Wednesday 25 March 2015

Quote " It is hard to believe that they have gotten away with this for so long. "

Kevin Edwards "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign" UPDATE - UK Column News 24th March 2015. 

The update regarding the latest events starts at 13 minutes 35 seconds.

It really is difficult sometimes to take in the level of corrupton and deceit that the guilty are prepared to use against an innocent mother and daughter to protect their own criminal positions and corporations.

The title of this article says " It is hard to believe that they have gotten away with this for so long " and was sent to me as a comment by a long time supporter of Linda.

But the overwhelming feeling amongst everyone actively supporting Linda is " There is no way that this can be covered up forever. "

My interview is about 17 minutes long and needs no introduction.

As usual many things are happening behind the scenes to get justice for Linda Lewis ( who has never been arrested in her life ) so stick with us. Interesting times ahead.

Perverting the course of justice and tipping off an individual or a corporation that they are likely to be under investigation or are under suspicion is a serious criminal offence.

To read what happened to a Sergeant from the Metropolitan Police who did the same recently click HERE 

Thanks for all your support.



Jenny said...

Unbelievable Kevin but on a positive note this just hightens peoples growing awareness of how sick the authoritarian scumballs are so keep going .

Right behinbd you

Carol said...

I have known Linda for many years and you couldn't meet a nicer person.

Arrested WTF they have got to be joking.

How corrupt are they ? FFS

Speak Soon

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this item from the Isle of Wight, known as paedo haven of the UK...Do read it all carefully as I am sure Im seeing things here as in "The Police felt in real danger" so they didn't do anything ...!!!

Anonymous said...

So after many many years the Welsh Police have now decided to invent an arrest for Linda from December 1998 but they don't know who arrested her and on what charge ????????

Obviously Linda was never charged which would not be difficult as she was never arrested in the first place.

What an absoulute disgrace.

Carwyn Jones end this now.

Marva said...

I can't believe this is still going on. I met Linda in Florida when she brought her daughter legally for medical help.I had my children taken from me while at work years before and never got them back. The father took them and according to the law at that time the father had the prime right.My lawyer fought and I never got them back and I can tell you there is nothing worse than losing your children.I pray for Linda every day and I hope those responsible will have to pay for their sins and she will be reunited with her daughter.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely farcical whats gone on here.

Total admiration for you for exposing all this corruption .


Anonymous said...

Question Is it too much to ask for ‪integrity‬ in police and government ?

Answer No !

So how come there isn't any ?

Anonymous said...

The police have now exposed themselves as a criminal operation.

Anonymous said...

Child Abuse Victims Call For Met Police To Hand Over Paedophile Ring Probe- See more at:

Met Police. Protecting Criminals NOT arresting them,

Anonymous said...

Abuse of police data by Metpolice‬ sergeant and London council.

Delyth said...

Police fail to investigate rapes and child abuse, Commons committee is told

No wonder they won't investigate Linda's case which is watertight.

If they did half the Lodges in Wales would be empty as the Masonic Police Culprits and Politicians and Social Workers would be in jail.

Right behind you all my friend.

Anonymous said...

If the police were really here to protect us the politicians would already be in jail.

Karen Lloyd said...

A criminal cover up of enormous propotions.

Keep going all I know you will get there.

Anonymous said...

Arrest Carwyn Jones NOW !

Anonymous said...

I can spot a good un,and your one Kevin.Justice for Linda and her family has to be seen to be done.Don't the police realise what they have done by their criminal collaboration ? I know and you know the score!

They will pay as discussed. Malfaesance in public office and perverting the course of justice is just the tip of the iceberg.

Donna X

Sheila said...

They will try anything Kevin.

I had the privilege of meeting you and Linda and others in Stoke a few years ago.

Intensely interested in how this whole thing plays out now.

There is no way on earth can they defend their actions anymore.

Our day cometh and it cometh soon.

Anonymous said...

All power lies with the people. It is now only a matter of time before the people of the isles of Britain awaken to their sovereignty and begin to exercise it in order to put right the multiple wrongdoings of those miscreants and criminals who populate all levels of the fake state-corporatism whose tyranny knows no bounds.

Corrupt Politicians and Police chose your side.

We are the 99%.

Anonymous said...

All local authorities are criminal corporations stop paying your council tax to support these scums lifestyles.

Jeff Thomas said...

It's not just Linda who's being denied the truth by the Met Police see this

Looks like the Met and Wales Police are nothing more than protectors of Carwyns Criminal Regime and others.

Sickening how our police force protects the guilty and persecutes the innocent.

Anonymous said...

A deliberate cover up by the met and south wales police to protect the welsh government neath port talbot council and other sick and twisted criminals.

A deliberate and cynical abuse of Lindas Human Rights.

Anonymous said...

At least 40 UK politicians complicit in alleged Westminster 'pedophile ring' – report

And the whole of the Welsh Assembly Government complicit in protecting criminals and covering up what has been done to Linda.

Makes my blood boil.

Anonymous said...

Scotland Yard investigated over three more VIP child abuse cover-ups taking total to 17

And Linda Lewis makes 18.

Arrest Carwyn Jones and protect Welsh Children !

Anonymous said...

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones.

Phil Swan said...

I've been following this case for a long , long time.This really shows this vile, vindictive, cruel Labour controlled Welsh government in their true light and the lengths theat they and Carwyn Jones will go to protect his filthy corrupt friends.

Neil said...

Keep going folks. It won't b e long before you nail these bastards despite their pathetic attempts at self preservation.


Anonymous said...

are these secret injunctions being used to stifle any exposure of the close ties between the various bodies ie Cafcass/SS/Police/Judges - it would be interesting to know the extent this goes on in swansea.

something our newly elected MP's can ask after May 7th. Hywel francis the champion of human rights certainly wasn't up to the job - or maybe he was and will be rewarded with a Lords seat?

Kevin Edwards said...

@anonomous 31 March 2015 at 17:05

Hywel Francis was Chairman of the Parliamentary Group on Human Rights.

He was told to bring up the breach of Linda and her families Human Rights in Committee.

He wouldn't, but that is no surprise as he is criminally implicated in the Linda Lewis case.

He gave a load of waffle , promised Linda help then wrote to her saying there was nothing he could do.

Luckily we have this conversation taped as we expected nothing more than false promises and double standards from this disgrace as of a man.


Anonymous said...

Met Police sex abuse 'cover-up' inquiry extended.

Linda joins many others.

Anonymous said...

surely it is now a question to any politician/social services/police etc in any case such as this one where there has been a cover up aided by an injunction -

if are not doing anything about it are you a part of a paedophile ring or conspiracy ? if you are not you may be allowing a Rotherham/Oxford/westminster abuse etc etc to happen without telling the public by whom you are being paid?

Spooner said...

Corruption trickles down & scum will rise, inside a criminal regime.

Welcome to Carwyn Jones Welsh Assembly Government and Neath Port Talbot Council.

Wayne Morris said...

There is no way Linda was arrested. Linda hates violence or hurting people in any way. How these people have the cheek to say falsify records to show she was arrested is way beyond me/

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I really have to check myself that this isn't just a nightmare. We really do live in a dystopian society where the police cover up ‪and protect child abusers, persecute those good people who speak out for the protection of our children.

Our politicians are also complicit and a disgrace.

Time for taking back what they have stolen.

How the hell did we collectively let it come to this point?