Wednesday 14 April 2010

Would you buy a used car from this man ? Part 1

I wouldn't!
The following is taken from the election leaflet of Hywel Francis.
" I am proud of Labours record since 1997 which has reduced long term unemployment in Aberavon by 75%."
Who does he think he is kidding ?
Is this the same Labour Party that recently featured in articles in The Daily Mail who stated that 98% and The Daily Express who stated that 92% of jobs created under this deceitful and corrupt Labour Government have gone to immigrants ?
Words fail me !
Is there an election coming ?


Anonymous said...

How can peeople vote for either Francis or Hain ? If either of these get in again expect five more years of all talk and absolutely no action..

These two have betrayed the working class. I hope the working class voters who put them in parliament last time have woken up and throw them out this time.

If they don't the only certainty is things will get worse. Much worse. These two have demonstrated their contempt for the working class, and that is never going to change.

Vote BNP. It the only real aternative, because the other mainstream parties are no better....

Anonymous said...

Anonymus above - don't forget that this man along with his terrorist butty has violated people's right for clean air.
You only have to see the "soup" that hangs in the air above Neath Port Talbot.
Don't worry about the people, whats in it for me attitude.
Does this man care as children cough and splutter under the air pollution that he has caused.

Anonymous said...

Panic Panic as the air above the UK gets polluted by a volcano from thousands of miles away.
Has anybody cared about the air pollution that has hung over and affected the people of Port Talbot for years.

Anonymous said...

The pollution station sorry i meen the air quality station has moved because of the record levels of pollution and the stats get put back to zero. How can this happen easy New Labour tactics they are above the las of the land and Hywel Francis sees's to that with rubber stamping the papers. This yellow no back bone cretin will be brought before the corrupt courts with other criminals in power to face charges that they have committed.

One day it will come Kevin, we will wait and put the effort it every year, Fact!
We have a new Neath Port Talbot branch and a good comradery team that will never be broken by the Facist U.A.F led by Peter the terrorist Hain

Neath Port Talbot Branch Member


I read this air pollution issue with interest and take it seriously.
I spent many years carrying out aerial photography. The Port Talbot area was always difficult. The conditions had to be right specially at higher than normal altitudes.
There was always a layer of smog pollution that hung in the air particularly at around 2,500 to 3,000ft and would wisp across Swansea Bay.
I would imagine it is even worse now with the growth of energy plants.
Ask any pilot and am sure that he/she cannot deny that it is there.
Regards, Meirion