Saturday 14 March 2015

Carwyns Criminal Cabal can't keep covering up the "Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign" ?

First Minister Carwyn Jones’ aide, and one of the Labour Party’s most prominent young Welsh politicians has sensationally quit the party tonight, citing

“abhorrent misuse and blatant politicking”
for his decision to leave the party.

Luke Ellis, who is also a Labour councillor in Bridgend, has slammed his former colleagues for being part of an organisation that is

“nothing more than a cult-like mafia that is frightened of free speech, terrified of dissenting voices.”

Describing Labour leader Ed Miliband as a

“hapless chuckle brother,”
Mr Ellis writes that Mr Miliband will

“lead the party to the inevitable defeat coming it’s way in less than 100 days.

“There are several sources of information that outline the multimillionaire’s catalogue of failures and his massive disconnect with the public could not be more obvious than it already is.”
Earlier today, the Mail on Sunday published a scathing attack on Mr Miliband, written by none other than the Editor of the New Statesman, Jason Cowley.
Mr Cowley wrote that:

“With each passing week, Miliband grows increasingly isolated…Miliband never had many cheerleaders in the Shadow Cabinet – not least because most of them didn’t vote for him in the first place – but even the ones he once had have grown distant and silent.
“When you speak to them about his leadership, they shake their heads, more in sorrow than anger.”
Where Mr Ellis’ resignation leaves Carwyn Jones and the Labour Party in Bridgend is unclear, but as the general election draws nearer, the fissures in the Labour Party widen.



Anonymous said...

This case is and always has been from the beginning a disgrace that falls completely in the lap of the corrupt Council in Port Talbot and the Labour Party. Keep going they can't hide this forever.

David Rees AM is a disgrace.

Love to Linda and her family.


Tom said...

The game is up fot NPTCBC and the Labour tyrants just keep going my friend.

Any help as usual you know where I am.

They don't have a leg to stand on and never did.


Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones is a criminal with the blood of the Suicidal Children of Bridgend on his hands.

He is finished let's just hope it's soon.

We dont need this demonic freemason anywhere near anything to do with the people of Wales.

Anonymous said...

Lyn "Chubby" Naylor still skulking round the Swansea Courts.

Looks like legal aid is still paying well on child kidnapping case, sorry I meant to say adoption and other childrens act cases.