Saturday 3 May 2014

At last Dr Hywel Francis MP Sits Up And Takes Notice.

Yesterday Linda and one of her many supporters held a meeting in the offices of Dr Hywel Francis MP, ( pictured above ) Linda's Member Of Parliament who also happens to be Chair of the  Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.

Although I was not allowed into the meeting the following article is based on the extensive notes that were taken by James who was more than capable in offering support to Linda.

Dr Francis had been involved in the early days of Linda's fight but had stopped assisting Linda as he was reluctant to do so due to him believing that the injunction placed on what had happened to Linda was valid in law.

This is no longer the case.

It was made abundantly clear to Dr Francis and his case worker Mr Les Rees that new evidence had come to light.

The question was put to Dr Francis.

" Were you aware in 2002 from the letters that you sent me that a supposed " Suicide Pact " stating that I was going to kill myself and my daughter was the reason that my daughter was taken from my care ? "

Dr Francis was astounded by what Linda had just stated and replied

"Absolutely not. If I had known this then I would certainly have told you."

This was confirmed by Les Rees a former Magistrate who Linda has known and got on very well with for many years.

So it appears that the non existent letter invented by the former Welsh Assembly Government  Inspector of Social Services David Johnston ( pictured above ) was deliberately hidden from the local MP but obviously WAS available to criminal members of Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services and others within that local authority.

Dr Francis then suggested that based on this evidence Linda should immediately go back into court to have all restrictions and injunctions lifted.

This suggestion was rejected by Linda as that the responsibility now lay firmly in the hands of the Welsh Assembly Government to do so as she had done no wrong.

This fraudulent and wholly criminal injunction had been obtained by the Welsh Assembly Government in collusion with Neath Port Talbot Social Services as well as the Councils Legal Department and it is their responsibility to put this right.

Both Dr Francis and Les Rees accepted what Linda had just said and agreed.

Linda then went on to mention that she has a letter from a well known Queens Council ( who for the moment shall remain unnamed  ) who has now retired and finished her career as a Deputy High Court Judge who states that when she represented Linda in court in 1998 she was UNAWARE of any " suicide pact " and had NO KNOWLEDGE of such evidence.

I don't think I really need to say that Dr Francis and Les Rees were gobsmacked by this.

Dr Francis asked to be provided with a copy of this letter to which Linda agreed when she can obtain a copy from one of her many supporters who hold all evidence on disc.

Linda then presented a few pages from the " Guardian Ad Litems Report " from 1998 of which Linda had never seen  until an anonymous source ( with a conscience ) placed it through Linda's letterbox in August last year.

Whoever you are " God Bless You."

For those of you who do not know this.

The role of the "Guardian Ad Litem " is meant to be totally independent. This person is supposed to assess all the evidence without influence from those involved and is supposed to act in the best interests of the child. The Guardian Ad Litem can only be appointed by the court.

We also have documents from Dr Dewi Evans ( pictured above ) stating that " It was about time WE appointed a Guardian Ad Litem."

Due also to his continued misdiagnosis of Linda's daughters illness Dewi Evans would have been part of a substantial medical negligence claim which had already been started by Linda's family.

No wonder Dr Dewi Evans was so desperate to remove Linda's daughter from her care by hook or by crook so that the medical negligence claim could be quashed.

Dr Dewi Evan we also believe was at the time of the kidnapping also an elected Councillor on Neath Port Talbot Council ( West Glamorgan Council as it was then known ) ! Conflict of interests anyone ?

Surely Councillor Doctor Dewi Evans would have not abused his position on the council to obtain documents from the then Head of Social Services or the " Child Kidnapper " Julie Rzezniczek" to enhance his position would he ?

Dr Dewi Evans role in what has happened to Linda and her daughter borders on the psychotic.

Let's not forget that amongst other things he wrote out a report on Linda Lewis claiming that she was " Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy " when he had never met her.

