixed due to lack of funds??? remind him/her?

better tell George Gideon Osborne he did not cut enough?