Tuesday 29 April 2014

The Lying,The Cheating,The Fobbing Off Of People. Not Anymore.

Thanks to Brian Gerrish and the UK Column Team for mentioning my previous article HERE

The fraudulent " Mickey Mouse " court document gets mentioned about 30 minutes into the programme and throughout the remaining 15 minutes.

As usual I would encourage anyone who wants to know the truth as to what is really happening ( Eastenders, Coronation Street and BBC News 24 etc are not actually real programmes you know ) to watch the whole episode or visit the UK Column website by clicking here or the UK Column Youtube Channel by clicking here .


Anonymous said...

At least you and brian are trying to help the family.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

They don't care who they destroy
why? can't people do the job they are paid for.

Anonymous said...

HORRIFIED you cannot believe what is going on in this Country.