He also attended court in South Wales when Linda was quite legally in America asking for an " Interim Care Order " on the grounds that Linda was Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy" !   

Back to the " Guardian Ad Litem " Carole Thomas.

I don't think that any sane person could say that she acted in a " neutral " capacity or had the best interests ever of the child at heart.

Just look at the heart breaking letter smuggled out to Linda by her very sick 12 year old daughter dated June 1998 months before any court case had taken place to make a decision on the child's future.

How could Carole Thomas be so cruel ?

Just read the text on the left of the letter above.

" I told the guardian that I am still in pain and I wanted to speak to the judge and want to go home. She told me no and she said who's going to believe you know ? " 

It is obvious that Carole Thomas was there to do a job on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government and Neath Port Talbot Council Social Services to fabricate evidence against innocent mother Linda Lewis so that her daughter could be taken from her care , never be returned to stop the on-going medical negligence case against Dr Dewi Evans and others. 

To add insult to injury Carole Thomas recommended in her report to Lord Justice Sumner KT in 1998 that Linda's daughter be removed from her care because Linda was going to kill her.

She asked the judge to impose not just an injunction on this case so that the crimes committed by the many could remain hidden but a Section 91(14) Order which is also known as a " Never Ending Story Order " was placed on Linda.

Probably the most " Draconian Injunction " out there meaning that anytime Linda went into court to appeal against this injunction she was always going to lose because of the Section 91(14) Order.

Full information on a Section 91(14) Order can be read by clicking here but it is worth noting the following :-

"Authority is clear that the court should not make a barring order unless both parties have been given advance warning and an opportunity to tell the court what they think about the suggestion, particularly if they do not have a lawyer."

I would imagine it would be a bit difficult for Linda or her QC to argue against this considering they were never allowed sight of the Guardian Ad Litems report.

A lot more was said at the meeting specifically about the criminal activities of Mr David Michael, The Head Of Legal Services at Neath Port Talbot Council who knowingly applied for another injunction against Linda Lewis in 2008 with full knowledge that he had no lawful paperwork to back it up.

More on this in a later article.

After all these years at last people are realising that this is indeed a very serious " Criminal Case."

Over to you Carwyn Jones.


Karen Lloyd said...

It is obvious that the Guardian Ad Litem was not working in her proper capacity.

I have never seen anything like this

Carol Thomas was there purely to do a job for Neath Port Talbot Social Services and the Welsh Government.

Linda and her daughter her daughter have been sadistically set up by some very evil people.

This is not just an abuse of law but abuse of Human Rights so the MP is well qualified to help sort this out.

Brilliant work again looking forward to the end victory which is surely just around the corner now.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear at last Hywel Francis MP is helping Linda.

Anonymous said...


Hywel Francis MP cannot ignore the evidence.This is an abuse of human rights to both mother and daughter.

Anonymous said...

You state Hywel Francis MP has been given New Evidence let's pray he acts on the new evidence.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I have always thought Linda would get Justice one day i know it's been a long time coming, but know it look's like the end is near.

Good on Hywel Francis MP


Anonymous said...

About time a Crime of this nature was brought to justice.

well done Kev


Anonymous said...

Lyndon MMorgan
The Unnecessary Suffering of a Family.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Mr Frances MP have decided to help Linda.

Truth will alway's WIN

Obviously what's happened his against Humanity

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Linda get the Justice she rightfully deserve.

Anonymous said...

Evil beyond belief about time government took responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Well well well what a turn around by Hywel Francis MP.

Arrest should be made on those Criminals.

Anonymous said...

I remember what you told me a while back Kevin.

" This injunction is as real as Fairies at the bottom of your garden " or Elvis and Liberace appearing live tonight in the " SKER" free entry" .

Well done m8


Anonymous said...

How times have changed Eric Pickles MP said 'Although some guardians may exist who are prepared to stand up to social services departments and act as bastions of freedom, they are very hard to find.

