Monday 3 February 2014

Over To You Carwyn Jones.

In a letter received by Linda from David Rees AM dated the 18th of December 2013 written evidence from the Head Of Legal Services David Michael at Neath Port Talbot  County Borough Council confirms that they DO NOT have ( or ever have had ) any valid paper work that would have allowed them to remove Linda's daughter from her care from her sick children's hospital bed in America in 1998 either legally or lawfully. 

As Brian Gerrish expertly explains it HERE as a fraudulent passport was also illegally obtained  under a different name when removing Linda's daughter from America without any valid documentation then Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and The Welsh Assembly Government ARE guilty of the Kidnap and Trafficking of a Child.

Over the years numerous letters have been received by Linda and her many supporters from Ministers within the Welsh Assembly Government and others who have clearly stated that " A thorough investigation has been conducted etc,etc and they are satisfied that everything was done legally etc,etc.

This is obviously not so !

Full credit to David Rees AM once again as in his letter he states that  " No Investigation Was Ever Carried Out By The Welsh Assembly Government Into This Case. " 

This raises a very serious question that needs to be answered very quickly indeed.

Have members of the Welsh Assembly Government  and it's Ministers including the likes of Edwina Hart ( pictured above along with one of her letters ) been seriously misled by a department within the Government of which they control or are they themselves directly responsible and complicit along with Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council in the Criminal Acts of Child Kidnapping and Child Trafficking ?

For the record Linda has replied to David Rees AM as well as First Minister Carwyn Jones ( pictured above ) both by email and registered post on the 11th of January 2014.We are hopeful of a reply very soon.  

Conclusive evidence has been provided by Linda to them both that proves without question that a most horrific crime has been committed by the Welsh Assembly Government and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.

Part of that evidence is a complete fabrication and is wicked beyond the comprehension of any sane and rational person and was kept hidden from Linda for many years.

So let me make it abundantly clear. 

"At no time did Linda ever write a letter stating that she was entering into suicide pact and was going to kill herself and her daughter."

Did she David Johnston Former Welsh Inspector Of Social Services ? 

We now DO require a full and thorough investigation by the Welsh Assembly Government without delay. 

So as I said at the start.

Over to you Carwyn Jones.

This article has been press released worldwide.


Delyth said...

A scandalous state of affairs in my opinion orchestrated by our own Government.


Anonymous said...

Fraud in the courts.

Fraud in Government.

Fraud in Local Authority.

Makes me sick

Anonymous said...

The Welsh Assembly must now investigate this matter

Anonymous said...

It's about time the Welsh Assembly Government bloody did something to help.


Anonymous said...

A crime of this magnitude committed by Government by all accounts needs massive exposure.

Who the hell do these people think they are.

I feel so sorry for this family


Anonymous said...

Shocking and disturbing that the Welsh Government is ignoring serious Crimes.

Anonymous said...

Edwina Hart appears to be Guilty of Conspiring to Pervert the Course of Justice.

Arrest her now

Anonymous said...

Praise to David Rees for his excellent work.

How long do the Cardiff bay wasters think they can keep this hidden any longer>?

Anonymous said...

Government Can't turn a blind eye any longer. Linda has a Right to Justice.

Anonymous said...

We the Tax People pay for the Welsh Assembly to represent us all.
They are our servants and should start acting for us instead of Covering Up.

Top Man

Steel Worker

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

see this

Bluecat72 said...

So very pleased for you all that this is finally coming to a head. The house of cards is about to fall - all credit to you & Linda for your dedicated pursuit of the truth.

Well done to David Rees & here's to the next step on your journey to justice.
Much love & best wishes

Les said...

You have now got them all in check Kevin my friend.


Well done to you and Linda.

Anonymous said...


They work for you.

They have committed the crime.

They need to sort this out.

Anonymous said...


So has all this pain and injustice that Linda , Her daughter and family have suffered over the years been manufactured by

1 Complete Incompetence or

2 Design

My guess is that this is a professionally organised cover up deliberately aimed at the persecution of innocent people instigated without pity by Neath Council and The Cardiff Bay Criminals.

Warden open the cell doors now .

Anonymous said...

Good to see if you are not aware already Kevin that David Rees' pedigree is growing not just in Wales but also in Scotland over the Holly Greig abuse case.

The following is taken from Robert Greens blog

I am not proud to say that serious problems of high level corruption also occur in Wales, with leader Carwyn Jones implicated in the shocking and moving Linda Lewis case. Terrible things have happened to this poor girl, but at least her champion, Kevin Edwards, finally obtained the courageous support necessary to blow the case open, from Assembly Member, David Rees, who deserves the support of every decent- minded person.

So far, in Scotland, every elected politician and almost every editor, with a few honourable exceptions, is too frightened of retribution from Alex Salmond`s solicitor, Peter Watson, of Levy & McRae, to dare to speak about or publish the facts about Hollie Greig`s case nor even tell the Scottish people about their leader`s legal transgressions.

