Thursday 19 December 2013

Full Credit To David Rees AM.He Has Replied To Linda's Emails

Today a letter arrived at Linda's house in reply to her emails that were sent to David Rees the Welsh Assembly Member for Aberavon.

Whilst Mr Rees has skirted around the edges in his letter and no doubt due to political pressure from above insists that an injunction on Linda's case is still in place his endeavours have to be congratulated.
It is so easy these days ( and quite rightly so ) to be critical of elected officials.
But with regards to Mr Rees efforts although we believe his hands have been tied by those in the Welsh Assembly Government ( with a lot to lose ) we have to congratulate him for his persistence in this matter.
It is no coincidence that Mr Rees has admitted to seeing my interview on the UK Column Live programme of 14th March 2013  here  which makes it obvious beyond any reasonable doubt that a massive crime has been committed against an innocent mother and daughter by agents of Neath Port Talbot Council and  the Welsh Assembly Government.
So on behalf of all of us worldwide involved as a team ( and we are a team ) who fully support Linda in her fight for justice may I thank David Rees on everyone's behalf for sticking his neck out in the pursuit of truth.
We will be in contact early next year again with Mr Rees where Linda will require his assistance further and his compliance is expected.
Finally as proof of what Neath Port Talbot Council aided and abetted by the Welsh Assembly Government did to a sick and frail 12 year old girl and how Julie Rzezniczek mentally tortured her without compassion please click on the smuggled letter from Linda's daughter to her mother above.
Then weep. 


Marva said...

Nothing worse than losing your children.These people should be punished to the full extent of the law. It is time the girl is returned to her Mother and she should never have been taken in the first place.Please let this girl go home.

Extant said...

We are living in a very sick World Kev and its not getting any better mate because we have disinformation agents, deliberately stopping us from achieving justice. I will expose those bsdts, watch this space !

bluecat72 said...

That letter is utterly heartbreaking and all involved in ripping this girl from her loving family should be deeply ashamed of themselves - I hope they rot in Hell.
Nothing will ever compensate for the many years lost between this poor girl & her mother. The very least that should be done is for Bonnie to be returned home where she belongs and have PROPER counselling to help them come to terms with what they have been put through and move forward together.

I can only imagine how devastating it must be to know your child is so unhappy, yet feel so powerless to help her. How blood has not been spilled over this, I do not know. Linda must be an incredibly strong woman - I'd have completely lost my marbles by now!

Alice Moore said...


It`s unbearable. And yet brave people continue the fight.

robert Green said...

I`m pleased to see some progress is being made and Mr Rees is to be congratulated for his moral courage.

My involvement in the Hollie Greig case in Scotland has demonstrated how political pressure is used to silence good people who seek to expose state corruption directed at the most vulnerable members of society.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear David Rees is helping good on him.
Let's pray Linda and her family gets the justice she rightfully deserves in 2014.

Merry Christmas to all


Richard said...

Every time I read that letter, it just gets to me.
this is certainly testament to the feelings of Linda's daughter. we have seen so much change in the family over the years, from a truly happy little girl who loved her granddad so much and loved to go as a family to Porth Cawl for fish n chips "that was one of her favourite outings" and NOW a family crushed and Linda has been raped of a wonderful child that brought them so much joy.
That letter, as I said testifies to the relationship that a normal loving family has and this family was not just normal, but exemplary in normality.
this case just stinks of cover up and fraud, this case just shouldn't be where it is today. Lies have covered lies and even an injunction placed as a smoke screen has been put in place to cover lies. PLEASE Mr Rees, look beyond this crazy order.. come to the family sit with them in their home, look at the evidence and I am sure you heart will respond in doing what is right. work with them to clear Linda's good name and help that child to be repatriated to this loving family.
We look forward to seeing the swift forth coming results.