Generally speaking, guardians act as cheerleaders for social services departments. They are
entirely compliant, and seem incapable of doing more than being a cheering section.'

Eric Pickles MP

Anonymous said...

Human Rights brilliant

Linda and N had all theirs ignored by some really sick bastards who are now heading for jail

It's called Justice.

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones put this to bed.

Do the right thing

End it

Anonymous said...

Overjoyed that at last Hywel Francis has decided to pull his finger out.


Anonymous said...

Overjoyed that at last Hywel Francis has decided to pull his finger out.


Anonymous said...

What a break through for Linda
Well let's hope Hywel Francis MP is true to his word.

Anonymous said...

Can i just say what Marvellous news
about time Linda got justice.


Anonymous said...

I applaud everyone involved for exposing the crimes.
constant battle
well done.
Seems everyone involved have been acting against the laws of the land again well done.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Hywel Francis MP is helping long time overdue in my opinion,but nevertheless better late than never.

Anonymous said...

That would be Welsh Assembly Government, telling everyone Linda's allegations have been thoroughly investigated when they haven’t.

Hmmm !

Sword Of Justice said...

They’re all just digging themselves in deeper and deeper and I can’t believe at times just how stupid they are!

At the same time there are some very clever people in Linda's supporters including top legal people and reporters who know exactly what’s going on and are not going to let them get away with it for much longer.

That’s why it’s so important we keep hammering away at them and also now so many supporters are joining in it’s really getting harder and harder for them.

The people who are joining this campaign are serious people all of them excellent to the fight and prepared to helpat the drop of a hat.

Full disclosure and a full slate of prosecutions of the guilty is paramount.

No less can now be expected otherwise those investigating themselves become criminals.

Anonymous said...

How cruel

If everyone in Public Office were truthful the world would be a better place to live in.

Anonymous said...

Those who have abused their position in power should be made accountable to the public.

Anonymous said...

The Justice for Linda Lewis campaign has exposed the biggest organised crime ring of public officials I believe ever to have taken place in Wales.

And all against an innocent mother and a sick and terrified child.

Cowardly scum

Anonymous said...

Well, what has happened for Hywel Francis to look again at this.
Lets wait and see what he is going to do now.
Is there something fitting into a bigger picture here?

Unknown said...

Just goes to show the spirit works both on hearts and minds.There is only 1 outcome to all of this. Your patience honesty and sheer fight for justice is backed by many seeking truth and justice.Linda i have no doubt whatsoever will one day experience the beautiful outcome with those who contrived this evil scanerio brought to justice.Let go and let god and the results are astounding all done in HIS time not ours.

Marva said...

This is great hope it will be all over soon.Hope she is home very soon and those people will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Delyth said...
Carol Thomas has tortured that poor little girl without pity.

Linda and yourself have been right all along .

Carwyn Jones needs to sort this out as a priority.

I just cannot wait for the arrests to begin .

So many need to be locked up and the key thrown away.

I am sure that Dr Francis is aware that the human rights breaches committed here against the family need to be brought up in parliament.

Do both your jobs Hywel at last both as MP and your committee job.

Anonymous said...

So Linda , her barrister representing her and now her MP historically had no idea about the made up suicide letter !

Neath Port Talbot Council the WAG and others kept that quiet didn't they.

How was Linda to be able to have a valid defence when she did not know what the evidence ( false ) of course held against her was !!

So Davis Michael applied for a new injunction knowing what he was doing was fraudulent !!

You just couldn't make it up !

Brilliant work.

Anonymous said...

Long overdue. brilliant

Anonymous said...

Absolutely delighted for you and Linda

Looking forward to a conclusive end

Maureen B said...

The Chief Executive of The Legal Services Director of and the Councillors of Neath Port Talbot Council and the Welsh Government have deliberately lied and misled everyone who have expressed an interest in this case over the year.

Council Tax payers of NPT CC should now be demanding an immediate full return on every penny paid to this despicable organisation in Council Tax.

