Sunday 27 November 2011

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column.The Bridgend Suicides and Neuro Linguistic Programming of our young people.Frightening Stuff.

Brian Gerrish will be speaking in South Wales in the third or fourth week of January 2012 on the subject of the Bridgend Suicides and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Exact location, time and date will be posted later.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kevin your posting it explains everything why the suicides have stopped appearing in the press


Anonymous said...

Kevin, I have been working closely with Brian regarding the suicides over the past few months. I must confess I was at first skeptical, but had a deep personal interest that kept me digging. I have found and have direct proof of the absolute scandal of the century and I don't care who reports it and who has the pat on the back, I just want it out. There is a full Euthanasia project being funded and was procured by George Soros. It has reached the school curriculum, Community centers and the theater. It is all being pushed through the Arts and the same National Arts theater was banned from Hungry 12/2010. I know who is involved, how they are doing it, where the funds are coming from and how they are directing close government control through the same what they call "cultural centers" This is so wicked it is almost fictional. Here is a few samples of what they are doing and bare in mind the cdc report on copy cat suicides- TEENAGE pupils are being taught how to write suicide notes — just 12 miles from tragedy-hit Bridgend. quote-“Teenagers always look to dramatise the issues as much as possible.”-end of quote CDC QUOTE ON MEDIA SUICIDE- "Certain ways of describing suicide in the news contribute to what behavioral scientists call "suicide contagion" or "copycat" suicides.7,9 • Research suggests that inadvertently romanticizing suicide or idealizing those who take their own lives by portraying suicide as a heroic or romantic act may encourage others to identify with the victim.6 • Exposure to suicide method through media reports can encourage vulnerable individuals to imitate it.10 Clinicians believe the danger is even greater if there is a detailed description of the method. Research indicates that detailed descriptions or pictures of the location or site of a suicide encourage imitation.1 • Presenting suicide as the inexplicable act of an otherwise healthy or highachieving person may encourage identification with the victim.6" END OF QUOTE CDC/CENTER OF DISEASE CONTROL OFFICIAL REPORT LINK- There is a lot more, when you get to grips with what they are doing, you will be utterly gobsmacked and if I was being honest, frightened.

The Rampant Plunge said...

Dear Kevin

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us.

Your talk regarding Miss Lewis case was quite extraordinary and so was the Q and A at the end.

It looks like you were right and once again ahead of the game.

Forgive me if I am wrong but who is this person anonymously posting above at 28 November 2011 09:29

I do respect his or her views but for those of us who have advised and worked with Brian and protected him for a lot longer than this.

The evidence presented is so "old hat" it is not worth mentioning.

We have exposed far more over a greater length of time than our " Hopeful Hopper."

Your evidence hard and fast regarding the " Welsh Wreckers " was amazing and accurate beyond doubt.

We are under attack of infiltration by " Bi polar Lunatics " in the pay of the police or a "Fag Paper Lunatic " one wrong word away from arrest by the police.

There are so many NLP plants out there waiting to do some damage pretending to be allsorts including anti - zionists.

It is good that your message has got through to Brian.

Keep it going.

Your Friend


Informer in the know said...

Beware of "Wolves in Sheep's" clothing Kevin..

I suspect this man Tim Rogers as a State Plant.

A destroyer and a fool.

lancy said...

wow that's really amazing.