Tuesday 4 October 2011

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column speaks on The British Resistance Paltalk Room

This is an excellent video by Brian Gerrish in which he talks about all the "Evils" that corrupt and rotten Politicians, Judges, Police Officers, Doctors, Social Services and many more are forcing on the people of this once great country.

It was Brian Gerrish who first publicised the appalling case of Linda Lewis and continues to support the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign. "

Brian speaks directly about Linda's case on the video  starting at 35 minutes for approximately 8 minutes.

For those of you who might doubt the reality of what happened to Linda and her daughter this should allay any concerns that you might have had.

In all the video is 2 hours 50 minutes long but is well worth making the time to listen to it in full.


Brian Gerrish of the UK Column will be a guest speaker at a Britain First meeting to be held in Swansea on Monday 31/10/11.

More details will be published at a later date.    

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