Wednesday 23 November 2011

Immediate Welsh Press Release sent Wednesday 23rd November 2011 to over 700 contacts.

Britain First Media Office Immediate release

Former Welsh Inspector of Social Services
David Johnston deliberately fabricated and
entered false and fraudulent evidence
into secret court

The fabricated evidence submitted by David Johnston claimed
 a third party, Miss Penny Mellor, had seen a "suicide letter" written
 by Miss Linda Lewis claiming that she was going
 to "kill her daughter and herself."

This claim has been proven to be untrue in a letter and email from
Miss Penny Mellor published by Councillor Kevin Edwards
of the Britain First patriotic movement.

Neither the child's mother Miss Linda Lewis - or Penny Mellor
- had any knowledge that this fraud was being perpetrated by
Mr David Johnston or that there was a secret court case taking place.

Mr David Johnston's deliberate act of perjury
was to protect the illegal acts previously committed by
Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services
who had removed the sick and frail 12 year old daughter
of Miss Linda Lewis from her hospital bed
in Florida, America, at gunpoint.

They also produced false and fraudulent information
to the American authorities in Florida allowing the
illegal return of Miss Lewis daughter to the United Kingdom
on a false passport under a false name.

This action was also taken by David Johnston
to help cover up for the serious medical negligence that
Miss Lewis daughter was subjected to by doctors
in the United Kingdom as well as his vested interest in
protecting his own social services department.

A completely illegal injunction was taken out by Neath Port Talbot
County Borough Council to cover up for the many crimes.

Using laws such as "Public Interest Act" and others
Councillor Kevin Edwards of Britain First has broken this
illegal injunction under the threat of an immediate
penal sentence to himself.

No injunction can ever be taken out to cover up for criminal acts.

The full story and evidence can be viewed at the following link:


Contact: Cllr Kevin Edwards 07572 775 571


Jane said...

Absolutely distubing all those involved should be prosecuted including the evening post.

Well done Councillor Edwards and Britian First.

Jane said...

Absolutely distubing all those involved should be prosecuted including the evening post.

Well done Councillor Edwards and Britian First.

Susan said...

we the public need answers as to why? this has been allowed to happen.


Paul Thomas said...

I am deeply concerned,there needs to be an urgent investigation.

dan said...

are these people real who could do such a evil thing's keep going truth will always prevail in the end.

Anonymous said...

this is definitley a Human Rights issue.

Andrew said...

The evidence is overwhelming, it beggers belief the state our Country is in. If this is allowed to continue then there is a total break down,of law and order in this Country.

Anonymous said...

I know Linda Excellent work kevin and britain First.let"s hope someone in government will listen instead of ignoring the evidence.


Anonymous said...

An appalling miscarriage of justice has taken place here. Time for this to be put right for all our sakes.


Anonymous said...

David Johnston should be subject to immediate arrest and imprisonment.


Hang your head in shame Mr Johnston.

Ian from Ipswich

Anonymous said...

Makes me think! who is running this Country. I don't know what I would do if this ever happened to me good luck with the justice for Linda lewis campaign.

Anonymous said...

Don"t they know the meaning of honesty is the best policy.

Hope this will be resolved for all concerned soon!

Anonymous said...

Child protection are evil they have swing bricks for hearts.

Anonymous said...

What world are we living in if we cannot protect our children.

Heartfelt Sympathy for the family

I will pray for the Family

GCG said...

We all know about this tragic case

Please win it for all our sake's

Anonymous said...

As a long time friend and supporter of Linda what makes this particularly sickening is that David Johnston used to phone Linda offering his support etc.

While deliberately lying and setting up a false scenario based on perjury and false evidence.

He should be arrested and jailed immediately for a very long time.


Jackie said...


Support Britain First, they seem to be the only Party supporting Justice for Linda Lewis.