Tuesday 5 August 2014

Are Your Children Under Threat From Satanic Services ? This Might Be A Possible Remedy.

The Removal of Implied Access ( Above ) and Withdrawal of Consent ( Below) documents need to be amended with the persons own address and signed. Also the name of the relevant Local Authority needs to be entered. Also the figure of £10,000 can be changed should you wish to do so.

Also Included ( below ) is a document which covers your  " Unalienable Rights " as a Human Being.

 All three documents then need to be posted on the front door and gates of your property.

It is vital that all three documents are sent recorded or registered post ( for proof of delivery/signature ) to the following people.

1 - The Chief Of Police in the area.

2 - The Head of Legal Services at the Local Authority/Council

3 - The Head of Social Services at the Local Authority/Council.

If the parent has already been contacted by the SS and the names of said Social Workers are known then the three documents should also be sent registered/recorded delivery to these individuals as well.

When these documents are sent you should keep all receipts and take print out of signatures from the Post Office website which will also give you date and time of signature.

You have now started a Lawful trail that proves that the relevant people have been notified in advance of your intentions which should (theoretically) prevent any further visit to your property.

Should a visit occur you can use the proof of delivery signatures in your defence and question them being there.

It is vital to note that in my research and that of others many Police Officers ( operating under oath/Common Law ) hate having to accompany the SS because they generally regard them as scum and don't want to be involved.

The actions that you have taken by withdrawing consent and implied rights of access will prompt the Police Officers to leave with a smile on their face.

The role of the Police Officers is simple and that is to ensure that no " Breach of the peace takes place. "

It should be obvious based on your actions that the only crime now being committed is by that of the SS who are TRESPASSING on your property and are attempting to breach your Human Rights as stated.

For more case laws on Trespassing have a look at this link

Although it is aimed at Bailiffs you can change Bailiffs to " Any Party " and the same case laws apply.

It is worth the victim taking several print outs of these case laws to quote to the SS and police should they be awkward and refuse to leave your property as they HAVE to.

Another important step to take although this can be difficult for many people is to involve as many friends, neighbours and family in your fight.

Ensure that as many of these turn up on your doorstep as possible should you be paid a visit.

They are witnesses to what you have said and will hopefully provide you with a sworn affidavit in your defence should you need it.

They have also known you for a long time and the same applies as to giving you excellent character references should the need arise.

Remember the SS will happily pay a psychiatrist or some other crank around £3000 to make up a favourable report on their behalf to entrap you often without ever having met you.

I think that more or less covers the logic behind this move.

Let's just hope it works.

The people I have run the idea past certainly think it has strong merit.

It is worth remembering that we are all not trained in law and cannot guarantee results but having some defence is better that having no defence at all.

Worth noting also (and please do spread this around) is that IF they ignore it & bring Police, there is a chance of Police attempting forced entry and if challenged they will incorrectly quote PACE Sec 17 1(e) as being 'concern for welfare'. What they get wrong is that particular section states 'life or limb risk' & 'concern for welfare' is NOT sufficient threshold for them to force entry (Syed v Director of Public Prosecutions [2010] WLR (D) 1)

In other words, if you're faced with a potential forced entry, the officer must have good reason to suspect 'life or limb' risk, NOT simply 'concern for welfare' cos a social worker says so.

Also worth spreading around is that a SW cannot visit your children without your permission (at school, nursery etc which are not covered by the Implied Rights notice) unless they have evidence to suggest the child is at 'imminent risk of harm' as per Sec47 Childrens Act 1989 .

We hope that these small steps will help you.

Stay safe and God Bless the children

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Thanks also to Allison for input.


Could I please ask everyone reading this article to sign this petition



Anonymous said...

Well done all of this makes sense.

I wish I had this last year when they stole my boy on a bed of lies.

"Francis the Fail" our cretinous excuse for an MP did nothing.

Waste of time that man.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Info

Thank You

Anonymous said...

"Francis the Fail" is part of it all.
Why has he not signed the call for Investigation into Child Abuse.
Complicit to the Labour Paedophile Club.

