Saturday 23 April 2011

Avoid inflammatory Language.

Our message will be stronger if we avoid inflammatory language.

Express your views without insults, without using words like ‘traitors’ or ‘scum’ or any other term with similar connotations.

Do not suggest acts of violence as a solution to any problem.

We support a political party that participates in elections and has elected representatives.

We act within the realm of what is legal.

We all know that extreme anger about what is being done to Britain is widespread, but don’t allow extreme anger to rule.

My suggestion to all moderators and to all contributors and to everybody linked with or related to the British National Party is that we must all protect the British National Party by not engaging in unreasonable behaviour that could jeopardize the organization we so much care about.

It is a shame that certain members of Wales BNP are still incapable of adhering to the above.


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