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Paedophiles and Labour25

London Patriot published an article on 14th March 2011, which they believe has a connection to the following piece.

A Warning to all Parents.
Parents, please warn your families and friends about the ‘Labour25′ Convicted paedophiles in the Labour Party & their agenda to ‘Groom’ our Children.

‘Labour25′ – the Labour Party’s Convicted Paedophile List.

Liam Temple – Labour Councillor and former Mayor (Halton/Cheshire), convicted of `Inciting a child under 16 to commit an act of gross indecency` after the 58-year old Labour pervert had attempted to molest a 12-year old girl.

Stewart Brown – Former Labour Mayor of Hebden Royd, Yorkshire, pleaded guilty at Leeds Crown Court to 21 offences of possessing indecent images of children and one of distributing the depraved pictures.

Sam Chaudry – Labour Councillor and Mayor-Elect (Merton/London) – Due to become Merton’s first Asian Mayor before he was arrested – tried and convicted of multiple sex attacks on young girls. One of his victims was a 5-year old.

Nicholas Green – Labour Mayor and Council Leader (Westhoughton/Lancashire)- convicted and jailed for 10 years for 3 rapes and 13 counts of indecent assault against little girls between the age of 6 and 10.

Keith Potts – Labour Party Councillor and junior School Governor

Alan Prescott – Labour Councillor (Hornchurch/Essex), also a senior magistrate, convicted and jailed for 2 years for molesting children at the East London care home where he was the superintendent.

Terry Power - Labour Party Councillor, sex attacks on boys.

Joseph Shaw
– In April 2009 A former Wigan Labour councillor who downloaded child porn and had a gun and ammunition in his safe was jailed for six years. A court heard that Joseph Shaw’s offending came to light after his daughter found the indecent images on his computer. Liverpool Crown Court heard that Shaw had been a Labour councillor for Wigan West for three years and also a member of the Greater Manchester Transport Authority.

George Harding – Labour Party Councillor, indecent assault on a child.

Lee Benson
– Labour Councillor (Halton/Leeds), convicted after pleading guilty on 12 counts of possession of indecent images of children, featuring youngsters between the ages of 5 and 11.

Raymond Coates – Former Labour Councillor (North Yorkshire), charged along with his son Philip Coats with child rape, using threats to procure a woman for sex and, wait for it… inciting a woman to have sex with an animal. Coates junior was sentenced to 13 years in prison for his part in the Father & Son rape and bestiality double-act, although the trial of 76-year old Raymond Coats was abandoned after the court ruled he was too ill to stand trial.

Les Sheppard – Labour Councillor (Coxhoe/Durham) – convicted on ten counts of indecent assault on young girls between the ages of 9 and 13. Jailed for 2 years, and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

Martyn Locklin – Labour Councillor (Newton Aycliffe/Durham – In Tony Blair’s Sedgefield constituency), convicted on 8 counts of rape and indecent assault on teenage boys and jailed for 15 years (reduced to 12 on appeal). Locklin was a top local Party bigwig on first-name terms with Tony Blair,

Nelson Bland – Labour Councillor (Wokingham/Berkshire), convicted on 16 counts of possession and distribution of hardcore child porn.

Greg Vincent – Labour Councillor (Newham/London), Election Agent to Labour MP Tony Banks at the 2001 General Election – convicted and given a 2-year community rehabilitation order for possession of hardcore kiddie porn films

Alec Dyer Atkins – Labour Councillor (Northampton/Northamptonshire), and former School Governor, convicted and jailed for 2 years for downloading more than 42,000 pictures and films described in court as “Horrifying images of child abuse”. Dyer-Atkins was a member of an international paedophile ring called `The Shadows Brotherhood.

Keith Rogers – Labour Councillor (Westlands/Worcestershire), convicted, fined, and placed on the sex offender’s register after downloading over 2,000 hardcore child porn photos on his computer.