Anonymous said...

Neath Port Talbot's chief executive Steven Phillips was also that authority's biggest earner, receiving a salary of £134,253. The authority also made £30,940 employer pension contributions for that year.

Read more: http://www.southwales-eveningpost.co.uk/4-city-staff-earned-figure-wages/story-22073720-detail/story.html#ixzz39YRpz3xt

What a bunch of overpaid useless twats

Anonymous said...

Those responsible for the deliberate destruction of our families , children, traditions and culture should hang.

Not in my name.

Anonymous said...

Heart breaking story about local family


Anonymous said...

It is conclusive now and for all too see.

The vast majority of our elected politicians and Social Workers are sick and depraved beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

They need to be removed and then held to account in trials with a jury.

Never trust them, ever.

Anonymous said...

Social Services have no right to instruct police to force entry into your property under any circumstances.

The agenda of the SS is quite purely theft and to take children away to be abused by the system that our politicians take advantage of and support

Elm guest house ring a bell.

Children are being taken to satisfy paedophiles , medical research and to be sold as a cash asset for the local councils.

This must stop. This will stop.

Our time is coming with a vengeance.

Jack Young said...

Thanks for this well researched info.

Picked it up off Chris Spiveys facebook page.

SS have been trying to take my children for no reason other than lies for about 9 months.

Anonymous said...

The whole fooking establishment wants throwing in the skip.

Dereck said...

The tide is definitely turning, I can feel it in the air.

And when the tipping point comes, never again will the corrupters in Westminster and Cardiff Bay get anywhere near a government position.

A cell and a long sentence is what we are now looking at for these scumballs.

People have had enough and I truly believe that the Linda Lewis case has more than enough potential to be the straw that breaks the camels back.

In fact the camels back is well and truly broken it is just that the camel still being ridden by Carwyn of Arabia is slowly going lame.

Remember,the hoax of the WAG and NPT Council that everything regarding Lindas case was done above board could not have taken place without the backing of Carwyn and his brothers in the Dinas Llandaff Lodge.

A 12 year old kid can fathom out what has happened here by just spending 30 miutes on your blog Kevin.

Where are David Rees and Hywel Francis now after all the evidence that has been entrusted to them.

Have they now made a conscious decision to cover up this crime as well ?

Have they themselves voluntarily decided to become criminals ?

Why is David Michael still head of illegal services in the Civic Centre ?

As I have said my friend

The tide is definitely turning, I can feel it in the air.

Marva said...

These people make a joke out of the word "Legal" don't seem to know what it even means.Time for a big Government Do Over seems to me.I truly hope that When Linda Lewis gets her daughter back it will end all this and you will have a government "For The People"

Anonymous said...

When you have Tom Jones, Catherine Jenkins, Catherine Zeta Jones, Charlie Sheene and Anthony Hopkins all saying they are proud to be Welsh.
Is this what they have to be proud of. Human Exploitation, sexploitations, teenage genocides, oppression, human trafficking, bureaucratic terrorism, human experimentation, lawless and pandemic corruption on their doorsteps.
Wakey, wakey, what are you on folks! Can I have some of it?
Are you really proud of all this, the cesspit of Satan's Sewer disguised as Wales where no proud man, woman or child is safe.

Watcher said...


Please listen to Sonia Poulton, journalist


Time to bring our politicians to account.

Time to arrest these useless Marxist paedophilic crooks.

Arwel said...

Its about time we all start doing something. people are starving to death, children being kidnapped by the state family’s are being destroyed.

We cant even eat or drink natural anymore with all the GMO poisons and other toxic materials on a daily basis, what also has increased in cancer worldwide.

So yea I and many others are backing you Kev and all the people who wish to free.

“United we stand, divided we fall”

But we will not fall they will

Anonymous said...

We need to regain ownership of our law. The law is REALLY SIMPLE.

The law belongs to the people, not the state. The law is DO NO HARM.

Government claims it is necessary and lawful to make new laws, but it seems clear to me that this is a FRAUD and it’s very intention is to allow some people to break the real law ( Mainly Pervert politicians ).

