Wednesday 16 April 2014

So Why Is David Johnston And His Colleagues Who Are Still Covering Up For Him Not In Jail ?

Yesterday myself , Mr Wayne Morris a long time supporter of the " Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign " and Linda herself attended  a meeting with Mr David Rees AM and one of his representatives.

In the letter above Mr Derek Jones CB ( pictured below ) states

" The Welsh Government has been involved in relation to Ms Lewis case over many years and has written to her and her representatives on a number of occasions.
The Welsh Government has not undertake any investigation of this case. We have however, through the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales been satisfied that the local authority and other agencies involved in this historic case followed the correct procedures and handled the case properly."

A bold, no very bold statement indeed from a man who has only held the position of Permanent Secretary for the Welsh Government since September 2012.

So you would think that when David Rees AM's quite reasonable direct request to Mr Derek Jones CB asking ( without any prompting from us ) on what grounds and what historic actions did the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales take so that he could he make such an authoritative statement in such confidence you would expect a prompt and confident reply without any delay.

Well no. A month has gone by and the silence is deafening. No details of any investigation have been forthcoming.

( Mr Rees has just advised us that the request for information from Mr Jones was only sent this month and that the time span mentioned above is inaccurate. Therefore Mr Rees has asked for more time to allow Mr Jones to respond. Which we are happy to accept.)  

David Rees has received no reply from the intrepid Mr Jones. Why ?

The reason is very simple. a very serious crime was committed by Mr David Johnston the Former Welsh Assembly Government Inspector Of Social Services here and others when he invented totally fictitious evidence that Linda was going to " kill herself and her daughter in a suicide pact."

No such letter ever existed. Linda knew nothing about it.

David Johnston (pictured above) was the Welsh Assembly Government Inspector of Social Services in 1998 and it is the same people from the same department ( probably friends and colleagues ) who have been covering up for him for over 16 years.

This is a most heinous crime committed against an innocent mother and child , sickening beyond most peoples understanding.

I now ask the question why has David Johnston, of 200 Ravenswood Avenue, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 9TR  and his colleagues who are still covering up for him never been arrested ?

Over to you Carwyn Jones.


Anonymous said...

Time is rapidly running out for the Welsh Assembly Government over their continuing cover up of what really happened to Linda and her daughter.

What a tragedy this is and you are right Kevin why is David Johnston a free man ?


Marva said...

I can't believe this is still going on. Where is the Law? do you not have one? Since there is no letter what proof do they have to present? Where is the justice? Is there no one in this government that wants to stop this horrible mess? It is time for someone to step up and end this and give that girl her life back with her family. I am praying for a speedy return to her family who have suffered so many years!

Unknown said...

Eventually all dogs return to their own vomit and so will David Johnston.His false sense of security is what will hang him.

Carla Thomas said...

Almost hard to believe that there is one good man in politics.

Well done to David Rees for asking the right questions.

In my humble opinion his nose and everything else is telling him that there is something very wrong with what has happened here.

Well done David.

John R J said...

I am sending copies out to the schools I was in the area and also to that David Johnston in Ipswich.
More people are becoming aware of the abuse going on including not just Jimmy Savile but Cyril Smith now.
We need to expose these. Could Carwyn Jones be found out in years to come?
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

What has gone on here is evil.

Please God let it end

Anonymous said...

I hope now that David Johnston is arrested without delay and never gets within a million miles of any children again.

The Bastard

Delyth said...

David Johnston must be one pretty sick individual.

How that man can sleep at night baffles me.

Good to see David Rees sticking in there lets hope he goes the full distance.

Keep going you'll get there.

Anonymous said...

This criminal conspiracy has gone on for far too long.

The likes of David Johnston and others well documented have been allowed their freedom for far too long.

The people demand justice.

Top Man Kevin

Anonymous said...

Carwyn Jones is seriously politically damaged at the moment.

His hidden agenda is out for all too see with more being revealed all the time.

Perhaps this is his last chance at salvaging a reputation that is not worth "plop" at present.

He will be a complete idiot or arrogant beyond comprehension to not do anything about this but time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything work's out for Linda.
Well done for helping

Anonymous said...

David Rees seem's to be on Linda's side let's hope he does the right thing and expose's the CRIMINALS.


Anonymous said...

No-one in this Country should be above the Law that includes members of government.

If the government can't do it's job then they should resign.

Anonymous said...

It's about time Linda and her family got justice.
I really beleive what goes around comes around.

Sarah Thomas

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear David Rees AM is helping Linda and her daughter good on him about time someone in the assembly helped.
Also I admire the excellent work you have done in supporting Linda.


