Wednesday 7 December 2011

Liberal Democrat Councillor's admit that their Council has acted illegally.They admit their Council kidnapped and abused a 12 year old child.But do nothing.

The following article is taken from the blogspot of Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats

I thank a long time supporter and friend of Linda and her family for the hat tip. 

Monday, December 05, 2011

Statement about a child

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats make the following response to the recent press release by a far right political organisation:

It was established at a court hearing in Cardiff that an unauthorised act of removal of a minor took place in the United States, and that Councillor Keith Davies was unreasonably denied access to relevant files by officers of Neath Port Talbot county borough. Liberal Democrat members of the council made it clear that we dissociated ourselves from the council's actions then and subsequently. In view of the injunction which we understand still holds in relation to events in the United Kingdom, it would be irresponsible to go further. However, people should not be seduced into voting for a party, whose ethos is anything but democratic, which is flouting court orders and which is taking advantage of a hard case to its own ends.

Councillor Keith Davies and fellow Liberal Democrat council members remain ready to assist Linda Lewis at any time should she call on us to do so. Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats are committed to improvements in children's services in Neath Port Talbot.


Anonymous said...

An admission of failure by Lib Dem councillors/politicians?

These Councillors should know that court orders are discretionary. How many court orders for disclosure have the Council failed to observe? Had they disclosed as they should have perhaps the truth would have come out sooner.

All we need now is for the Swansea Lib Dems to come out and fully apologise to the Gilbert family as they were warned of social services failings well beforehand.

Good Luck with the USA side of things and the land of free speech and no injunctions.

Anonymous said...

Typical Lib Dems... Self righteous bastards

Anonymous said...

How the hell can they attack you Kev when they have sat there for over 2 years doing nothing.

What lunatic wrote that article?

Who the hell do they think they are.

Linda to contact them for Christs sake she would be better contacting Lord Lucan.

He disappeared even quicker than the Lib Dum cowards.

They are finished now anyway.

Anonymous said...

Kevin you have done excellent work on Linda's Case,by ignoring the illegal injunction, and publishing the evidence.

I am annoyed that you have aloud unpleasant comments about Councillor Keith Davies,be posted on your blog.Whatever you think the man has helped attended Court,and have also put in writing that the Council have acted illegally.

These comments are making a mockery of Linda's case, you are aware.Linda's daughter has been held a Medical Hostage, and as been under house arrest since 1998.

If the Liberal Councillors are prepared to expose Council for their illegal acts then for Linda and her Daughter's Sake all parties should be working together.

Please Post my Comment

Thank You

Lindas Friend

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Kev. You have exposed all of these scumbags and shown the Limp Dems up for what they are.... Pathetic.

Keep up the good work mate.


Anonymous said...

The Lib Dems are a waste of time.

Their attitude stinks they should apologise to Linda and her family for washing their hands of them and to you Kevin for their personal insults.

Not one of them would risk a prison sentence to break an illegal injunction I'm sure.


Frances Caie said...

Keith Davies wife is a Social Worker.

No wonder they will not put themselves out on a limb and fully support Linda and family.

Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

It pains me that Linda was taken in by their involvement.

What was being reported back and was Linda being mis-advised.

Such a cover up can only stay hidden by infiltrators.

Make of this what you want.

But I don't see a rush of support from within the Council do you ?

John James said...

Liberal Democrats have admitted the Council is Guilty of kidnapping Linda Lewis/ Daughter Yet? they sit back and do nothing.

So unfair to call you "Far Right"when you have worked hard exposing the criminal injustices in this case,and releasing the evidence
which proves the council and others are guilty of serious criminal acts.

You have worked Hard for the child and family to call a good honest Man "Far Right" will only back fire on the Liberal party.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Councillors Kevin have admitted the Council were Wrong

so guys work together.

Anonymous said...

Frances I believe may well be right.

The most effective weapon that the guilty have is always deception and infiltration.

It has always amazed my why Keith Davies lost interest after that court case in Cardiff.

As a magistrate he knew the crooked Judge Seys Llewellyn.

For those of us that were there he never objected at all to the illegal court.

He said nothing neither did his friend Mr Little.

Was Seys Llewellyn tipped off it makes perfect sense.

After false comfort to Linda they all walked away.

Two and a half years later Linda and her a family have heard nothing from these lowlifes.

We had a good meeting tonight.

Tallamy and Tuttle take advise from Keith Davies and that is their downfall.

Common purpose and a wife in Social Services plus a dodgy personal life is open to abuse by the system.

Blackmail or be exposed

Anonymous said...

A wife in Social Services?
I thought that she worked in the Human Resources Department of Swansea Council.
Is she the same Sue Davies that worked in HR and is now supposed be secretary / assistant to Swansea's Director of Social Services.

Anonymous said...

Keith Davies " State Plant"

He has held back Linda and her fight for years.

We all agree.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Lib Dems have stopped putting up comments on their website.

Probably a bit upset at the response to their shabby little article.

Anonymous said...

if the Council officers have acted unlawfully and withheld information and not told senior officers/councillors then it is the duty of any councillor who knows to demand answers - see Laming Report 2003. The officers who acted unlawfully must be sacked.

That is the time to make forceful inquiries as a councillor not hanwringing about injunctions.

It is now known that judges in Swansea county court are stooges of the social services and being fed information behind the backs of the likes of Linda Lewis.