No written legislation is necessary: DO NO HARM covers the WHOLE LAW.

Voting does not confer legitimacy, it’s a charade intended to give the illusion of choice.

Legitimacy comes from CONSENT, and consent can ONLY be sought & obtained by CONTRACT as you correctly point out my friend.

The only lawful form of government is a contractual government.

Coercion ( As in Linda's battle is ALWAYS against the law).

Politicians are always AGAINST the law but also AGAINST the people.

Question - Are there are any good politicians left in the Wales Government ?

The answer is simple until one steps forward and confronts the lying psychopath Carwyn Jones then the answer is NO.

Which I mind boggling as to why not.

Is there one ?

Well he or she has not been revealed yet.

Every sane human knows the difference between right and wrong: To help is right. To harm is WRONG.

Everything done to Linda and her beautiful daughter is WRONG.

Pathetic non entities like the politicians who lying to Linda are WRONG.

Remember it is our God given right to bring them to account for the people and by the people.

People who think it’s ok to do harm are CRIMINALLY INSANE.

Carwyn Jones you are one !

People who ignore evidence and lie are CRIMINALLY INSANE.

Carwyn Jones you are one !

We are watching your pathetic attempts at a cover up.

You have failed

Please Wales don't vote Labour.

Anonymous said...

RESPONSE - South Wales

The people are coming together already


Their time is short.

Unknown said...

Allcoming together now the bastards are cowering

Eve Adanuff said...

The sole function of elected politicians is to persecute , rob , ignore , and abuse the people who elected them as well as feathering their own nests , being unaccountable , lie , deceive , take backhanders , support the corrupt bankers , put immigrants before our own

I could go on but I won't, It would take too long.

Anonymous said...

Lindas case is all about the Masons as previously pointed out.

Any Mason above 33 degrees is a Satanist and a child abuser.

It's part of their ritual.

Brother Gerard any comment ?

Carol said...

Carwyn Jones has a twisted mind.

If he genuinely believes the people accept his bollocks about what his government and he has done to abuse the Lewis family then he needs locking up in a padded cell.

David Rees AM if you look at Kevs truth blog your comments please.

Anonymous said...

The Linda Lewis case is the greatest deception ever to have been undertaken by those in government.

It appears that every day more politicians are selling their souls and reputations for 30 pieces of silver to protect Carwyn Jones and his hopelessly corrupt government.

Is there one good honest politician left in the Wales Government ?

Time will tell


Carwyn! Oi Carwyn! your still doing this arn't you!!!!!!
What about the 5 month old baby STOLEN from Spain by Bridgend Social Services WITHOUT any legal documents.
Ok you perv: how many more children are you stealing, abusing and experimenting with!!!!!!!
How many children are you sending to the NATO conference to "entertain the delegates".
Is that why they are in Wales.
I saw you at the Eisteddfod.
Lots of little children there for you boyo!!!!!!!!!
Sticking to the issue. What are these pervs and sadists at the Welsh Assembly Government doing with our children.
Why is the Welsh Assembly Government allowing this to take place.
They can't all be on coke and viagra surely?

Anonymous said...

I cannot envisage another opportunity presenting itself which will have the same potential as Linda's campaign to bring Carwyns house of cards crashing to the ground.

So please, please , please pass all info on to as many people as you know.

Leave comments of support.

Your child could be next.

Anonymous said...

If your child/ren are in care under a section 20 agreement which is voluntary (by yourself signing a contract/agreement with Social Services to place your child/ren in care) and you have not had any court orders, then you should now withdraw your consent/agreement and demand the return of your child/ren. If you know the whereabouts of your child/ren you can legally go and take your child back. Social Services are not above the law as stated in this article by a High Court Judge.


Don said...

The Welsh Assembly Government are corrupt liars and I wish you all the best in any action you take against them.

They are fully exposed for what they are and are fools to think that they are getting away with this.

My best wishes to you , Linda and her family, keep up the pressure mate.