So well done to David Rees and well done to you and Linda.

The Welsh Assembly have no alternative now than to actually launch a full and thorough investigation.

I look forward to many arrests very soon.

Carl Thomas

Robert Green said...

Well done again to Kevin and his supporters.

I was interested to see the words "thorough investigation" inaccurately used about Linda`s case. The very same words were used by the Scottish government with regard to the complete non-investigation of the Hollie Greig case.

With Alex Salmond now having been exposed by the Information Commissioner for breaching the law over Salmond`s defiance in refusing to answer questions about his role in the Hollie Greig case, what else can anyone expect from corrupt Scottish offioials?

Margaret Lawrence said...

Excellent article but sadly it is NOT a surprise.

It's disgusting that the likes of Redwina Tart and the rest of the second rate nobodies in the Bay have been able to hide themselves behind such an obvious lie for so many years.

Of course Linda never threatened to kill anyone . This was a complete and utter lie invented by the Welsh government to cover up for the mess and illegal actions committed by Neath Port Talbot Social Services.

Time for Carwyn Jones to MAN UP and admit what his Government have done to the family.

For the record I have a similar letter to the one you have shown from Redwina Tart from Jane Hutt with exactly the same nonsense on it.

Just let me know and I'll give it to Linda.

Is Judge Sumner still alive ?

If he is then I don't think that he would be too pleased to know that he was deliberately misled by the Welsh Assembly Government with their fraudulent evidence.

Worth a try.

Absolutely delighted with the way things are panning out in Linda's favour now.

Please God let it only be a matter of time before justice is done.

Great work once again.

Karen Lloyd said...

When I first found out about this case and started to follow this progress I could not comprehend the fact that in a supposedly democratic and fair society that this could happen.

It clearly has and it disgusts me to my bones that I put my trust in these monsters at the ballot box.

Please I hope in the name of all that is good and true get the justice that Linda Lewis obviously deserves for her and the family.

How wicked that the daughter walks around wherever she is believing that her mother wants to kill her.

Linda's daughter whoever and wherever you are if you read this


God Bless this righteous cause.

Anonymous said...


The fact is that Carwyn Jones and his Government have no where left to go.

There is a very strong possibility that he might attempt a compromise to save his own neck.

Carwyn Jones was the senior law officer in Wales in 2009 and DID turn a blind eye to Anthony Seys Llewllyns to the court case that should have been thrown out.

Seys Llewellyn is also trying to save face.

The noose is tight around their necks so don't stop.

Criminal Convictions NEED to happen here you know it and I know it.

We are all equal under the law.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news keep going

Anonymous said...

Watching with extreme interest and hope.

Exciting times ahead

Anonymous said...

Think it's about time Carwyn Jones took action against those involved.
Good Work my Friend

Anonymous said...

Let's get Justice for Linda
enough is enough

Anonymous said...

The assembly will have to do something Kev, because AM David Rees have admitted that the Child was Kidnapped.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the Welsh Government should be made accountable

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Linda hope everything will be resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

What is the Point of having a Government or Law Making It beggars belief that in this day and age with all the information we have why?have this abuse been allowed to continue,any decent Human being should have helped this family a long time ago.

One can only admire You
You have worked hard in exposing this dreadful Crime

Anonymous said...

I guess they'll think that an apology, along with the 'lessons have been learned' and 'let's move on' crap will make it OK.
Bugger that. Nail the bastards.

Anonymous said...

It is the responsibility of our government to protect our children

Anonymous said...

Well done to Linda and yourself Kevin for fighting such EVIL

Truth will prevail,and i'm sure Carwyn Jones will start to investigate.


Anonymous said...

I fail to understand how someone who has been so incompetent can remain in the Welsh assembly Government.

Anonymous said...

If all of us stood together the Courts would be overwhelmed.The implications would be enormous

Anonymous said...

The law should be unsparing when lawmakers become lawbreakers – lets get real justice 4 Linda Lewis.

Prison awaits the guilty.

Conor said...

Thank you in advance for your courage and integrity David Rees.

Let's hope that you are not the only one in the Welsh Government with these traits.

Anonymous said...

Act now Carwyn Jones

J D Kaft said...

This fraudulent and illegal injunction was manufactured on a bed of lies as a convenience for the likes of David Michael and Edwina Hart to hide behind.

Criminal, shameless entities hiding behind a sham invented by the same immoral lowlifes who pretend to have our best interests at heart.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kevin for exposing those
who have wronged Linda and her family

Anonymous said...

Simon G
Lets hope the Welsh goverment sit up and take notice. If they don't then i will become concerned who is running Wales.

Anonymous said...

With the evidence that I have seen with my own eyes this case has to be now fully exposed in the public eye.

Who will be the first to be jailed. David Michael ?

richie said...

so glad to see more progress.. good luck this week coming!