Why is public money being wasted on public purse employees [teatsuckers] who should have been sacked.

Was a Police officer Azzopardi involved in the illegal abduction? What evidence is there of his involvement - such information would be useful to me as I am currently investigating whether he was invoved in the cover up of failures in the case of Aaron Gilbert.

Kevin Edwards said...


Then Sergeant Azzopardi is up to his neck in the illegality of the kidnapping of Linda's daughter.

We have the evidence and it will be produced in due course.

A very willing and eager participant to this crime.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the published sergeant Azzopardi evidence. He is now a DCI as a result of his south wales policing duties which seems to be not catching criminals but covering up negligence.

Anonymous said...

whatever token or spirited help was given by individual councillors it does not help the Lib Dems to criticise others who have progressed where they failed.

It is also dispiriting to other victims when a party gives the impression of being more concerned with lambasting others thasn doing the right thing in exposing failures [or criminality] in public services.

Look at the two Lib Dem AM's who had to stand down at the last election. One was on the Care Council [looking after social workers] and the other was a former solictor for a N Wales Council [later reinstated as AM]. Could you see them [lib dems] clamping down on state wrongdoing?

Everyone must now become an investigator as far as police and ss are concerned to rely on state sponsored oversight bodies could be fatal. When was this ever going to see the light of day without individuals taking responsibilty to bring it out in the open.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased and happy to see that the liberal councillor's have admitted the Council have acted illegaly.I hope that Linda get's the Justice she deserves soon,she is a darling and have fought for many ywears for her daughter.

Councillor Edwards you are a man to be admired for all the hard work you have done in supporting the Justice For Linda Lewis Camaign.


Port Talbot

Anonymous said...

So the Liberal Councillors admit that the Council have acted illegal

If they knew it was wrong.I can't understand why? they have not taken the appropriate steps to resolve the matter.

I notice they were prepared to insult you Councillor Edwards.

How dare they when you are a "Gem" who have only tryed to expose the criminals in the case.

Sandra Swansea



Anonymous said...

The Liberals have the audacity to Criticize a man of integrity,who has put himself at risk by exposing Criminality.

What are the Liberals going to do, hide, behind the injunction which is no longer applicable.At least you have elucidation what is happening, and have provided hard evidence to substantiate the Crimes comitted in the case.

Have the Liberal Councillors informed the Coalition Government.
If so what was their response.

Anonymous said...

Strange how Swansea Council also enjoy covering up crimes.
Failing to investigate a criminal offence. is the offence of Omission.
Omission is the offence of failing to act where duty requires it ! see: R-V-Dytham.
The fire brigade cannot ignore a fire, that is an Omission.

In police terms the following are all offences
Assisting Offenders: or being an Accessory After the Fact: Or Perverting the Course of Public Justice: or Concealing Offences: or Gross Negligence:
Yet, in this case Sergeant Azzopardi gets promoted for Concealing Offences.

Is this why Swansea and other Councils are employing former Police Officers; to Conceal Offences by officers paid to serve the public.

James said...

I would like to know if PM David Cameron been informed.

Anonymous said...

"Im" amazed that the liberal councillor's know that Neath Port Talbot Council have comitted a crime,yet?they have sat back and done nothing to help.

Bunch of Cowards

Anonymous said...

"Im" amazed that the liberal councillor's know that Neath Port Talbot Council have comitted a crime,yet?they have sat back and done nothing to help.

Bunch of Cowards

Anonymous said...

The Liberals are not to be trusted locally as well as nationally.

Anonymous said...

Was Azzopardi ever investigatesd by South Wales Polioe Professional Standards Dept and/or the Independent Police Complaints Commission?

I suspect if he was it was a waste of time as usual with the PSD/IPCC - but was a complaint made? -especially with the finding of unlawfull removal.

Who was the investigator?

Anonymous said...

Well said regarding Swansea, Mark Roskowski got away with his negligence and mismanagement of childrens protection services before the tragic death of aaron gilbert as with NPT Council the Councillors leave the officers alone without fear of losing their jobs to carry on until retirement with a well feather bedded taxpayer funded pension.

We need "maverick" councillors now with a recession coming not insiders like the Lib Dems.

Sam said...

How can the Councillors state that
(we understand the injunction still holds. When you have broken the injunction by publishing the evidence.

they are cowards hideing behind the injunction. at least you have had the balls to speak out.

good on you

Saly Anne said...

I have just read all about the justice 4 Linda Lewis story.

I am prepared to join the campaign has i feel angry what has happened to both Mother and Child.cruelty beyond belief.

You just cannot beleive how far the so, "called system" will do, to cover-up their Crimes.

The Mother is Lucky to have you fighting her campaign.

Anonymous said...

How can this sort of thing happen in modern day Britain.

it's about time this was in the media for all to see,and anyone who has been involved needs brining to justice.

John said...

Well done Kevin we are 100% behind you in this and will do all we can to support your efforts in exposing this horriffic corruption and tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I commend you on bringing the Lewis case to the fore.

The establishment cannot destroy the Truth.

Gareth James said...

It's all very well admiting that Social Services have done wrong,what i want to know what do these elected Councillors intend doing about it, talk is cheap, action is needed.


Anonymous said...

It is about time these people done something to help talk is cheap.