Paul Diggert – Labour Parliamentary candidate (Cheadle/Cheshire), subject of a 2002 police investigation into the alleged procurement of underage girls for sexual purposes via internet chatrooms. According to the `Sunday Mirror` (3/11/02), Diggert had admitted to having four underage girls that he was `grooming` for sex. In 2004 Diggert was convicted of making and distributing indecent pictures of children.

Peter Tuffley – Labour Party Official (North West England Regional Officer, and parliamentary adviser to one time Home Office Minister responsible for crime and policing, Hazel Blears), convicted and jailed for 15 months and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years in 2006, for the sexual molestation of a 13-year old boy that he had previously `groomed` on the internet. Tuffley was described as a `rising star` within the Labour Party.

Mark Trotter - Labour Party member & super activist – child rapist with Aids.

Yusef Azad - Labour Party on the Greater London Assembly. Computer seized in anti-Child Porn Operation.

Gilbert Benn – Labour Party Councillor. Molesting a boy.

David Spooner – Labour Councillor (North Lincolnshire), convicted and jailed for 1 year for masterbating in front of 2 young boys.

 Mark Tann – Prominent Kent Labour Party activist (who met Tony & Cherie Blair at Party functions) convicted and jailed for 15 years in 2002 for sexually assaulting a girl of 9, and raping a 4-year old girl on 2 separate occasions.
Lestyn Tudor Davies – Labour Councillor (Bridgend/South Wales), convicted, jailed for 7 years, and placed on the sex offender’s register for life in 2005, for repeatedly raping a 9-year old girl.

Michael Barnes – Labour Party Councillor – downloading Child Porn
On trial…

John Friary – Labour Party Councillor – Grooming a child on the internet on Facebook for Sex. She is only 13 years old.

This is the reason why paedophiles are attracted to the Labour Party. The Labour Party’s whole agenda is paedophilia with our Children.

The Labour Party Sex Education films for minors – why are our Children being ‘Groomed’ in the Classroom ?

Why did the Labour Party decide without warning to introduce Sex Education for children as young as 5 years old? One publication is called ’4you’ which included a section on masturbation.

You wouldn’t allow a child to watch an X rated video, so why is it ‘acceptable’ to watch it in Schools?

Why would a child that young need to know about Sex or how to use Condoms?

Children are being asked at 10 years old about whether they are gay, lesbian, cross-dressing or straight. Why?

Why would an adult need to know this?

What is the gain for this to children?

What is the gain for this with a Paedophile ?

The Labour Party’s Hariett Harman was involved With ‘PIE’ (Paedophile Information Exchange.) wanting to ‘water-down’ Child Porn Laws. ”As long as the child is not hurt it’s ok” she said. Also, she wants to lower the age of consent to 14. She also wanted to decriminalise incest.

The Labour Party’s Hariett Harman & child killer Myra Hindley connection…
Hariett Harman’s uncle was Lord Longford ! The only person who campaigned for child killer Myra Hindley to be set free !!

And further North.

A number of Scottish Labour Party officials were/are allegedly involved in the Paedophile sex ring called ‘The Speculative Society’.

Downs Syndrome girl Hollie Greig was ritually abused by this paedophile satanic group, and the establishment is trying to hide the evidence due to the high profile of those allegedly involved. Was Holly Greig’ uncle murdered (maybe) for trying to expose the truth?

In Scotland, the Dunblane massacre uncovered a paedophile ring which involved numerous Labour party officials, the most high profile of which was the Labour Peer and former Secretary General to N.A.T.O. Lord George Robertson. The facts were ‘buried’ when an outrageous 100 year ‘gagging’ order was imposed. A 100 year gagging order is as rare as hens teeth, what was the reason for the imposition of this one?

Tim Russo, a Labour party worker who arranged the visits for Charles Clarke as home secretary, has a conviction for procuring young boys for sex.

Google ‘Labour25′, that’s the new name we have given to the Labour Party.

Only a Paedophile would put Paedophiles in power !

‘PaP’ (parents against paedophiles)
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