Tuesday 18 February 2014

Let's Pray That 16 Years Of Hell Is Coming To An End.

It is 16 years today that Linda's daughter was kidnapped from her sick children's hospital bed in Florida.

Four days later without any lawful or legal authority she was flown back to the UK on a false passport by Julie Rzezniczek ( pictured above ) and Alison Paysley agents of Neath Port Talbot Social Services.

On arrival in the UK Linda's daughter was put in a psychiatric hospital where she was told her pain was imaginary.

Now a victim of severe mental torture and immense cruelty from Julie Rzezniczek and others who ignored her desperate pleas to be reunited with her family.

A false scenario was created by David Johnston ( pictured above ) the former Welsh Assembly Government Inspector of Social Services in which he claimed a letter he had seen stated that " Linda was going to enter into a suicide pact and kill herself and her daughter."


A court order was made on this false assumption and Linda's daughter was cruelly taken and has never been returned.

An injunction that is invalid and unlawful in law was granted in order to stop ANYONE speaking out about the crimes committed by Neath Port Talbot Social Services and the Welsh Assembly Government.

" No injunction can be taken out to cover up for criminal acts ."

We believe that Linda's daughter is still under the impression that her Mother wanted to kill her.

For 16 years an innocent mother and family have fought against all obstacles deliberately placed in their paths to clear their names.

They have done so.

It is now up to First Minister Carwyn Jones ( pictured above ) to acknowledge this and start proceedings to bring those guilty of such a sickening crime to book.

Nothing else will do.

We have been promised a response from Carwyn Jones under his Ministerial Code of Conduct by Thursday 27th February 2014.

Carwyn Jones the eyes of the world are upon you.

Do the right thing.    


Unknown said...

Love is t he only way along with accurate exposing i pray for Linda and her family

Anonymous said...

Sixteen years is one hell of a time to suffer pain, and to endure the lies that caused it. Plura verba non decent.

Richie :) said...

16 years.. is it that long?
my goodness, that is so sad.
that is unbelievable. the system has had her in their care longer than the paternal mother. 4 years :(
hanging is too good for these creeps.
I bet Carwyn wouldn't have stuck 2 days. If only we all had the power, we could get away with literal murder.
Come on Carwyn, lets not wait until the deadline. If you have the community at heart you would have responded by now!
do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

A criminal conspiracy that they thought would never see the light of day.

Please God let it now be over.

Alice Moore said...

Re-blogged in Alice through the looking glass.

Let us hope justice is going to be done soon.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for all those ivolved
"disgusting"state of affair.

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt sympathy for Linda and her Family.

Anonymous said...

This should never be happening in our Country where is the authorities in all this, surely they have got to put a stop! to this criminal abuse.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure One day Linda will get justice.
And i hope all those who have abused Linda and her daughter end up in prison.

Anonymous said...

Dear parents who have been assessed by the Local authority Psychiatrist and their reports were false. According to the Legal Government ombudsman (L.G.O.) no local authority hs the right to use taxpayers funds for their own use in court. Which means that the local authority can only get funds via the legal aid system. Ant Local authority who has paid an extraordinary amount of money to professionals psychiatric, so to prepare false reports in their favour, commits an offence of embezzlement, which can be reported to the LGO and they will bring in the serious fraud office. When you see a local authority forced psycatrist. Phone his private practice and ask how much he charges. Lets say you get a quote for £900. The Local authority will real that they paid the same person for the same services around £9000 (nine thousand pound sterling). This is misappropriation of taxpayers funds, a theft a fraud and the ones in charge will be prosecuted. If your case is as described above report this to LGO, but make sure you have your facts right. If found guilty you can re appeal your case on the rule 52.17 new evidence. I repeat . LOCAL AUTHORITIES CANNOT PAY DURING COURT HEARINGS ONE PENNY FOR A PSYCHIATRIC BECAUSE THIS COVERED BY THE LEGAL AID.

Anonymous said...

Evidence indicates that not only are paedophiles and paedophile sympathisers buried within the Establishment and the Public Authorities charged with protecting the public, but they are sufficiently powerful to influence and close down cases threatening to expose them. This view was recently reinforced by members of the Metropolitan Police who disclosed that they had experienced the inexplicable close-down of police investigations into London paedophile rings, child trafficking and child prostitution involving people in high political and public service offices. The Westminster establishment was implicated. The police officers likened the cover-up to that of the close down of the Operation Ore paedophile investigation by Mr Tony Blair.

Anonymous said...


I hope everything get's sorted soon

Anonymous said...

So sad to think! after all those year's the Crime is still continuing, it's about time the Police stepped in and arrested those involved.

Good Luck and I do hope the situation will be resolved.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting Government is appointed to make sure Children are protected.

Anonymous said...

The abuse of Children need's to be stopped,instead of wasting time covering up.The law should enforce arrests on those who have done the crime.

Anonymous said...

These people are Power CRAZED they will go to any lenghths to protect themselves.they don't care who they hurt or,what they do.The System will have to start taking responsibility otherwise i fear that people will start taking action themselves.

Anonymous said...

Claire Davies
Hopefully there will be light in the end for Linda and her family

Anonymous said...

Another innocent Child abused,exactly when is someone going to stop this.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a good job in exposing those Evil Criminals

Evil beyond belief

Anonymous said...

They have no defence bloody Scandal
I would demand a meeting with
PM David Cameron and I would not take no for an answer.

Anonymous said...

I pray that Thursday 27th February 2014.will be the end to this Horrible night mare and the family be be free.Enough is Enough!

Anonymous said...

Sixteen years they should bow their heads in shame.

Should never be happening in this Country we need to protect our Children they could be next

Anonymous said...

the problem is that the kidnappers and child trafficers in this case are still free!

and unlike the Nazi war criminals and such ilk who were on the run from justice these people do not even have to look over their shoulder!!

but maybe justice is coming

Anonymous said...

One day Linda will get "Justice she rightfully deserves.
I beleive what goes around comes around,been a long time coming but I'm sure that it will.

All those involved will be made accountable and spend a long time behind bars where they belong.

You are doing a fantastic job


Anonymous said...

The Nazi were caught out in the end and those F@@k head's will too.

Karen Lloyd said...

Watching with immense interest.

There is no way they can get out of it any attempt to hide behind political bullshit will only incriminate them more.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that the powers that be have not come out sooner and held their hand s up as they have been caught out big time thanks to your persistence and Linda's fantastic efforts over the years.

God Bless you and God Speed a righteous outcome.

Anonymous said...

Anything other than a full admission of guilt will only eventually bury them even further.

If they think that they can get out of this then I am afraid that they are sadly deluded.

The Linda tragedy will never go away.

Anonymous said...

They have been allowed to get away with this for too long.

They are all guilty of a massive crime.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting to here what decision has been made by the Welsh Assembly Power broking office.

The masonic lodge in Dinas Powis.

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones

Delyth said...

Hoping that the right thing will be done by the end of the week.

Right behind you Kevin

Anonymous said...

The Welsh Government is ruled by a and deeply demented and dangerous criminal syndicate.

It is so encouraging that so many now see the dregs of society as they are.

They only represent themselves.

Having said that David Rees appears to be the exception

Anonymous said...

I am digusted with the Welsh government.feel so sorry and sad for the family.

What world are we living in that allows this sort of abuse to happen.
I|have nothing but respect for a man like you who has continued helping this family in their flight for justice.

good luck
god bless