Totally victory is just around the corner and they know it.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to encamp in our mass to seek an answer of this man.
This man is wilfully blind to his surroundings.
He is deluded and a threat to the community.
I think the effect of too much coke and viagra parties and the sea air of Cardiff Bay has had a dramatic impact on him comprehending logical thoughts.
We are all suffering from gross emotional harm and of future gross emotional harm for as long as Carwyn Jones is allowed to walk the streets of Cardiff Bay.
There is a public warning overdue that there is a deluded lunatic on the loose with an urgent need to be assessed at the Caswell Clinic for his immediate transfer to HMP Ashworth.
No man, woman or child is safe in Wales until the First Minister and his cohorts at the Welsh Assembly Government are immediately placed under MAPPA, Sectioned and incarcerated under the Mental Health Act.

Delyth said...

Carwyns plots, plans and scams haven’t worked and won’t work, too many people are now aware of what they are doing or trying to do.

And we will not be silent.

They cannot keep this silent it's out there worldwide with immense support for Linda.

Is Carwyn Jones deranged ?

Fancy a bet ?

AM David Rees has been given same evidence as Carwyn and his halfwit uncivil servant and yet he remains silent.

Therefore he and his aid John I seem to remember have become KNOWINGLY part of this criminal conspiracy and are helping Carwyn cover up for his friends totally ignoring justice and the law.

Put a fiver on David Rees becoming a Minister in Carwyns Cabal before Christmas as a reward for ignoring evidence , ignoring the people of Port Talbot , ignoring his Public Service Duty and becoming as deceitful and untrustworthy as Hywel Francis.

Think you will get good odds on that fiver but he must be rewarded for covering up for our Carwyn.

Anonymous said...

I think his butty Dr Tegwyn Williams the colourful Forensic Psychologist must now take Carwyn by the hand and lead him to the Caswell Clinic or one of his Private Clinics.

Decision then is whether his mate Tegwyn can fast track him to HMP Broadmoor or HMP Ashorth as his resting place.

He is not safe, he is a high risk to the public. A specimen of delusions of grandeur, and in desperate need of Sectioning he has to be removed off the streets as of the Multi Agency Public Protection Agency Level 3.

Anonymous said...

It’s not about sex.

It’s about power.

These people are afraid of sex with adults.

They don't want confrontation with adults.

They are perverted bullies.

Inadequate in every way.

That's how sick our politicians are and so desperate to keep the truth hidden.

" Has life treated you badly ? Are you blaming your mother for all your inadequacies ? Want to fight back ? "

Then join the Labour Party. Don't worry we won't tell."

Your secret is safe with us.

Anonymous said...

It's a hugely dysfunctional mindset that predates on little children, like an inversion of innocence and a form of self loathing, preying on children's young energy and unconditioned 'self'.

Step forward Child Protection and Social Services and take a bow !

If we look at the patterns with 'world leaders', politicians and others and examine those "in high places", they seem to be the worst offenders and are often the most adept at hiding it - what does it tell us?

It spells CONTROL - children are easier to control and to 'condition' and that is what 'world leaders' and politicians are trying to do - to brainwash and condition and control to mask feelings of inadequacy ...???

Perhaps that is why so many Social Workers and perverts become politicians ?

Anonymous said...


Chris Bryants Underpants said...

It amazes me that the establishment are now targeting the well known celebrities, but still leaving alone the state worker peodophile rings who are blatantly trafficking and abusing the children.
How will police prosecute, if it is the police who are part of the rings?
Many victims would be able to name several state workers who they should be hauling in to question on multiple cases of child sex abuse, where the kids are in state care, but no they won't do that will they?
Child sex abuse is a crime, but it depends who you abuse and who you are who is abusing that will determine whether you are prosecuted or not!

Anonymous said...

In reply to Chris Bryant's Underpants -
It is time for the People to do what the Corporate Constables will not do.
There is pandemic selective amnesia within UK Corporate Police Ltd.
The selective Re-Framing of Police Constables' Minds means that their brain cells can no longer see and comprehend the CONSTABLE's OATH.
So lets assist these troubled souls in their para millitary uniforms by searching out these paedos and collect some "Corporate Testicles" on the way.

