Sunday 22 May 2011

" Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " Update.

The fact that there has been no updates on the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " for quite a while does not mean that we have not been active and that the campaign is not making progress. It is.

A lot of the work that has been done  has  been kept quiet and would be classed as " Under the Radar. "  

It took time to transfer all the physical paper evidence held onto disc.

Discs are now held with supporters in the UK and throughout the world.

Progress is being made abroad in that certain  Radio Stations and well known celebrities have received all the information and have expressed  initial interest which our colleagues inform us is likely to be taken further.

We now carry the support of several influencial Christian  and  Civil Rights Groups in America  where "freedom of speech"  has  less restrictions than here in the EUSSR.

Lawyers of faith who answer to God and not to " bent politicians or judges " or even the dollar are making progress on our behalf.

Everything is coming together but it will take time and we must be patient.

It is thirteen years since  Linda's daughter then aged eleven was kidnapped at gunpoint by agents from Neath Port Talbot Social Services using a false passport from her hospital bed in America in order to cover up for medical negligence in the UK.

By law Linda's daughter should have been reunited with her mother when she reached eighteen years of age.

Linda's daughter today is aged twenty five and has still never been reunited with her Mother or loving family.

For those of you unfamiliar with Linda's fight then please view the above video.

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column starts to speak about Linda's case  after about 7 minutes and continues for about the first 4 minutes of the following link.

" What is done in the dark will come out in the light."

Let's hope the light is not too far away.



Danielle said...

The sooner we release the evidence here Kevin the better.

There are too many of us now Linda's case is to big to be covered up any longer.

Unknown said...

Dear Editors,Reporters,

while you are running around after the politicians today with david cameron and Mr Alexsalmond doing the slagging match in edinburgh have a thought for a real issue tommorrow read on

We want you to consider the sentence of ROBERT GREEN in the public interest at stonehaven court tommorrow 17th march 2012 i urge you all to think what this court sentence is really about its not a bad man doing a crime is a GOOD GOOD man trying to prevent child abuse and the lies told within goverment and the police.Robert needs media attention to highlight the true facts of why hes being sentenced.

I feel as do many that when a crime is committed the authorities do a very good job but when child abuse is involved the press the authorities suddenly get a quiet Voice we need to talk out for the victims and the survivors of child abuse we need to shout from our balconys our patios our cars and give the children their voices back.

We also want to bring interest to the media that a event in edinburgh on march 6th will raise awareness of this issue it is a world peaceful protest being held at the scottish parliament buildings with full support of everyone involved in arrangeing this event please visit this page for other uk areas involved in the peaceful protest
Story This Email Reflects

There is a great man being Sentenced tommorrow friday 17th of march 2012 at stonehaven court in aberdeenshire ROBERT GREEN

Telephone: 01569-762758:

I and many supporters of this story wish Him all the luck of the irish as clearly this man the most respected robert green doesnt deserve to get a criminal record for trying to expose cover ups in the scottish justice system and police not investigating a child abuse case properly it further is not fair when the sherriff mr bowen failed to disclose a relationship at roberts trial see above url.

Supporters of ROBERT GREEN are requested to turn up at court in their many tommorrow 17th march and please email all the scottish newspapers radio stations tv stations showing your support for robert.

We can all talk on facebook but taking action as above will be more beneficial to Robert and his sentence we need a public outcry now.

Andy 01507 477 433