Monday 22 February 2010

Can Britain stand another decade of Labour/Tory Madness ?

Traditional British society is collapsing under the burden of the globalist multicultural experiment foisted upon us by decades of Tory and Labour party rule.

All across Britain, the number of police stations, traditional pubs, post offices, libraries, sports and social clubs have dropped dramatically in number, paralleling exactly the rise in Third World immigration.

A report by the Government’s own Valuation Office Agency, released as part of their latest revaluation of business rates, shows that the number of police stations has fallen by 160; the number of hospitals and clinics is down by 580, while the number of schools has dropped by 2380 — despite an increased population base.

The number of post office branches has fallen by 39 percent, from 19,000 in 1997 to 11,500 today.

Some 200 public libraries have been closed and the number of sports and social clubs has slumped by more than half, with 11,680 closing since 1997.

About 3460 traditional pubs have also closed over the last ten years.

According to the report, bookmakers, nightclubs and supermarket chains have increased to replace traditional High Street shops — a symptom of globalisation which is affecting all Western nations.

Traditional grocers and local shops have been hit by the rising number of large supermarkets, which have risen by 49 percent.

It is not only the physical destruction of the traditional way of life which has affected Britain.

Decades of reckless spending to finance all manner of daft projects not in the interests of the people of this country has seen the UK national debt reach £848.5 billion (or 59.9 percent of Gross Domestic Product as of 18 February, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The national debt is the total amount of money the British government owes to the private sector and other purchasers of UK gilts.

From figures published February 18th 2010, UK public sector net debt, excluding “financial sector intervention” (the bankster bailout) stood at £743 billion or 52.7 percent of the GDP.

The annual Government borrowing forecast for 2009/10 is for net borrowing of a further £178 billion or 12.6 percent of GDP — almost identical to that of Greece which has sparked off a major crisis on the financial markets.

Can Britain withstand another decade of this madness?

The answer is: unlikely.

Only a British National Party government would halt the reckless spending on immigration, illegal foreign wars, foreign aid, asylum and EU subsidies which together would come close to wiping out this national debt.

In addition, we should plan to regenerate the manufacturing industry in Britain.

This alone will recreate the employment and skills levels needed to rebuild Britain, which in turn will lead to the regeneration of viable community life — and the return to traditional British culture and heritage, all of which are being steadily rooted out after decades of Tory and Labour misrule.


Anonymous said...

One essential policy must be to cut taxes otherwise manufacturing companies will continue to set up abroad. I visited the Triumph Motorcycle factory last year and was told that on one factory here they pay £2m a year business rates whereas in Thailand on the same size factory they pay £20,000. That is why they produce abroad. We can cut taxes by using the money we save from at least cutting back on foreign aid.

Anonymous said...

The answer is NO Councillor Edwards, and no more new labour for Port Talbot! These utterly stupid no entry signs for Water Street are driving us resident’s crackers, why force us around the bypass when we only need to go 50 yards. I sure Gordon brown is so worried about climate change that their new labour council’s ask us to drive further than necessary and make matters worse! I hope you get into the Aberafan seat and kick these corrupt loonies out and stand in front of the judge for their crimes! Brilliant leaflet by the way, you have my vote come May and i can see you beating Hywel ‘can’t help you sorry’ Francis to the hot seat.

Warm wishes


Anonymous said...

New Labour's election should be based on their lies and rubbish they spout,


After numerous mistakes and deaths by social services, bankers bailout, businesses closing and gordon brown gives our money away to rich countries and tell us it will go to help their country what about Great Britain we are suffering there again if the gravy train workers get free gas, free electric, free food, free duck house, free log store roof, free travel, how are they going to notice what is happening in council estates. Can you tell how annoyed i'm feeling by my rant.
This Port Talbot council is no different, I hope you expose the corruption that has gone on and please tell everyone how to burn down a listed building and build flats on the property that is left, how these corrupt council leaders sleep at night beggers belief.
Hotel on Aberafan beach front
Hotel by the old beach hill
No names but everyone knows which buildings
Prison is to good for these roques!

Kevin Edwards said...


Thanks for posting you are right.Taxes must be cut and can be.

With regard to the rates paid by the Triumph Motorcycle factory simply by withdrawing from the farcical and corrupt European Union would save the country £45-50 million pounds A DAY !

Money that we would spend on our own people and industry.For every pound we give the EU we only receive 60p back. It's madness.

Stop the £8 Billion in foreign aid and £9 Billion a year in fighting an illegal war and plough it into the NHS and education and you would see results overnight.



Kevin Edwards said...


Thanks for commenting.

You are right the closing of Water Street is madness and serves no purpose. I have received many emails and phone calls on this issue from people in the Fairfield and surrounding area.

I will also be signing the petition next week and will do all I can to help.

My suggestion is that you all get a petition together and demand a £60 rebate from NPTCBC on your Council Tax.

I estimate on current petrol prices ( who knows what they will be next week ! ) that you will use an extra gallon of petrol, £5 a month by going around the "Wacky Races Course."

Let's see how they respond.