Saturday 21 December 2013

Welsh Assembly Government and Neath Port Talbot Council Guilty Of Kidnap And Trafficking

Well what I am about to say will come as absolutely no surprise to the thousands of you who have followed this case.

The Welsh Assembly Government and Neath Port Talbot Council ARE guilty of Kidnap and Trafficking.

Yesterday Brian Gerrish of the UK Column kindly did a small piece starting at 47 minutes and 30 seconds into the programme. 

Once again the evidence as it has always done speaks for itself and is beyond dispute.

The praise that Brian rightly affords David Rees AM in this article is well deserved.

There are still a few issues to be sorted out next year.

We will require an urgent meeting with First Minister Carwyn Jones without delay and we look forward to David Rees compliance in this matter. 

All Good Stuff.

On behalf of the team thanks for your continued support.


Maureen said...

Having seen the letters mentioned I strongly suggest that David Michael and the other criminals who have been issued Commercial Liens by Linda and COULD NOT REBUTT the truth save the time and effort and simply vacate their houses and send the keys to Linda Lewis now.

The end is nigh for these criminals and well done David Rees.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kev

Robert Green is having a great impact and has mentioned you in his recent post.

Brilliant Work

Best to you and Linda


Anonymous said...

kidnap and trafficing... those social workers will hopefully be panicing all over xmas

J D Kaft said...

All they have admitted is what ha always been said.

A crime of 15 years standing covered up by elected officials in the Council and the Welsh Parliament.

Good on David Rees though.

Have a nice Christmas one and all

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear. What a shame. Never mind.

Looks like David Michael has been lying to all the Councillors hiding behind a piece of paper fraudulently obtained by false evidence to the courts.

They all have been told and ignored you and Linda.

Nothing would please me more than Linda starting a class action against every single Councillor in Neath Port Talbot next year.

Take them all to the cleaners they are useless and an embarrassment to the area in which I live.

Anonymous said...

About time Linda has waited long enough.

Well done mate


Anonymous said...

Good on David Rees what a star

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year

Anonymous said...

Brilliant absolutely Brilliant

Anonymous said...

Councillors should now be moving for the immediate dismissal of Stephen Phillips and David Michael without delay.

Jen said...

Neath Port Talbot Council and the Welsh Assembly Government have conspired together to persecute Linda and her daughter.

Sadly that time can never be returned.

It is now the complete responsibility of the Welsh Assembly Government as the senior tier of authority to put this right without any further fuss or nonsense.


The Welsh Assembly Government needs to sort all of this out AS A PRIORITY next year.

I am grateful beyond prayers that I am not involved with Neath Port Talbot Council or Social Services.

The eyes of the country are watching.

Brilliant work and congratulations also to Brian Gerrish for promoting the truth along with you and Linda.

My congratulations also to David Rees by all accounts an honourable man.

A rare thing these days in a politician.

God Spped

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear someone in government got balls,good on David Rees.
It's about time the Lewis Family got Justice.

Best wishes

T Andrews

Anonymous said...

Excellent glad to see somebody in the Welsh Government is helping.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Next year is our year.

Why have they attempted to keep this hidden for so long if it were not for a lot too hide.

Scandalous behaviour.

Dereck said...

Now the Welsh assembly government needs to admit that the Micky Mouse Fraudulent, invalid, Illegally obtained, laughable dark and deeply sinister conspiratorial injunction is invalid.

The WAG need to inform the courts of this.

It is a criminally obtained document worth diddly squat.

Then the paperwork needs to be wrapped in a Christmas Cracker shoved up David Michaels @rse and pulled at both ends.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Anonymous said...

Guy Taylor in the previous interview mentions a false warrant issued by Neath Port Talbot Council OMG !!!!!

Neath Port Talbot Council lie for years and are guilty of kidnapping and child trafficking OMG !!!!!!!!

Mass sackings and criminal arrests next year please to include Chief Exec, Head of Legal Service and all the corrupt councillors must now happen.

Can't wait.

Well done m8


Anonymous said...

Shame on ever single one of them.

Anonymous said...

All roads lead to Carwyn Jones

Anonymous said...

One kid said the truth Cleveland was exposed.

One kid says the truth Neath Port Talbot and the Welsh Assembly Government is exposed.

Linda's daughters words of cruelty towards her is a statement of life over the satanic sick cruel entities like Julie Rzezniczek who are failing to destroy us.

Julie Rzezniczek one day will hang.

Richard said...

We anticipate with great joy, at last someone with a heart is willing enough to stand up and be counted among the minority.
I suppose its up to Mr David Rees to come to tiny Tims aid in a figurative way, in the time of great need! Hope the ghosts of the past don't re appear. It is time to stand up for what is rite.
Our prayers are with you Linda.
David finish it now! It's gone on too long, please, please do what is rite... search your heart, every one has one. I think you may have found yours.
Keep going Kev.. :) Linda, your nearly there... :)

Dan said...

