Saturday 1 June 2013

Help Us Up The Pressure. Please Send A FOI Request On Behalf Of The Lewis Family.

For the many of you who actively support the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " and the many more who are now aware of this case you all realise that a series of horrendous crimes have been committed by a corrupt,criminal and unaccountable Local Authority Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council against a deeply ill 12 year old girl,an innocent mother and a family who have suffered immense personal pain as a results of this Councils actions.

They need to be put on the spot once again.

Lets not forget that the reason that those responsible such as Julie Rzezniczek for the many,many criminal acts committed  have not been prosecuted is that they are protected by a corrupt system acting on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government who's interests do not allow this case to be exposed and taken into the criminal courts.

In a nutshell.

The Welsh Assembly Government are complicit and are the architects behind the guilty being allowed to remain at liberty while the innocent continue to suffer.

A recent letter sent to Linda Lewis from Steven Phillips The Chief Executive Of Neath Port Talbot Council is so full of holes it is laughable. I will publish it at a later date.

Please help the family by copy and pasting the text below and entering it into Neath Port Talbot Councils Freedom of Information Form which can be found by clicking HERE

Remember to enter your name and email address in order to receive your reply.

Freedom Of Information Request

To Whom It May Concern.

I refer to the ongoing " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " of which I am aware and have seen the evidence released.

In my opinion I am certain that this Local Authority has acted in a criminal manner on many issues by kidnapping the very sick daughter of Linda Lewis at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America to cover up for medical negligence in the UK and returning her to this country on a false passport and without proper documentation.

I also believe that the Welsh Assembly Government are complicit in the many crimes committed by yourselves by aiding and abetting a cover up that will not be allowed to go on for much longer.

I now give you the chance too prove me wrong by simply providing the following information to me by return email as attachments.

Please note that hiding behind unlawful injunctions will not suffice and will only serve to further enhance my belief that this Local Authority is indeed a criminal organisation that is avoiding prosecution.

1 Please provide the UK generated pick up order required by law that would have to be have issued before any extradition could lawfully take place from America.

2 Documentation proving that a Federal Court ( The only US Court that could approve an extradition ) was used during this process based on the documentation requested in section 1.

3 Letters from your Local Authority and The Welsh Assembly have consistently stated words to the following " We have been satisfied that the local authority and other agencies involved have followed the correct procedures and handled the case properly. The young person’s best interests have always remained the primary consideration."

If that is the case then obviously there is a paper trail and documentary evidence to that effect. Therefore please supply me with the following.

A - The names of all persons involved in the investigation who allegedly handled the case properly.

B - All documentation from all the investigations that lead your authority to accept the above conclusion.

I look forward to your reply within the customary 20 working days associated with a freedom of information act.


Anonymous said...

All Done Good Luck


Maureen said...

Done this morning

I am genuinely interested in what response I get.

Anonymous said...

FOI completed and sent Kev



Karen Lloyd said...

Sent it yesterday.

Reply received today that it has been passed on.

Cant wait to see how the criminals in the Council try to get out of it.

All Good Stuff

Love To You and the Lewis Family.

Anonymous said...

Same as the others who have commented, sent this afternoon will await reply.

Anonymous said...

Same as the others who have commented, sent this afternoon will await reply.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant FOI Request

Sent this evening cant wait to hear what the Councils Criminal Illegal Department has too say.

The noose is tightening !


Anonymous said...

All done

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work

I hope thousands complete the forms.

I have passed the link onto my email contacts.

The world is waiting for their reply.

Best of Luck Keep going

Anonymous said...

As a Counci Tax payer I want to know if I am giving money to a criminal organisation or not.


Anonymous said...

When you're up against the Secret state they never fight fair.

Thats what makes them vulnerable and weak.

Everyone can now see what they have done to Linda and her daughter and the more they squirm the more guilty they look.

My FOI was done thia afternoon.



Anonymous said...

That's me done it.

I hope thousands do the same.

Best of Luck

Anonymous said...

We never forgive, we never forget

Rich said...

Could we obtain the information by quoting public interest law.

larryK said...

Sadly, the whistleblocker....the Data Protection Act-that well documented jargon that will only give the information to the actual person to whom it relates-very hard for 6 year olds to do that.

Self investigation is no investigation.