Monday 8 November 2010

More NUJ Jobs under threat !

I don’t think you need me telling you how vicious the MSM, and the NUJ in particular are towards the British National Party, and anyone else opposed to mass immigration, diversity and paedophilia (they back perverts like Pete Tatchell who want to have sex with 12-year-old boys).

You will therefore be delighted to know that eight more jobs are under threat at Newsquest’s Northern Echo as a result of the plan to merge its subbing team with that of its sister weekly papers.

The National Union of Journalists has warned the proposed job cuts include axing two sub editors, a reporter, an assistant editor, a production editor, a website assistant, a librarian and a graphic designer.

All remaining subs will be required to apply for new jobs in the pooled subbing team which works in three separate shifts.

Newsquest North East claims the changes are part of an efficiency drive that will save it £130,000 a year, according to the union.

Chris Morley, NUJ Northern and Midlands organiser, said: “The attack on editorial quality at a flagship centre like the Northern Echo through continued, deep and damaging job cuts shows the company’s disdain for hard working staff…

“It is also clear Newsquest has no concern for quality journalism and the long-term future of its titles.

“Newsquest is too pre-occupied with servicing the massive debt [parent company] Gannett built up to buy the UK group – Manchester United-style – and putting money into US shareholders’ pockets.

“Our members are the company’s best assets and they are sick of being treated with contempt with a seemingly endless pay freeze and other constant attacks on their terms and conditions by a management that appears to view its staff as an enemy.

“The NUJ will not stand by idly if members are picked on to be forced out of their jobs.”

Whatever the truth is, these journalists don’t deserve any pity or support.

They feel entitled to abuse their position printing lies about a perfectly legitimate political party even though they know they are breaking the law, they are also perfectly aware we cannot afford to sue them in court, and libel laws apply to individual and not political parties.

Of course they are entitled to have their own opinion and, at the same time, we are entitled to jump with joy whenever any of those unwashed marxists get fired as they finally pay the price for their arrogance and contempt for ordinary voters.

Maybe the problem is that the number of journalists sacked is not high enough.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the tide is turning.

This country is being run by scum,liars and thieves.

The press are vindictive,lying and biased against us.

They help keep parasites like Francis and Gibbons in power even though they cover up for attempted murder against an innocent child.

A couple of lowlifes.