I will start a facebook page shortly regarding this Kevin if that's ok with you and Linda.

Are council tax payments need to be repaid from the start of this tragic case.

The massive payment given to Julie R for her crime needs to be returned.

I am positive that there is not ONE honest person who would have paid a penny to wards this lot knowing that they were supporting a criminal cabal by doing so.

Not in my name and not in others as well.

Speak Soon

Freedom Of Speech Blog said...

Linda bless you justice hopefully will be done and you can try to make sence of this situation.

We pray for your daughter to find the courage to talk to you.


Kevin Edwards said...

Carry on Mo


Marilyn Bowen said...

Congratulations should also be given to Councillor Steve Hunt from Seven Sisters the only Councillor to have stood up and said that this whole case was wrong and that his council was acting illegally.

Brave man Steve

You have all our thanks

Anonymous said...


Brilliant News Kevin

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Hywel Francis MP got balls.

Anonymous said...

Hope there is end to this nightmare soon!good on Hywel Francis MP.

Anonymous said...

Abuse of power that cannot be ignored.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please make sure that Hywel Francis uses parliamentary privilege to highlight what the Welsh Assembly Government have done to Linda and her family.

Do not accept any excuses from him..

Anonymous said...

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones

Anonymous said...

Excellent News wishing Linda all the luck in the World she so deserves. she has been through enough hope the MP don't let her down.

Anonymous said...

About time the government did their job

Top Man

Anonymous said...

Why? do these abusers think! they are above the Law.

UKC said...

Notice anything in this text of interest? bg

"Featuring my daughter as narrator and frequent contirbutor starring in first shots, with dark hair n brown eyes, in class often, on the swing and so on.

Cesca also featured in anoher sands u tube video which was made whilst she was in care therefore was illegal. I was taken to court/ threatened with prison for putting a foto of me on my website becos it resembbled my daughter whilst sands postd a video of her trembling and saying its crazy.

Her foto was placed in the school window, also during this time
Whilst she featured in a play as the most beautiful woman on earth.

Meryl who told her I wanted to kill her and would kill myself if she didnt do as meryl said, also raised one million pounds for charity despite working with kids most nights till bedtime, who from and how did she do this in a ton rich with mps, child abuse stories and freemasonry.

Cesca was regualrly missing from school, ran away, lived ith her teachers climbed the skool roof overdosed wiht her friends, was deemed at risk and requiring a ? body guard forgot term, and they deemed it necessary after keeping her by police force from her mother to post her foto on public view and illegally in the street 1

wHAT HAPPENS TO THE FAMILY THAT EXPOSE CHILD ABUSE KNOWN ABOUT BY MANY CONSERVATIVE mpS , with enough taped evidence to demonstrate my case. DO w get bumped off>?"

Seems like Social Services are telling kids that their parents are going to kill them is standards now.

How you got kids ?

Then you are not safe.

Anonymous said...

This is a criminal case.

There is no time limit on the crime of kidnapping or conspiracy to kidnap.

Go get em guys .

Great Stuff


Wayne Morris said...

Justice is drawing near for Linda and her family. The crooks will answer for what they have done to an innocent family. When you MP and AM are on your side then things are on the move and people start to listen.

Jenny said...

NPTCBC a cesspit of depravity and corruption

Anonymous said...

Not going to praise anyone,until they have done the correct thing and investigate Linda's case.

Anonymous said...

Look's like MP have finely sat up and took notice.
Good on you Kev for sticking with the Truth.

Anonymous said...

When people realize and understand what's gone on, there will be an human out cry.

This should never have happened

Just one big massive Cover-Up

Well done for helping at least you have got balls


Anonymous said...

Pleased to see someone with a conscience gave Linda the evidence she needed.
Who ever you are you have done the right thing.
The abuse on families has got to be STOPPED.

Look at your Blog everyday Mate.

Steel Worker

Anonymous said...

