Tuesday 6 December 2011


News just in that Emma West pleaded Not guilty at a court hearing in Croydon just a few hours ago.  After an adjournment to discover why she had pleaded "Not Guilty" (because she is innocent and there was no crime) they have remanded her in custody for a further four weeks.

The case will now be heard on the 3rd of January. Merry Christmas Emma, hope your children are comfortable with social services.

Meanwhile, four moslem women who racially attacked a young white girl, ripping lumps of hair from her head before battering her unconscious have effectively walked free from court after scum bag, Judge Robert Brown told the unwanted enrichers from Somalia:
'This was ugly and reflects very badly on all four of you.
'Those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside, but I'm going to suspend the sentence.'
Despite, the fact that the moslems screamed"Kill the White Slag", the Dhimmi Judge,Robert Brown, who will one day answer for this judgement, refused to charge them with racial aggravation and although he could have sentenced them to five years imprisonment, because the moslem women had been drinking and claimed that because of their religion, they were not used to its effects he would show leniency.

What sort of excuse is that?


This woman has been arrested, imprisoned, her kids seized by social services, and she has been subjected to psychiatric tests...all because she mouthed off on a tram.
Meanwhile, last week, a couple who raped a one month old baby have been released on bail!
Perhaps the worst thing to come out of this drama is that Miss West has had her children snatched from her by the parasitical social services.
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