Anonymous said...

Hope it won't be long to hear the criminals are look away in prison.

Andrew Thomas said...

Perhaps this is it.

As a last resort perhaps Carwyn Jones will act.

Let's be honest he Is a completely inept leader who has ignored this case for years.

Has he or did he instruct his equally incompetent and inept Ministers such as Edwina Hart , Jane Hutt and the repulsive Gwenda Thomas in their duty to lie to the electorate of Wales over this case.

Not one of them has evaluated the claims ( and they have now been proven absolute ) made by Linda about what happened to her and her daughter.

I ask a question if David Rees ( he deserves our support on this ) why oh why has this been allowed to go on for so long and why oh why ( I know Linda ,Kevin and others know ) is Gwenda Thomas not in jail.

Justice , natural justice will prevail and behind bars she will go.

The general public , the electorate , the people who Carwyn Jones and his colleagues who's duty it is deserve need to know this ! No dispute there cannot be. It is fact, nae the undisputed truth.

Gwenda Thomas was the Head Of Social Services for the local authority that kidnapped Linda's daughter.

Gwenda Thomas knew all about this and might even have authorised the kidnapping.

There is no moral fibre left in this disgraced and unaccountable administration we have our own Tony Blair in Wales manifested in our Carwyn.

God I am ashamed to be Welsh .

What has happened to Linda and her daughter for the record may I state.


I have never consented for my Assembly Government to be such a corrupt and unaccountable cesspit.

So help me God.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to praise anyone yet? let's see what they intend to do for Linda first.
There have been serious Crimes comitted by those who are payed to protect us. interesting time ahead.

Anonymous said...

And I should have said in my earlier make sure that there is full disclosure.

No compromise.

Let those who have committed such vile crimes against Linda and her daughter face the consequences in FULL VIEW of the public.

angel777 said...

Enough already of the government corruption. Enough already of their lies their inuendo and behavior that ruins peoples lives. They behave as though they have no accountability for their fraudulent activities. This has got to stop. Justice for linda must be the way forward without delay without failure. Righteousness must prevail. Closed courts under these circumstances must be smashed apart and not allowed to proceed.
Accountability for corruption in our governments must be the way forward incarcerate the filthy parasites who do not belong amongst us.

Anonymous said...

The Wrath of God is about to fall on those who have both physically and mentally abused Linda's daughter.

And for those that have covered it up then no forgiveness should ever be shown.

Anonymous said...

I really do hope that the end is in sight for Linda and her daughter.


Anonymous said...

Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Samantha said...

How they have got away with this for so long is disgusting.

Linda's life has been ruined, so has her daughters and family.

This has to be sorted out PDQ.

Well done to David Rees exposing this crime.

Andy said...

Surely “now’s the day and now’s the hour” and this terrible tragedy will soon be over.

Anonymous said...

That letter sent to David Rees from Dereck Jones is the biggest load of BS I have seen in along time.

Shows how corrupt and incompetent the Welsh Assembly Government really is .

Game set and match Kevin.

Anonymous said...

It's about time the Welsh government took responsibility.
Good luck to Linda

Wishing you all a happy Easter


Anonymous said...

Good on David Rees AM let's hope
Truth and justice will prevail.

Karen Massie said...

Looking forward to an end but don't let Carwyn Jones stooges get away with anything.

They have committed the crime so they MUST do the time.

No exceptions.

No more one rule for them an done rule for us.

This crime is probably one of the most serous crimes ever to have taken place in the UK so many people in positions of power have abused their positions of trust and deliberately set up and tortured an innocent mother and daughter for many years.

Thank God that Linda has had the strength to carry on and will never give up.

It is over now of that there is no doubt.

Full exposure In the public interest is an absolute necessity .

No hiding place for anyone who has perpetrated this wrong.

Happy Easter to all who read this wonderful website.

Wayne Morris said...

There is no way this can go on much longer. The facts have been proven. Justice is coming for Linda, her daughter and for all of Linda's family.

Anonymous said...

Julie Rzezniczek deliberately and with a smile on her face mentally tortured a very sick 12 year old girl with glee and without compassion.

This will never be forgotten so don't even think about letting her away with this David Rees.

Some of us will never forget.

Anonymous said...

It's about time the wrong's were put right for Linda and her Family
no-one can ever deny the evidence good on David Rees for helping Linda.
It look's like he is the only AM with balls,good luck and have a lovely Easter.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter

Hope everything work's out.

Anonymous said...