Just read about the case
The MP should be helping that his what he is elected for.
Dreadful Story

Stacey Williams

Anonymous said...

The establishment think they can do what they like without getting caught out.

They think people are stupid

The evidence speaks for itself.

Hope everything works out and those involved get what they deserve.

Top Guy

Anonymous said...

They now have no chance of attempting a " cover up " of the " cover up."

Jail all the guilty. No exceptions.

Anonymous said...

I heard Dr Dewi Evans has retired
Wishing him a long retirement in prison.

And other's who have abused Linda and her Daughter.

Good Luck hope Linda get's justice.

Anonymous said...

I have spoke to Linda and she told me the Lie's they have made up
Cruel and Evil Ba****ds

I have no doubt She will get justice


Anonymous said...

When will we see this case printed in the papersFor the public at large to see what Doctors Social Services and other's are capable of.

Anonymous said...

So pleased Hywel Francis MP is helping.

Anonymous said...

A criminal set up from start to finish.

Shame on Carwyn Jones for covering this up for the bastards in the council SS

Anonymous said...

I've been following this case for many years and I am outraged at what has been done here to Linda.

I look forward to seeing the guilty jailed for many years.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

I am glad that there seems to be a step in a positive direction to help the Lewis's get justice.

It has taken a great deal of effort to get you this far!

I am concerned that the organised crime syndicate that goes by the name of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council is enormously powerful and well-connected and key figures will find ways to exert pressure to derail Dr Francis.

Dulais Valley

Anonymous said...

So many people in the town united in their support for Linda.

A lot of anger as well.Looking forward to David Rees and Hywel Frances making public statements on this.

Hope the evening post sacks their editor because evidence is that he has been covering up for his mate David Michael.

Heads will roll over what has been going on here.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on many points made here.

It is becoming obvious that NPTCBC is nothing more than a criminal enterprise.

From the CEO down to the SS and Councillors it would appear that corruption is endemic and collusion and deceit to the electorate and Council tax payer.

The Civic Centre should be raided .

When is the next fire planned at the Afon Lido when it is built so that incriminating documents held in the basement can go up in smoke again ?

Donna Taibach

Rebecca said...

We will find out very soon if everyone in Wales, regardless of status,is treated equally under the law ?”

Watching with interest Carwyn.

Richard said...

Hi KeV, sadly life gets so busy that you forget what is important when it does not effect you directly.... The trouble is that it does effect you as we cannot stop speaking about it to all we meet, sorry that I have not made a comment for a short while.
Qote:Karen Lloyd said...
It is obvious that the Guardian Ad Litem was not working in her proper capacity.

I have never seen anything like this

Carol Thomas was there purely to do a job for Neath Port Talbot Social Services and the Welsh Government.

Linda and her daughter her daughter have been sadistically set up by some very evil people.

This is not just an abuse of law but abuse of Human Rights so the MP is well qualified to help sort this out.

Brilliant work again looking forward to the end victory which is surely just around the corner now.
4 May 2014 09:27
I cannot sum up better than this.
But at the end of the day,where it matters, people are willing to start listening. Sadly as much as I agree that victory his in sight, regretibly why could they not have taken Linda seriously from the beginning. This has never ever had substance to have taken the route it has. Yes we are so glad that Mr Rees and Dr Francis has now taken you seriously, I really do hope that they are genuininly supporting you for the the right reason. Justice, yes to see justice for the wrong that has been done to Linda and her child.
If that is the case, then let them take flight to Carwyn... This injunction must be lifted and let justice take place.
Linda, you know how much all of us care and we will always stay supportive of you. This grave grave act of injustice and criminal activity cannot be tolerated or winked at any longer.. Your nearly there!
Well done to everyone that continues to support Lynda. Keep up with spreading this to all. :)

Dai Sam's said...