You watch them come out of the wood work.
They forget, we know the ones who stood at a distance, we know the ones who turned their backs, we know the ones who lied, we know the ones who could have stood up.
We stood in courts and watched their smug faces as the winked at judges. It's time! Linda's time.

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting that a crime of this nature, has taken so long for a Government Minister to investigate.
Good work Kev

Best wishes for Xmas and New Year

Anonymous said...

No-one in Government can deny the evidence.
At last David Rees is speaking out.and helping the family.

Robert Green said...

A wonderful and momentous achievement by Kevin and his loyal supporters.

Just as Carwyn Jones is implicated in Wales in the sadistic and criminal treatment of a Welsh child, so is Alex Salmond in Scotland of the disabled heroine Hollie Greig.

Let no one ever think again that such people as Jones and Salmond are untouchable. Kevin Edwards has demonstrated to everyone in the UK just what can be done with sufficient courage, resolve and skill

David said...

We will require an urgent meeting with First Minister Carwyn Jones without delay and we look forward to David Rees compliance in this matter.

This should not even be asked of them, it should be a natural response, if that is what they are being paid for.
Pleas can someone tell me, why does such an injunction cover such crimes. Surely, I am no law person but can such an injunction cover a crime?
I do hope Mr Rees can answer that for me.
If an injunction can, then I can commit any thing I wish? just don't weigh true some where. JFK stuff, who thought things like this can happen in these times we live.
I have truly been awakened! frightening, who of us are truly safe?
We suppose to live in a democratic society, where is the European court in humanity in all this?
I am astounded, I have read about this only in the last two months and I am truly sickened.
wait until they come to my door for their vote!
I am sorely troubled.
my heart goes out to this family.

Anonymous said...

Wishing everyone involved in the the JUSICE 4 Linda Lewis Case.a Merry Christmas and truthful,
New Year.
Well Done for fighting the Cause

John Barry

Anonymous said...

Truth will alway's prevail in the end.

Happy Chritmas Kevin and Linda


Anonymous said...

I'm really happy to hear the good news.I've got alot of respect for David Rees.He seems a good guy not a coward,like the rest of the Welsh GGovernment.

Merry christmas

Anonymous said...

1. Why? have it taken the Welsh assembley government all those years to reconize the kidnapping was illegal.

Anonymous said...

Look's like your hard work is paying off.Can't ignore the truth

Everyone who read's your Blog know the amount of hard work you have done in exposing the dreadful
cover-up.. have a happy Christmas

Gareth J

Anonymous said...

You alway's get someone in government to whistle blow in the end.


Happy Christmas my friend

Anonymous said...

Message to Carwyn Jones,Julie Rzezniczek and the rest of them.


Looking forward to a very successful time next year.

It's game over for them.

All Roads Lead To Carwyn Jones.

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes to everyone for next year.

It will be a good one.


Anonymous said...

Time for the Welsh Government to come clean.

They have been caught with their trousers down.

Hands in the cookie jar.

Red Handed etc etc

The list gos on

Joyce said...

Well done Kevin and Linda.

Always remember the truth train is full steam ahead!

Roar like Lions against these toothless parasites that are now heading for a long period in jail.

Happy New Year ahead

Anonymous said...

Hey Kev

Just noticed this Evening Post circulation figures

33,479 98.2pc -8.6pc what a shame.

Loads of Linda's supporters don't buy it anymore and are continually advising others not to as well.

Hope they go bust soon.

A rag that covers up for NPT crime


Anonymous said...

I pray that after a long fight justice will prevail next year

Anonymous said...

It Is now more obvious than it ever was before that both Stephen Phillips and David Michael are nothing more than common criminals.

What a meeting that was Kev !

Anonymous said...

All Councillors within Neath Port Talbot Council bow your heads in shame.

You are all criminals and should be locked up without second thought to anyone.

I object to having 1p of my Council Tax going towards funding a criminal organisation.

No more.

JD Kaft said...

Surely this has to be the most criminally corrupt local authority in the UK !

Unless someone else knows differently ?

But I can't see it

Anonymous said...

Everyone who has followed this travesty of justice for many years like I have should raise their glasses at midnight and toast David Rees.

One good man in politics surrounded by paedophiles , sicko's , child abusers , liars , charlatans , thieves and the lowest scum that this planet is capable of producing can still make a difference.

So well done David Rees AM

God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

Good News but i still think it's disgusting that a crime of this "nature as taken all these years.

Happy new Year

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to Linda and yourself.

Good Luck is wished for The Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign

Anonymous said...

Truth will alway's Win in the END.

Happy New Year to you all


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Next Year that the rotten people who have abused Linda and her daughter spend some time in Prison.

Dafydd Llaith said...

The kidnappers have lost the control factor.

What the media needs to do is to rid themselves of this control and start reporting the truth.

A bit of in depth reporting into Carwyn Jones relationship with Gerard Elias would probabley suffice.

Medical cover up to protect the incompetent surgeon brother John Elias is the reason for this crime.