Sunday 9 October 2011

Prime Time reveals how children from mother and baby homes were used as test subjects by pharmaceutical companies who were trialling new vaccines.

The link below is important.

It is for everyone to know the truth of the many children in care and the medical worlds experiments still going on with them.

Please pass on the link below and continue to be a voice to help our children in care who are still being given drugs,and a voice for many thousands of children in care who are also wrongly diagnosed with ADHD, and given even more drugs with devastating side effects.

Our kids in care are used by pharmaceutical companies and governments know it is going on.

Many kids in care are ordered by the social services and cafcass to under go psychiatric treatment then put on to more drugs, just a little of the truth is here in this link, recently published by the RTE news in Southern Ireland.

Please watch the video on the link below and forward onto as many people as you can.


Kevin Edwards said...
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Anonymous said...

Is this why Mothers concerned about the condition of their children whilst in care are given conflicting "opinions" by doctors.
Does this mean that some GPs are part of this gulag regime and some are not.
The Sinister Family Courts Society /Cartel are a little club which which look after themselves to leech the public purse under a false flag of "acting in the Child's Interest".
Child exploitation and trafficking is a multi £m industry funded by the taxpayer.
Why are British children turning up in South Africa.
Peter Hain MP can you please explain this?
Brothers of the 30+ degrees particularly those of the 33rd degree that may have a concience, where are all the missing children?
What has been done to them?
What rituals / acts have been played on them?