Yes, watching with interest.
When they come looking for the vote, guest who's hand I will shake.
Talking about hand shakes, damn there seems that there has been a lot of that activity going on over the last years.
Cannot believe what I have read this morning. I will continue to keep an eye on this blog. I only googled justice and this popped up. So glad I clicked on this as it gives a whole new meaning on justice! So sorry to hear what has happened to this lady and her daughter. I only read the letter from the child, my god, a lump came in my throat. What is this country coming too.

Debbis said...

Where have you been Dai, you have missed 12 years of injustice. Just think of how much googling you could have done since then lol. No, on a serious not, tell everyone mate...

Dai Samm's said...

Kevin, what have Mr Rees and Hywell said they are going to do to help Linda? Hope its not just; we understand, we will do all that we can to help. What's their next move mate?

Anonymous said...

It's about time those responsible were pinned down removed from their responsibilities and jailed.

Well Done

John the milk said...

I cannot believe it, my mate just forwarded this to me, unbelievable.
I just want to make sense of this. Incredible, the mention that a junction is getting closed in port Talbot and all hell breaks loose, why, because it effect's every ones sad little lives. This is a hell of a story, a real case that people should support, one of substantial effects. It makes me think how safe are our children?
I will look forward to seeing this come to its climax. Sorry for this: BAST..DS come on, surley we are not in the dark ages are we? Mmmm Dark might be the correct word.
Keep fighting love!

Anonymous said...

THe family will suffer emotional scars for the rest of their lives.
The Criminals should be locked up and the key thrown away.

Anonymous said...

Why can't people be straight and honest.The system is totaly flawed.
Wish the family well,about time they had help from their local MP.

Anonymous said...

We all support Linda
About time Hywel Francis MP and the Welsh government also gave their full support to Linda.


Port Talbot

Anonymous said...

We are now witnessing the last days of Carwyn Jones.

He can no longer cover this up like he has done the Bridgend Suicides.

Good Riddance.

Anonymous said...

Some really slippery sick twisted bastards are behind this kidnapping.

May the burn in hell.

Adam said...

Years of torture and torment for this poor family needs to be brought abruptly to an end.

Anonymous said...

Sending as much Positive Energy as I can Muster right now and will keep Linda and everyone fighting for her in my Positive Thoughts and Actions All Day and until justice is done and seen to be done…

Craig Perks said...

To deliberately set up this scenario.

To torture a family and abuse a sick 12 year old girl.

Mentally batter into submission on the fabricated lie that her mother wanted to kill her.

What type of people are these ?

Well Welsh Assembly Government Ministers , Social Workers and Doctors for a start.

Aren't these people supposed to protect people not cause them never ending harm ?

Carwyn Jones over too you to explain this please.

Craig Perks said...

To deliberately set up this scenario.

To torture a family and abuse a sick 12 year old girl.

Mentally batter into submission on the fabricated lie that her mother wanted to kill her.

What type of people are these ?

Well Welsh Assembly Government Ministers , Social Workers and Doctors for a start.

Aren't these people supposed to protect people not cause them never ending harm ?

Carwyn Jones over too you to explain this please.

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear Welsh Government has decided to help.
Good on you for having the Courage to support Linda.


Anonymous said...

Cannot beleive how smug and arrogant those so called "Proffesionals are, they have to realize no-one is above the Law.

Anonymous said...

We are all Vunerable

Anonymous said...

Going on Holiday's hope everything get's sorted 4 Linda By the way excellent work my friend

Anonymous said...

You deserve all the help for never giving in to the rotten corrupt, evil people running our Country.
Good Luck with the Justice 4 Linda Lewis Case

Joyce said...

what can we do to help mother and child ?

Are there any meetings or any donations needed ?

Anonymous said...

Champagne is on ice

Good work

Gethin said...

They know the game is up but we all know that we are dealing with some very twisted , slippery characters all round.

The rats might be looking for a way to leave the sinking ship but there are far more rat catchers , thousands more ready to ensure that justice is done.

Criminal charges in front of a jury of our peers and full public exposure.

