Saturday 20 February 2010

Britains loss = India's gain. What this Government or the National Press won't tell you.

Corus (formerly British Steel) is a subsidiary of the Tata Group, India’s largest business empire.

What you won’t read in our national press, or hear discussed on mainstream TV, is that by closing down the Redcar steelworks it will receive around £600 million in ‘credits’ from the World Bank because of the carbon emissions this is alleged to save.

The financing of these ‘carbon credits’ (all part of the global warming scam) comes under the United Nation’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Now what is really outrageous (apart from not hearing one word of criticism from the Lib-Lab-Con or the UKIP clowns) is that 1,700 British jobs have been lost on Teesside so that in India the same £600 million in UN CDM credits could be received by Tata for building a steelworks of similar capacity to Redcar in Orissa in India.

Stinks doesn't it.

No wonder Hywel Francis never says anything !



Considering that Port Talbot already has the most polluted air in Wales and the 2nd most polluted air in the UK.

And that Port Talbot already breaks the UK limit on carcinogenic Benzo[a]Pyrenes emmissions.

As well as the Prenergy Power Station Pumping more pollution into already polluted air ( allowing this to go ahead is nothing short of insane ).

Then it could well be feasible that Tata might decide in the future to pocket another huge wad of cash by closing down Corus in Port Talbot under the CDM scheme.

I would "fight like hell " to stop this if elected.


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