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Graham Stuart said...

I keep reading how the Welsh Assembly Government have taken this matter so serious etc etc.

Lying bastards

This is a SERIOUS cover up allowed by government to protect a wholly unaccountable council and its unaccountable parasites it the Civic Centre.

Social Services = Child Abusers

Anonymous said...

A Mum who has fought all these year's for her loving daughter deserves justice

Good work
Mr Edwards

Anonymous said...

Everything will work out in the end
The Wesh government can't continue covering up, there is too much evidence in the Public Domain.

Anonymous said...

David Johnston should be arrested by the Police.
I'm amazed this case is still on going.

Maureen said...

The truth stands on this whole sordid episode.

At no point did Linda ever threaten to kill her daughter.

NPT and the Welsh Government conspired together to steal Linda's daughter and never return her as a way of covering up for medical negligence.

The truth is out .

It cannot be hidden anymore

Anonymous said...

Linda Lewis Green has committed no crime.

Her daughter has committed no crime.

Her family have committed no crime.

The crimes committed by the Wales Government and Port Talbot Council against the above are immense.

No one should escape justice for their deliberate actions against an innocent family.

Anonymous said...

Kevin This applies to David Michael and possibly explains why both he and Steve Phillips at NPT have not declared their personal lien debt to the insurers of NPT and are hiding it from other officials and councillors.

"Please be aware that "Acting upon documents you are not prepared to stand under in your official capacity creates personal liability."

In my opinion this is covering up the value of the liens and hiding behind the fact that he obtained an injunction knowingly not having documents to support it !!!! David Michael has stood under his own paperwork under false claims that he perpetrated. He has also stood under the authenticity of an invalid injunction ( knowing it to be so ). Therefore:-

"Failed actors operating in their own personal capacity in this action will not only leave themselves open to private criminal prosecutions but be personally liable in the sum of no less than £500,000."

As well as defrauding the insurance company from amending their Policy Value to insure NPTCBC or to add the joint debt of £40 million pounds to that of the local authority.

Both Steve Phillips CEO and David Michael ARE guilty of serious criminal acts here.

Should you wish then I suggest that this information be made public.


Anonymous said...

Neath Port Talbot Council is a criminal corporation that needs closing.

Peter Hain the most honourable politician ever in the UK should intervene.


Anonymous said...

God see what you and Linda do

God sees their foolishness.

It's appalling and pathetic

They are appalling and pathetic.

David Johnston is a pathetic sad sick cretinous entity who should be locked away and the key thrown into the darkest pit along with him

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed why isn't this sicko creature of the night in jail ?

Answer please Carwyn Jones.

Anonymous said...

My Warmest Congratulations to you and Linda for having the Guts to print the truth.
It's disgrace a crime of this nature has taken government all those years to sit up and take notice.
good luck

Anonymous said...

It's just so desperately sad", tragedy of this sort of child abuse was allowed to happen.


Anonymous said...

The rats will very soon be leaving the sewer Kevin.

Good work

X-Files said...

The Truth Is Out There

Anonymous said...

I and others are ready to march . Just say the word.

Anonymous said...

Everyone can see what has gone on here it's a disgrace

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely horrendous case. The Welsh Government is not fit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

David Johnson should be made to explain his actions in a Court of Law.
Carwyn Jones and other's in the assembly need to understand they cannot ignore the truth.


Anonymous said...

It seem's they have been desperate to hide behind a illegal injunction.

Sad state of affair.

Keep up with the good work

Anonymous said...

Worring times for those involved.

If Carwyn don't help,
may i suggest contacting David Cameron.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing the corruption and criminal conspiracy by PORT TALBOT Social Services, Doctors, Social Workers, Gov Officials, Judges, Solicitors, Barristers and more... to the attention of the public.

Having just come across this matter I'm mortified, it is difficult to believe that public officials, our SERVANTS, funded by US, are so corrupt and malicious that they would conspire and act to kidnap and torture a child and there mother to cover their own ineptitude, incompetence and negligence. My heart goes out to the innocent family grossly abused by these NASTY officials.

I notice Mr David Johnson only lasted 6 months at Suffolk Childrens Services before moving to his current position as, (yes I struggle to believe this swell) HEAD OF SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE, Isle of Wight Council. Do we think IoW Council are fully aware of this mans background? Mr D Johnson

As for Julie Rzezniczek well... try the link

And apparently Dr Dewi Evans still holds a senior position at the hospital in Swansea

Anonymous said...

Mr David Johnston is now the Director of Children's Services for Buckinghamshire County Council