Nothing less

No surrender.

Anonymous said...


The people will not accept a compromise as far as this goes.

We watch.

Anonymous said...

Little to late,this should have been sorted a long time ago.

why? the sudden change by your MP
don't trust.

Anonymous said...

Little to late,this should have been sorted a long time ago.

why? the sudden change by your MP
don't trust.

Anonymous said...

God don't sleep those who have abused the family will be punished.


Anonymous said...

Lynda and her daughter will get justice.

Anonymous said...

Ceri Jones
Never give up hope because truth will alway's out in the end.

Anonymous said...

Our Children could be Next! we all need to support Linda in her Campaign for Justice.

My family and myself are outraged what has happened is beyond belief.


Anonymous said...

Government need to get their act together.Start working for the British people.

Anonymous said...

Government need to get their act together.Start working for the British people.

Anonymous said...

" There's no excuse for child abuse "

Hywel for once before you disappear on a massive pension.

Do your fecking job !!

Anonymous said...

I am stunned by the failings by the government,when there are serious issues that need to be addressed.
One being the Kidnapping
The medical abuse
just some of the wrongdoings I have read on your blog.


Anonymous said...

What a complete shambles

Anonymous said...

Only the truth have got the power
All those who have abused their power in authority should be sacked orjailed.


Anonymous said...

Well done Kevin for highlighting the failings of all those in power with a duty of care to this young girls, i.e the Police, the Government, Neath Port Talbot Council, Social Services and the media for hushing this abhorrent crime up and failing miserably to tackle the issue.

What is done in the dark ALWAYS comes out in the light.

Doesn't it Carwyn Jones ?

Dai Ridge said...

Well the ace card the criminals have been playing behind Linda's back and without her knowledge is now a proven JOKER.

The crooked Guardian Ad Litems report will hang the lot of them .

Go for it

Anonymous said...

Let us hope all goes well for Linda and her family.

The whole display has shown Welsh justice to be on apar with many third world countries, the Welsh people deserve better than this.

Regards to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Just so the Welsh MPs are under no illusions.. This travesty is confined to Wales but the substance of the case been known in UK circles for many years. People have been waiting with baited breath for this moment to arrive so.any failure to act appropriately is not going to be tolerated.

Unknown said...

It just goes to show that with genuine hard effort and a tireless
god driven character like Kevin ~Edwards possesses nothing is impossible . Yes it take effort fearless exposure and determination, however never underestimate the power of prayer in such cases as god is a just and powerful force to be reckoned with.
Well done and keep up the work Kev m8 your on the final lap is my guess.

Anonymous said...

Hope they are doing something can't go on for ever.

Robert said...

Child Protection is one of the very urgent and challenging issues of our times, whether protecting children from sexual exploitation and sex trafficking or protecting them from sexual abuse or the satanic hand of Social Services by getting law enforcement agencies to perform their duties diligently and professionally to protect children and apprehend their abusers.

Admire you Kevin for keeping going m8.

Linda's case is too big to hide any longer.

Simon said...

Quote:Please make sure that Hywel Francis uses parliamentary privilege to highlight what the Welsh Assembly Government have done to Linda and her family.

Do not accept any excuses from him..
6 May 2014 18:58

Mr Hywel Francis, we expect you to do what is called YOUR DUTY OF CARE AS A MP can you give us some updates of when this can occur or is it going to occur? Have you asked Hywel is he going to use this privlage? Have you had any replies from the meeting KeV?
Is there anything we can do to put on the pressure and if so can you let us know what we can do?
Seriously, I am a Port Talbot resident and I have read and been told of many a story of what has happened within local Council but this has got to be the worst case of cover up I have ever heard of.Film makers would have a field day with is one.
Personally I don't know what more I can say.
I wish the family Gods speed and I will continue to follow this story.
Truth will prevail!

Anonymous said...

Hope he's still sitting up and not fallen back into the cesspit of corruption surrounding him