Anonymous said...

It gets worse.

Child rapists, paedophiles, kidnappers and perverts caught with child abuse images have been allowed to walk free by the police – because they said they were “sorry”.

Hundreds of sex offenders have been let off the hook because they apologised to their victims and the police for their actions.

The government is facing calls to halt the use of controversial use of the resolution orders.

Figures obtained through Freedom of Information laws reveal people arrested on suspicion of rape, child rape, creating child porn, child abduction and sexually abusing a mental patient escaped prosecution by apologising.

The use of community resolution orders or restorative justice has allowed 256,816 crimes to pass without offenders going to court in the last three-and-a-half years.

But there is growing concern that they are now being used for ‘the most perverse and sickening crimes’.

Shocking figures from 38 of England and Wales’ police forces show resolution orders were used in 30 rape cases, including 21 involving children.

Obviously all this is encouraged by our politicians !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

'Why I falsely accused father of abusing daughter': Police leant on me to stand by claim, social worker told tribunal

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2720414/Why-I-falsely-accused-father-abusing-daughter-Police-leant-stand-claim-social-worker-told-tribunal.html#ixzz3A033e2SD
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Chris Bryants Underpants said...

Well I increasingly looks like you cannot or will not be allowed to progress within the Labour Party if you stand up for a mother falsely accused of going to kill her daughter ( Linda ) or the rights of a kidnapped sick 12 year old girl ( Her daughter N ).

A future is the Labour Party is guaranteed with much gold as long as you allow child abuse to flourish and turn a blind eye.

The Labour Party can FECK OFF !

Chris Bryants Underpants said...

Well I increasingly looks like you cannot or will not be allowed to progress within the Labour Party if you stand up for a mother falsely accused of going to kill her daughter ( Linda ) or the rights of a kidnapped sick 12 year old girl ( Her daughter N ).

A future is the Labour Party is guaranteed with much gold as long as you allow child abuse to flourish and turn a blind eye.

The Labour Party can FECK OFF !

Anonymous said...

These people are parasites

Anonymous said...

If we let Labour get away with this, they will really think that they can get away with ANYTHING!

But they can't we won't let them.

Carol said...

Is David Rees AM's helpful involvement to Linda in the beginning an honest one or not?

Was it just pretence for the benefit of hoodwinking the public and Linda Lewis as a means of keeping Carwyn informed of what is going on ?

Sadly I think it was. He has had enough time to stand up on his own and shout " outcry " on behalf of Linda and her supporters many of who are his constituents.

Isn't being given evidence of a crime and refusing to act on it in itself a crime?

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones is irreversibly corrupt. He is ignoring and manipulating the truth and colluding with others to keep the truth hidden.

But we know what the truth is !

Carwyn Jones is a liar and a deceiver.

Shame also on David Rees for also perverting the course of justice and refusing to do the right thing and speak out in support of Linda.

A couple of shysters

Jamie said...

As anger mounts locally is it time to hold another public meeting as was done years ago.

Linda's campaign has gone through the roof since then as has the anger of her supporters.

Time to get our local politicians involved to look us straight in the eye in order to justify their criminality.

We want some answers from the hedging politicians who can see the crimes but won't act on them.

Anonymous said...

Some excellent comments but be aware :-

If we got rid of 90% of our politicians in the UK we could stop paedophilia and child abuse.

Research them and their actions thoroughly then you will get answers about who these perverts really are.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord

Paedo Cliff Richard on the run.

Best mate of paedo Tony Blair

The wheels are coming off our politicians next it's gonna happen.

Port Talbot Resident said...

Very disappointed with David Rees lack of action.

He has obviously decided or been pressurised into becoming part of the cover up.

He will never be viewed in the same light again.

Anonymous said...

The secrecy of family courts has ensured that the Court of Protection has become a court of entrapment – for assets and children alike.

This has to stop.

The innocent are being turned into victims.